when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince




It was getting dark “we should rest!” Joe shouted “I agree” said Terra as she sat down and began unpacking her sleeping mat “we continue in the morning for now get some rest” she pulled up her blanket up to her neck line then she closed her eyes I did the same and slept I didn’t have the same dream as before instead I dreamt about the school and my old home my old life and would I ever see it again or would I die it had been hours since I woke up I watched Terra tossing and turning in her sleep I kept wondering what she was dreaming about “gasp Ahh! every night it’s the same thing I have these flashes and they always come true but how and why do I get them Eathen really has no idea about what he’s getting himself into” she whispered. “Hey” Terra jumped “ah oh sorry didn’t mean to scare you” I said “Oh that’s fine I you didn’t scare me I’m just a little jumpy” replied Terra “oh really why are you so jumpy I thought you were princess Terra the girl who’s not scared of anything?” I asked Terra smiled a little “well there is one thing that scares me” she said “no way you what is it?” I asked “well ah” Terra seemed like she didn’t want say anything “well hey if you don’t want to tell me then don’t it’s your fear” said “yes but I want to tell you” Terra replied still a little shaky “ok then shoot” I said. “Shoot what Eathen?” Terra asked  “Oh sorry just an earth thing we say” I replied  “ah yes I almost forgot that you’re from earth” Terra said  “yeh well you were going to say something” I replied  “oh yes my fear well a couple of years ago I started having these nightmares well at least I thought they were night mares but they seemed more like visions or memories so I tried to ignore them until I saw her I don’t know who she is but she was like a nightmare in solid form she wore a black dress with robes and her hair was black to except it was like it was alive like it had a mind of its own and her eyes they were pitch black like the darkest night with fiery purple pupils and I could tell that she didn’t care whether she lived or died and on her face pouring from her eyes I thought there were tears but they were black veins of some sort and then she looked directly at me she smiled and not a caring kind of smile a death threatening smile then she told me soon we will be one together so then I woke up and she is the only thing that scares me”             

“Wow I had a dream that my gym teacher was chasing me around the track wearing nothing and he was fat and old too” I said ha-ha Terra laughed “wow suddenly my nightmare doesn’t seem so bad” I laughed a little “hey what it’s morning look the suns rising” said Terra “oh cool I’ve never seen a real sunrise” I replied Terra looked at me “no way you’re kidding?” she asked  “no I am not kidding” I replied  “follow me!? Shouted Terra then she bolted for the mountain “hey wait up!” I shouted  “Nope you’ll just have to run faster come on!” shouted Terra I chased Terra up the mountain and when I got there I felt like I was going to die my ribs my chest everything was hurting but it all went away the moment I saw Terra glowing in the sun light

Smiling at me “so you made it after all?” she asked “ah yeh long run” I replied “so how do you like your first real sunrise?” she asked “wow” I replied “really that’s all you can say to most beautiful thing in the worlds” I smiled “well in my eyes it’s the second most beautiful thing in the worlds” I said “oh really and what is the first most beautiful thing?” Terra asked  “maybe I’ll tell you and maybe I won’t” I said “so which is it?” she asked she moved closer to me and I wanted to tell her but the words just wouldn’t come out and then I felt her lips press against mine and I didn’t fight it at all I embraced it and held her closer I felt like if I let her go I would never be able to hold her again I thought she might feel it too but she broke away from me I was confused “Terra what’s wrong?” I asked   “I’m sorry I shouldn’t of done that I can’t it’s too dangers’” she said then she ran faster than I ever could and I lost her in the forest “Eathen! Where are you?!?” Joe shouted I ran back down the hill and nearly gave Joe a heart attack “oh there you are come on the suns up we need to keep moving” Joe said “and why can’t we move at night?” I asked “well there are two reasons one because   we can’t see at night” I’d recognize voice anywhere “Terra where did you?” I asked go “for a run and two because   of the Sholomes Endor’s shadow golems they hunt his enemies in the black of night and when they find you they devour your soul and then give it to Endor to play with and when he’s done playing he will turn that soul into some type of creature to serve him forever “replied Terra “what kind of creature?” I asked  “oh there’s many the Sholomes Bogwards soul strippers flesh eaters Infernals Frozems and the Luniums wait did you say Lunians no I said Luniums evil crazy beasts that used to be Lunians” replied Terra “ok so how do the Lunians go mad?” I asked “when we get to Lunia you can ask now follow me were really close the portal it’s just through here gentlemen welcome to the crystal forest” I walked past Terra and into the crystal forest and looked around and everywhere there were trees but they were made of crystal “oh my god Joe look at them there so beautiful and there made out of crystal do you know how much just one of these would be worth” I said as Joe and I looked at the trees  “hump men and you money

That’s all you care about is your money and fortune No one listens to them anymore they have all been forgotten!” Terra said softly “ah Eathen do you have any idea what she’s talking about?” Joe asked me “No clue Joe” I replied “of course you don’t your all the same you look at these trees and see crystals and wealth but when I look at them I see life that has been forgotten these trees are more wealthy than anything in the worlds because   there not slaves over money there money is music and now there song is sad because   they have been forgotten by all!” shouted Terra “song what do you mean song there trees Terra trees can’t sing?” I said  Terra replied “maybe not in your world but here they would always sing please if any of you are listening to me then please sing don’t be forgotten by all sing for me I’m here I want to listen!” shouted Terra  “me two!” I shouted “me three!” shouted Joe “please sing for us” shouted Terra suddenly a beautiful melody filled our ears ‘Do you here it?” asked Terra “yeh it’s beautiful the trees were singing a sweet melody it sounded a bit like opera but softer and lighter I saw Terra smiling even Joe liked the music and then it stopped not calmed down just stopped then we heard a high pitch scream “scream…!” I covered my ears my head was hurting so much whatever was screaming it had to stop before my head explode Terra pulled me up

“Hurry we have to go they are coming!” she shouted she held onto my arm and started running pulling me along too “what’s coming?” I asked. “Screachers” Terra replied “scream!!!!!!!” Terra was blocking her ears “There getting closer run!” shouted Joe we rang straight out of the crystal forest and then the screaming stopped I felt like fainting but I managed to stand up “Joe what was that?” I asked “Eathen I think you should ask somebody else” he said “ok Terra what was that screaming?” I asked that screaming was the attack of a Screachers one of Endor’s bounty hunters there scream is meant to paralyses and weaken so they can take you to their master un harmed but they can be bounty hunters or assigns there scream turns into a call that blows your head off literally” replied Terra “woe ok so were they trying to kill us or find us?” I asked “well considering we all still have our heads I’m going to say find us? Joe spoke “Terra?” “Yes Joe?” “why haven’t they came out and attacked us” Joe asked “because   we lost them now come on were out of the forest so the portal is just over there” replied Terra I ran over to where to she was pointing but there was nothing there just a big rock “is this a joke there’s nothing here just a rock?” I asked “yes but that rock is in the shape of a crescent moon so this is the moon portal the right key and spell and you will be in Lunia”                                 

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