when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



“Hey guy’s you can come down now she’s Back to normal Ahh Luna stay up!” Joe shouted Zarina landed right next to me and saw Terra “woe and I thought my arrow did damage what did you do drive blade straight through?” I didn’t reply I didn’t look at anyone other than Terra “oh you did exactly that huh wow ah hey she will be ok she’ tough trust me it’s take more than a blow to the chest to knock her down” Zarina was trying to confer me but it wasn’t working “why must we stay up here we want to came down!” Luna and Frostbite shouted ok from now on I’m calling them Lunabite for short “we are coming down!” Lunabite shouted as they landed right next to me and across from Zarina they saw the arrow with blood on it and growled their eyes glowed brighter “who shot her?!” they shouted Joe instantly pointed at Zarina they growled again this time louder like a small roar Luna began to glow blue before Frostbite spirit flew out of her skin all her fur and claws teeth and ears faded “oh man that was creepy sharing two minds with one body Auh never again please hey what’s wrong?”  Luna looked around until she saw me with Terra “no Terra!” she shouted as she ran towards me and Terra “we were supposed to capture her not this we have to get out of here of across the Lunilyle river and get to Mixonia they can heal but we have to go now or she won’t make it” Luna shouted with a panicked tone “let’s go” I shouted as I lifted Terra up and carried her bridal style “Ahh” Terra moaned  as I moved her “shh it’s ok Terra were going to get you healed I promise you’re going to be ok just rest” I said softly as I cradled her head so she could sleep easer she looked at me with those beautiful amethyst eye’s that sparkled like diamonds she tried to lift her hand up to my face but couldn’t she closed her eyes as a small shimmering tear fell I have to save her I don’t care what you throw at me forest I’m getting her out of here “Ahh!” we heard someone scream we turned around and saw Frostbite trapping Zarina “no Frostbite stop!” Luna shouted as she ran up to him “ah ha Frostbite sleep” and just she said the words Frostbite shrank back into a teddy Luna put him back in Terra’s bag which she now carried “ok can we go now we don’t have much time” I said with stern tone “indeed sir my princess only has oh judging by the color depletion in her crystal oh I would say one and half days two if you’re lucky “wow that’s not a lot of time” Luna looked around it will take half a day to get out of here “then let’s not waste any more time talking move!” I shouted as I walked ahead “ok he’s different” Zarina said as she disarmed her bow and arrows and began walking “no he’s just scared Zarina Eathen really loves Terra and the fact that she is dying is scaring him that’s all he doesn’t mean to be stern and controlling he’s just scared now come on before he unleashes Frostbite to make you move faster ha-ha” Joe said with a calm tone I kept walking not even bothering to see how far in front I was “Eathen we are close to the river be careful there are some nasty monsters that live near there” Luna shouted as she stayed close Joe and Zarina I heard her but it just made me speed up I looked down at Terra her head was covered in sweat and her skin was paler then before it was nearly white I lifted her crystal it was so light it didn’t feel like something that held an entire life force it felt so cold not like when it burned my hand back in Lunia I felt Terra’s head it was hot she had temperature suddenly she moved then she opened her eyes and looked at me “Eathen?” she whispered with a weak voice “hey your awake” I said with quite but excited tone Terra smiled at me she looked like she was in a lot of pain how could she smile when I was the one who did this to her “were almost at the Lunilyle river then all we have to do is get to Mixonia then they will heal you and you’ll be fine” I said as I wiped some of the blood of her face “I’m sorry” she whispered as she grabbed my hand “huh don’t ever apologize to me again Terra you have nothing to be sorry about I’m the one who needs to apologize not you” I said as I looked away she didn’t reply “Terra?” I said as I looked back down her eyes were closed she must have fallen sleep again “rest Terra I promise I’ll make the pain go away” I whispered as I looked back at the others “Auh this fog is driving me crazy I can barely see past my nose how I’m I able to hit a target like this” shouted Zarina “didn’t stop you last time” Luna shouted with an angered tone “huh oh come Luna I shot her with one arrow Eathen’s the one who stabbed her he’s the reason she’s dyeing not me so just because  you’re angry don’t take it out on me!” Zarina shouted as she looked away “I’m sorry Zarina I’m just scared this place and Terra dyeing it’s freaking me out and you know how I am when I’m scared” Luna said as she wrapped her arms around herself “hmm yeah I do know how are you get and I’m sorry Luna I shouldn’t of shouted you are my princess and my best friend I shouldn’t have lost my temper but like you said this place has a way of changing people” I looked back at Zarina she didn’t have that cocky smile like she normally dose she looked the way I felt scared and helpless maybe almost being eaten by Frostbite would do that to a person even a cocky one “hey Luna how far are we from the banks of the Lunilyle river and how do we cross it!” I shouted I know Joe had said not to shout but they was nothing around for miles and it seemed safe enough “we are getting close how is Terra doing?” I looked down at her again she looked like she was sleeping so peacefully almost angelic “not good she has a fever and bleeding started Again we are running out of time” Joe walked up to me here this should help “he poured some more quilef into Terra’s mouth but it just flowed back out “she’s not swallowing she has to swallow” he tried again but the same response “she still acts like a three year old spitting up or refusing to drink her medicine Terra this is good for you now swallow young lady!” we waited but no response “Terra? Eathen wake her up” I tried but I got nothing “guy’s check her crystal remember that is her life not her pulse if it’s damaged she’s damaged!” Luna shouted as she ran to us I did as Luna said I checked her crystal it was fine not a crack it just wasn’t glowing very bright and was cold not burning my hand Luna pushed in front of me which didn’t surprise me she was still mad at me and why wouldn’t she be I stabbed her best friend I’m mad at myself she had every right to hate me “Luna you know a lot more about Terranian’s then I do how is she?” I watched Luna examine Terra with a slight scientific look to her “not good the decrease in her crystal and skin color means she’s running out of life essence and if you bothered to check her eyes are becoming grey as if the life is being drained from them which it is she is now running on backup power and her body is talking life essence from different parts of her body like how the brain takes oxygen to work her crystal is taking essence from things she isn’t using but soon it will run out of things and shut down completely so Eathen you asked how she is well here’s your answer she will be dead before we reach Lunilyle river the wound is too serious and the quilef isn’t stopping the bleeding anymore she Is dying Eathen that’s how she is” Luna said coldly as she walked away from me “Joe she’s right Terra won’t make it to the river hell she will barely make it any further there has to be away to get her to Mixonian fast if only we had a portal” I watched Joe think “we do Eathen the home stone the one in your pocket it can act as a personal portal taking you anywhere you want to go” what how could he have not mentioned this “Joe how could you not mention this before Terra is dying and the key to her life is in my pocket!” I wanted to hit him but I would probably break my hand “I didn’t mention it because it’s dangers Terra is in no condition to go through a portal she is to weak it could kill her that’s why I didn’t mention it” he was right it could kill her “she will die if we don’t try Joe” I pulled out the stone it was blue in the shape of an oval but it had a four point star cut out in the middle “how do I activate it?” Joe took the stone out of my hand then crabbed Terra’s knife and cut my finger “with your blood” he placed his finger where the stab wound was it wiped some of Terra’s blood onto his finger “Joe what do I do and why did you take Terra’s blood too?” I watched him drip Terra’s blood into the center of the stone he then grabbed my hand and did the same “the payment is made Mixonia Eathen repeat” this must be how you activate the portal “the payment is made Mixonia” Joe did something to Terra she moved and slowly opened her eyes they were grey just like Luna said “Terra you need to repeat what I say ok the payment is made Mixonia say it Terra” I watched Terra try to sit up “Eathen I can’t see where are you?” I grabbed her hand “it’s ok Terra I’m here save your breath just say what Joe said ok” she squeezed my hand tighter and smiled “ok the payment is made Mix…auh…onia…” she collapsed after the last word “Terra!?” the stone turned red and began to crackle with electrical sounds “Eathen she’s fine just don’t let go hurry there isn’t much time grab the stone and hold on ok go!” I did as he asked I grabbed the stone my whole body began to tingle then burn “auh!” I looked down I was covered in flames they were spreading all over my body and Terra’s my skin began to disintegrate like ash being blown in the wind “auh Joe make it stop auh!!” he wasn’t there anymore and nether was I we were everywhere spread throughout the universe as billions of molecules throughout the universe this was amazing I could still feel Terra’s hand clinging on to mine even though nothing was there ‘wow this is incredible and it doesn’t hurt anymore I saw some type of bright light up ahead I squeezed Terra’s hand just making sure she was still with me she didn’t squeeze back ‘come on can’t this thing go any faster “Eathen”, huh who said that it sounds like Terra “who are you?!” I watched as a women appeared in front of me her skin seems to be made of the stars it’s self her hair looked like the milky way I once saw through a telescope at space camp when I was twelve she was beautiful and she looked a lot like Terra she just looked older “you must not give up the fate of the universes falls on you” what did she mean by that “what do you mean!?” I felt pressure on my hand again “Terra?” I watched as just like the women before Terra appeared out of nowhere clinging onto my hand “my daughter” what did that women just say my daughter but that means the women I’m talking to is Terra’s mum “please protect her she is the key to beating him “him? Him who Endor who are you talking about!?” I waited but she didn’t reply I looked down at Terra she looked so peaceful that women was beautiful just like her daughter “Eathen” she’s back “please use my advice protect Terra defeat and save the universes” your advice “what advice?” what was she talking about “listen well if the crystal shatters your world is at an end protect it because  it matter don’t let it break and bend when fire rains from the sky you must act fast if you don’t your surly won’t last once you unlock the power and you need advice seek the moon the one who is nice only with her help can you defeat the beast and it’s horde but to do this you will need the sword this is not a silly rhyme so please take your time to unlock the secrets with in you must look deeper than the skin I beg you don’t forget this” I watched as she vanished what was all that that rhyming she said I must listen hmm ok don’t worry I will protect your daughter


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