The Fairy Keepers

Azura is a fairy living in the human world; with her Kingdom at war with the werewolves life seems hard. Until she meets Charlie Venator, an under cover werewolf sent to discover her secrets; secrets she didn't even know she had until she met him. And then there is Aston, the Royal fairy messenger sent to her from her mother. What other secrets will Azura find out?


2. Chapter 1

~Chapter 1~


            I stared out the window of the car, not listening to the music pounding loudly in my ears. I watched the running water droplets sprint across the glass searching for an escape. The steam was steadily appearing and disappearing from my breathe onto the window. With a quick swipe of my hand all the droplets on the window froze into place and became a shimmering blue colour.

“Azura, stop that right now. Someone might see!” my mother in the front seat chased me, disapproval radiating from her. I looked back out the window where there was not another car in sight. I looked at her incredulously. Swiping the droplets back to life. But as I did another car seemed to pull up alongside them. I frowned. There were three people sitting in the car. A girl about my age turned to look at me, a small diamond shape above her right eye. But to my surprise not only did she look at me, she held up her hand and waved. Imprinted on her hand was the mark of a Wolves paw. My eyes widened and my hair rose on the back of my neck.

My phone vibrated in my lap and I looked at it, I read the Text. It was my best friend from our old town near Ohio; it was a good town well more like a city but still. It had about 6 different schools; no beaches but there were lakes and rivers, and loads of forests. The population was overwhelming and it was most well known for being a playground for the rich. Many of the occupants wore designer clothing or leather goods. It was called Tybee, after the founder’s family’s last name or something.

Athena’s name popped up again as she sent another text to my phone;


Hey Z how’s the ride to Satan’s Town? Missing ya already, can’t wait to catch up. Love Athey xoxox.’


I smiled at my friend’s text and my nickname. I didn’t bother replying. When we had first met in grade 10 she had laughed at my name saying it was defiantly one of a kind, and then those roles reversed when she told me her name and I was in hysterics.

Her full name was Athena Laynah Pamela it was Greek or something.

Nixie shook my elbow and whispered some nonsense. She looked up at me with giddiness. Nyx was only 7 and was at the stage of childhood were Fairytales and the truth was all very confusing. She had long blonde hair that went past her shoulders with a box fringe. Her hazel eyes were just visible behind her long, thick eyelashes. She was wearing skinny jeans and a pink panda top that claimed that pandas talked. Nixie had her favourite teddy bear, Seraphina, tucked underneath a small blanket and I smiled down at her.   

Geez Mum is psychotic, I thought. Careful to block Mum and Dad out of that thought. Agreed, Kalen said back. I took another look outside. We had all gotten use to looking inside each other’s heads. We could hide our thoughts but it we were always there. Kalen and I both learned that the hard way. Once Kalen and I wanted to go to this really awesome party but Mum had said no. So we snuck out and when we got home Mum was waiting on the roof, just sitting there, and watching us fly back through our windows. When she came in that night to check on us she had flung us of our beds, literally flung us out of bed.  And we had seen 6 different types of hell then.

“We are here!” my Mothers shrill voice bounced off of the cars interior and out through the windows. All three of us groaned, Mum turned and shushed us to silence, just after Dad’s sigh filled the car too. I looked back to the car that was riding alongside us, but it had disappeared. I looked behind the car, and then in front but it had gone. We pulled off the exit from the High Way and saw the sign reading;


 ‘Welcome to Gainsville, population: 30,000.’


Dad said we were about an hours drive from Atlanta. I sighed and took in the new town. The crowded city sat along side a long beach, most buildings constructed of timber wood or oak trees.

The city had many local pools and its most noteworthy feature was the Town Hall. Set with a Bell Tower and a lavish water fountain out the front. A darkened forest sat towards the edges of town and that’s where we looked like to be headed. When Kalen saw the Forest he turned and beamed a big playful grin that would make any girl fall for him. His blonde hair was slightly spiked and he had the Acai family hazel eyes. He was 17, in his last year of school, and was nearly taller than Dad. His nose was the perfect size for his broad face and athletic build. To top it all off he had the best personality. Every town we went to he had at least 10 girls hanging for him, but of coarse we aren’t allowed to get hot and heavy with anyone. Friends only.

“Dad and I have some unfinished business here so we will be staying here for up to 12 months.” I think all three of us kids looked up at Mum questionably, astonishment playing across our faces waiting for her to say “just joking we will leave in 4 months” but it never came.

Kalen and I shared gracious looks, what did you do this time? Kalen asked me.

Thought it was you, I shot back. We were both at loss with Mum’s new approach to moving and we were totally confused. Just roll with it don’t argue she might change her might, I said to Kalen. He laughed and agreed.




We pulled into a road named Amber Circuit. Driving all the way to the back, right near the forest edge. Dad pulled into a 2-story house with a long drive way. A lonesome front porch sat quivering outside a black door with a glass window. It was made of golden brown timber. A garage door opened just towards the left side of the house, and a smooth concrete floor welcomed us inside. A small door was in the back leading into a backyard with lush green grass. Another door towards the right led into the house.  

I smiled widely, and jumped out the car before Dad had even turned the engine off. I took off towards the door. Scanning the area, there only seemed to be one room on the first floor so I scampered up the wooden stairs to the second floor. There was one room over looking the street, one in the middle and one looking out into the forest. The one dirty bathroom was opposite the middle room, but that could be fixed with a little magic. A small media room with an even longer balcony was waiting after the stairs. I quickly ran into the back room and saw that there was a balcony same as the front room. I decided to have the front room and ran into it just too late. Kale had already claimed it. His bag sitting idle in the middle of the room announcing it was his space. “Stupid Hell spawn,” I said walking back into the one facing the Forest. It was bigger than the other ones and darker to; I dropped my bag in the centre of the room, claiming it.  The ceiling reaching high into the air, like a turret in a castle.

I switched on the light and walked onto the balcony, it over looked a patio. A big lap pool was towards the side of the house and a big patch of green grass covering at least another house length. The forest started only about a 100 meters from the back gate. It boarded the whole way to the beach. I could see the sunset from here. I sighed in awe. This room was slightly bigger than the others, was close to the bathroom and had a great view of the sunset and the Forest.

“Where is Seraphina?” I heard Nixie shout from her middle room. I laughed again and went back into my new room to design it. The carpet was an off-white colour and the walls were a vomit greenie yellow, I gagged. Thank the Lord for the use of magic. I clicked my fingers and one wall became a vibrant blue colour, blue was my colour, my aura. All your auras colours came from your amount of emotion and power. What your use of magic was, also added in its own tint of colour.

There were about twenty or more powers you could specialize in. Mainly including things like healing, the four elements or something to do with nature or reading people. There were over twenty different powers you could get and yet I haven’t even gotten one. From the moment you were born you had until your ninth birthday to specialize, yet I haven’t. Nixie did when she was 3, the youngest of all the family. She was sitting before her birthday cake when suddenly someone nocked over their drink. Everyone didn’t notice but Kale and I just sat there staring at the floating water. I nudged my mum and she gasped at the sight. From then on everyone was cheering in happiness. I just sat in the corner with nothing but the tiniest whispers of magic. I thought that was pretty cool, but every Fairy and Faerie had that ability.

Nixie loves to play and socialize with everyone and everything, another trick from our heritage we can talk to animals. I sighed and continued on my room, clicking again to make the other 3 walls a cream color, and the floors dark brown. I moved my hand around and around in a circular motion and all the dirt and dust vanished. The room was perfectly clean now with clear windows, and the balcony was spotless. I turned around and pointed towards the wall making a walk-in closet and a small bathroom with only a toilet, small shower and a cabinet with a sink. It was decent just what a girl needs.

I flipped my hand again and a double bed with black wood edging appeared on the feature wall. The sheets were white with a blue swirling pattern on it, matching pillows. I imagined in my head that on either side of the bed was matching nightstands, and glittering lamps on them. I closed my eyes. I thought up the rest of my magical room. I imagined a desk and computer near the balconies door, a blue cushioned chair underneath. A dresser with a mirror and a small bookshelf and a chair next to it sat near my door. My walls were covered with memories from my last town, of my family and famous idols. On my desk my favourite drawing pad was laying crookedly on the top, a blunted pencil beside it. On my bookshelf was an old fraying leather bound book, with a small imprinted pattern was raised on the front. I remember all the times I had ran my fingers over the magical book of enchantments and spells. A small circle was in the middle of a diamond shape, the four points evenly pronounced. It was the kingdom of Elmerada, my home realm.

I opened my eyes and gasped in amazement, although I had done this many of times before it always seemed to excite me. I had the exact same room in every single town. We all do. Nyx poked her head into my door and nodded her head in agreement, saying into my head that she loved it. “Want me to help with your room?” I asked her and she answered with little squeals of excitement and ran into her room. I followed her with a smile. Her bag was sitting in the middle of the room claiming it. I clicked and a hot pink bed appeared, I clicked again and the carpet became white and the walls became baby pink. And with that I closed my eyes and imagined her room full of all different types of toys. I filled the wardrobe, with normal clothes and princess dresses.

The walls were covered with hanging pictures of the family and a Barbie house was pinned to the wall, shelves were filled with more toys. A small desk sat in the corner near her bed, with a small computer. Some books sat along the back of it. I opened my eyes and smiled at Nixies face she was astounded, she walked from her bed to the closest and then to the toy corner and the shelves. She squealed and ran and gave me a bear hug “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she whaled. I hugged her back pleased, and left her to explore more of her room.

I then went to the small media room on the landing after the stairs and clapped my hands together. A black glossy plasma appeared and a cream 8-person couch. Games and consoles stacked underneath. A beach style coffee table sat in the middle matching the TV cabinet. I smiled and went downstairs without looking in Kale’s room, knowing he wouldn’t be finished. Dad was in the kitchen making everything sparkle in marble, and putting food in the fridge and pantry. Mum was nowhere in sight. I walked into her room and she was standing with her eyes closed in the centre. When I walked in, furniture like the bed, a dresser, a bookshelf and all sorts were vividly coming into the room. Mum suddenly opened her eyes and all the things snapped into reality becoming solid objects.

“My rooms done, and I did Nixie’s too, and the media room. Don’t know how much Kale has done,” I said to her proudly, and she returned that with a warm smile. “Do you like it?” she asked, moving her arms in a wide motion, gesturing to the room. “It looks great,” I replied looking around again. The bed was white with green sheets. “When do we start school?” I asked making conversation, my mother was a very talkative person and liked it when the other person made the effort. Us kids had grown up with that in our lives, she is very loving and caring, but she says what she means and means what she says. “Tomorrow morning, 8 am. The school is called Leon High, about 10 minutes from here. The bus will pick you and Kalen up at 7:45 sharp. Don’t be late.” She informed me. And with that she turned around and changed the wall and floor colours, I left.

The kitchen was now done as well as the TV room, study, laundry and the outside areas. I smiled at the smell of being home. A certain pinecone scent had filled the air again like in every other house. We had lived in at least 25 different places, and have been to at least 30 different schools. I signed at the memory of being the new kid, over and over and over again, and it sucked.




            I woke up gasping for air; the flashes of white on brown came to mind. Suddenly my clocks alarm beeped loudly and I slapped it until it stopped. Finally the beeping seized and I read the blazing white numbers, 6:16. Holy crap, I thought. I scrambled out of bed anyway and went into my small bathroom and had a shower. Letting the boiling rain trickle over me, washing away the nightmare. I put my head on the cold glass on the side of the shower. I stayed in there for about 10 minutes; finally I washed my hair and got out. I grabbed a white towel and dried my wet hair and myself. I walked out the door and into the next one, my wardrobe, now clearly thinking.  I quickly checked the weather outside; it was sunny but still had a cooling breeze. School, I thought and I dreaded it deeply, I picked out a denim skirt and a navy blue short sleeve. Simple clothing never stood out in schools. Then I remembered I didn’t have to blend into the crowd I could stand out if I wanted. So I grabbed a pair of high waist shorts and put the others back. I put them on and looked into the full-length mirror in my bathroom.

I smiled and agreed with it, I clicked my two fingers and a long silver chain with a little silver key hung onto my neck. The key was long and very old according to my Mum, she said it was from our realm; it had blue sparkling sapphires on the top. I had allowed my hair out and it flowed in long blonde ringlets down to my belly button. I had a slight side fringe and thick long eyelashes like my mothers, my bright hazel eyes just visible. A pair of blue studs shimmered in my ears. I packed my old school bag shoving 3 empty books, a pencil case full of stationery, and a black jacket into it. And climbed downstairs at 7 am.  

The bag of bread was opened, and I shoved two pieces of it into the toaster. The butter was out already, along with the jam. While my toast was cooking I made myself a coffee and put into my favourite purple cup. I sat down and drank my coffee and ate my toast, watching the sunrise in the study. Kalen stumbled down the stairs at 7:30 blinking rapidly, trying to adjust to the light. I laughed. Just to make it funnier I clicked my tongue and all the lights in the room lit up causing him to back peddle a few steps. I was now nearly crying at the look on his face. He flipped his wrist and the lights turned off, followed by the curtains in the study, making the kitchen very dark.  “Mornin’ Azura. Can’t you just wait for today. More kids looking at us wondering if we are worth bullying or hanging out with,” Kale asked walking into the kitchen and grabbing a granola bar and a coffee to go cup and stumbled outside, “bag” I called out to him. Silently a bag hovered down the stairs and out the door following him. “Oh my God,” I said under my breath, I ran upstairs and brushed my teeth and then chased him down the street.

Just like Mum said the bus picked us up at 7:44. We climbed on and went to two different seats. Kalen sipped his coffee from the cup and stared out the window. Immediately 3 girls from the back looked greedily at him. They assessed every inch of him like he was up for auction. I sighed and tried not to look at the other kids staring at me. As the bus turned into the drive for Leon High, I looked at the buildings.

All American school buildings looked the same, brick structures with a big parking lot and many different classrooms. I sighed and heard Kalen agree in the back of my head. Everyone scampered of off the bus and headed towards groups of friends. Kalen and I walked side by side to the front office to collect our timetables. It was the middle of second term and many classes were hard to get into now. Mum had chosen our subjects, which probably meant they sucked, but anyway. There was a small fat lady at the front counter, she had glasses on a beaded necklace and it seemed she liked dots. She greeted us warmly and gave us our classes along with a map of the school and a brochure. Kale and I both chucked out all of it but our classes, as soon as we left.

“Cya’ round lil’ sis’,” Kalen called out walking a direction that pointed to the cafeteria. I sighed and looked at my classes, all the usual’s; English, Math and Geography. It looked like I also took Biology, French, Gym, Home Ec. and Mythology.  Mythology really? Was this a personal joke from Mum? Geez, I questioned helplessly. I had Geography up first too, great. I strolled towards the block and slumped into a seat, the bell going just as I did. Students swayed on in taking seats all through out the class. The second bell was about to ring when a group of three girls sashed up to the desks I was sitting in and looked down at me. “Your in our seats” the middle girl said. She had strawberry blonde hair in a pixie cut, which was kinda ironic seeing my skills.

The chick had the shortest skirt on and a top that was basically lingerie.

“Mine now,” I replied in a monotone looking forward at the black board. “Can you, like move?” the girl to the left asked, looking helpless in a pair of denim shorts and a green top. She had a bob and it swished every time she moved. “Like no,” I said dragging out the word. The middle girl sighed impatiently and looked around to see if anyone was watching and the whole class was. “Who do you think you are? I don’t care if you’re knew just move mole,” she hissed glaring at me. I looked up unfazed by her fiasco. “Wow straight to the point. I guess you’re the school bitch,” I delivered to her a little too loudly just so everyone could here. They did all right they were laughing at this little cow so hard I had to hide a smile. “You know I don’t make trash I burn it,” the middle girl staggered. I smiled knowingly tutting at her.             “Well pick up your ashes and leave,” I sighed. The class erupted in that oooohhhh sound that everyone always makes.                Right at that moment the teacher came in and called the class to attention making the three drama queens take their seats, which were right at the front.

For the rest of the lesson I stared at the board not listening, occasionally the blonde would look back and stare at me. I got board of looking at the teacher and looked out the window. “Miss Acai? Is that it?” the teacher said halfway between his lectures. I looked from the window to him and nodded, looking back out the window. That earnt me a round of muffled laugh, I’m starting to like this class. The teacher started to tell me off but the bell rang and I walked out the class before anyone had even put their stuff away.

I unlocked my locker and shoved some stuff in there. The chatter of high schoolers filled the air. The smell of sweat and testosterone didn’t mix well. “Hey,” a voice next to me whispered, a pair of dark brown eyes looked cautiously at me. It was a girl about the average height for her age; she was very pretty with brown locks in a high pony. She was wearing a yellow summer dress and a cardigan. A pair of Ray-Bans sat on top of her head and she was wearing sandals, a messenger bag hanging loosely from her shoulder. She was an African American it looked like.

“Hi,” I whispered back looking around the hall. She also did and waved at a cute guy that walked passed. He gave me a once over with endless black eyes that seemed to be familiar and then did it again and smiled widely at me. I poked into his head and saw what was running through it. A girl normal height, slightly on the skinnier side with long cascading blonde hair. Hips the best size and a pretty face with hazel eyes, a seductive smile, tanned and toned. He also pictured her standing next to him at the beach, them kissing. And I laughed, when he disappeared around the corner. “You new here?” the girl next to me asked, tilting her head side ways, I nodded. “I’m Clover. I’m on the school soccer team. That’s Charley Venator he is a jock too. You get to meet some awesome people when you’re on the soccer team,” Clover told me, nodding her head towards where the boy had disappeared.

 “That’s cool. Any chance a late sign up would be able to try out?” I asked Clover. She nodded and looked over her shoulder, and I saw the cow from Geography sway up the hall. Hoots echoed in her wake and I was pretty sure it was because she was showing half her arse. “What cha got next?” Clover quickly asked and I looked at my timetable. “Mythology, with Mr. Durbon,” I told her looking behind her at the fashion show. “Me too, follow me,” Clover said ushering me in the opposite direction near the toilets. “Who is that?” I asked nodding my head towards the three girls. Clover smirked before replying.

“Valarie King and her two side girls Molly and Gabrielle. Don’t mess with them, but your stunt in Geo was pretty sick,” Clover pulled me down a hallway and we were lost in a crowd of students. “Your in my Geo class?” I asked her astonished. She shook her head and plowed through the student wall. “How do you know then?” I questioned, trying to catch up.

“I don’t know how many schools yer been to but this is Leon, and its kinda like having over 600 best friends telling you everything. Some people are saying you shoved a pen up her arse, after you tripped her over. But no offence but you don’t look to badass to me, so all I think you did was tell her what you think. Am I right?” she told me. I nodded at that; kind of offended I don’t look like a badass. Which in truth I could drop her before she realized that I had moved.

“Um what’s ya name again?” Clover keep looking back to make sure I was following. “I never told you my name but its, Azura, I’m from Boston,” I told her, doing what I was best at, lying.  “Boston, wow. What made your folks move all that way?” Clover was generally interested in my life at the moment, this always happened. “They wanted a change of scenery I guess,” I replied in a monotone. Clover quickly made a left turn down another corridor and we came out at a small-grassed area. A couple of picnic tables were spread out along it and they were occupied by groups of high schoolers. But Clover didn’t stop to look at the area, and kept moving rapidly through more clusters of kids. Some waved at Clove and others yelled out hello. A group of sporty kids even made us stop and gave us a quick hug. I found it odd that nobody knew me and they were still so friendly, I guess it helps that I’m with a Jock. We finally made it to our destination; Block D. Clover jumped onto the port racks and swung her legs around wildly. “I’m Clover Murray, Vis Captain of the girls year 11 soccer team. I live on the South Port,” She said without a breath, smiling. She nodded for me to go next and I sucked in a lung full of air.

“My name is Azura Acai as you know. My older brothers name is Kalen, he is 17, and I have a younger sister who is 7, and her name is Nixie. I live near the forest, on Amber Circuit,” I said half-heartedly. In my head I was saying; my name is Azura Acai, I am 4800 light years old on my realm. I am a fairy, I haven’t specialized yet, and I only hold the small amount of influence over the elements like the rest of the Fairies. I love to fly in the forest and help all the Forest Keepers. I don’t like living with humans, I loved living with my own people. We used magic freely and flew everywhere, my fairy Queen; Annabeth was loving and very powerful. The schools didn’t teach Mathematics or English but they taught us how to master out skills, and combat.  I was the best in the grade. My brother Kale is 5100 light years and uses his powers whenever he desires or decides. When I grow up I want to be a Forest Keeper, and look after all the plants and wildlife. My little sister, Nixie uses water for everything possible. I can read peoples minds like the rest of my kind and I’m scared shit-less of werewolves. 

But I kept my mouth shut knowing she wouldn’t believe anything I just thought. Clover smiled like she had read my thoughts. For a second I thought she had until she said, “Is your brother hot?” I groaned and she giggled. Just at that moment a ball came flying my way, even though I hadn’t seen it I knew it was there even before the guy had thrown it. I turned around really slowly making sure to slow down the ball so it wouldn’t bash into my head. I stuck out my leg and it was perfectly aligned with the ball. I felt the flow of magic run through my veins and into my foot, just as the soccer ball and my foot connected. It rested against my foot and I juggled it up to my arms. I turned around very slowly and smiled at Clovers bulging eyes.

I put my fingers to my mouth to indicate not to say anything and then pointed to the small group of nerds sitting down the hall a bit. From what they were wearing I could tell they were Science nerds. The ear splitting sound of the bell went of and students clambered to classes, lazily.


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