when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



We started walking after Terra till we came to a dark forest I could hear someone whimpering I turned and saw Luna she looked terrified “Luna what’s wrong?” “The l…lost forest” she mumbled “what is it are you scared?” I asked then I saw Zarina she looked scared too and I didn’t think she got scared “Zarina are you ok? I asked again “the lost forest” she replied “huh guys why are you scared it’s just a forest” suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder “this is the forbidden lost forest Eathen all Lunians fear it” Joe said calmly “why?” I asked “years ago the Lunian kingdom reached all the way out to here just at the base of this giant forest” he said calmly “woe there kingdom was big” “yes Eathen there kingdom was huge but one day a young Lunian girl walked into the forest alone and she wasn’t seen again until she re-emerged from the forest six months later but she was different she was white with red eyes her fingers had stretched into claws and she acted insane she attacked and killed most of the Lunians and kid napped the new born baby princess distraught by this creature that had taken her child the queen raced into the forest after the creature the king and what was left of his army raced after the queen and the creature the king searched through the forest but it was filled with fog he was lost until he heard a baby cry he followed the cry till he found his newborn daughter on the forest floor alone and covered in silver blood but it wasn’t the baby’s blood the baby was unharmed the king grabbed his daughter and held her gently in his arms he smiled as he saw her smile at him the king looked around hoping to find his queen but she was gone she was lost the king got his daughter safely back to the kingdom or what was left of it then the king  destroyed the forest with fire but the forest grew back and so the king took his daughter and what was left of his people and left and rebuilt a new kingdom far away from the lost forest and some say that the Lunian girl re-emerges from the forest every six months seeking the flesh of the royal bloodline” he said as he looked at Luna “woe ok that is one spooky ghost story “I said sarcastically “oh it’s not a ghost story Eathen it’s true and the baby princess that was taken by the creature that was Luna’s mother” he said with a spooky tone “what Luna’s mum was nearly eaten by some forest monster no wonder she is freaking out!” I shouted as I walked over to Luna “ok Luna now I know why you’re scared but you don’t have to be I will protect you I promise no creature in there is going to hurt you ok” Luna looked up at me “you promise?” she asked “I promise” I said as I gave her a hug “thanks Eathen you’re a good guy” she said with a smile “hey Zarina you ok?” I asked “Ahh yeah I’m fine” she said with a terrified tone “how about you stay with me and Luna?” I asked suddenly I felt something grab my arm “well ok if you say so” Zarina said as she held my arm tighter “I smiled at Zarina she seemed like a scared little girl on her first day of school not wanting to let go of her mommy only I was the mommy “ok now we can go Terra the light please” Joe asked but she didn’t reply “Ahh Terra that is really starting to piss me off!” he shouted as he turned around but she was gone “great typical Terra vanishing without a trace then just reappearing like nothing wrong why does she do that!?” he shouted “I don’t know she’s been doing that since I met her” Luna replied “well it’s really starting to piss me off!” Joe shouted “you hear me Terra you’re really pissing me off!” he shouted into the forest then suddenly “Ahh!!” we heard a scream “Terra?” I shouted as I ran into the forest “Eathen no it’s the forest it’s luring you!” Luna shouted I stopped then shouted “but she could be hurt I have to find her!” then I kept running into the forest “Eathen we’ll all go!” shouted Joe “ok everybody lock hands and whatever you do, do not let go understand!” alright we started walking into the forest when we heard another scream “Ahh!!” this one seemed more painful than the last “Terra!” I tried to run but the others held me back “think Eathen use your head not your heart!” Joe shouted I know Joe was right but I couldn’t help it I had no if she was ok I pulled and pulled but Joes grip was like and anacondas unbreakable I finally stopped pulling and calmed down “ok Eathen like Luna said the forest is luring you almost bit the worm now which direction did the screams come from?” he asked “Ahh north they came from north” I replied “ok then north we go” Joe started walking and we followed “keep your eyes open” he said softly as he looked around then we saw something hanging of  a branch we all ran up to it and instantly new what it was it was a piece of purple fabric soaked in blood “Terra where are you?!” I shouted I was begging for answer “please Terra where are you” I whispered “guy’s there is a blood trail on the leaves let’s follow it!” Luna shouted we followed the trail till we came upon a torn bag “no, no!” I shouted as I ran to the bag please don’t be hear I looked in the bag and frostbite was still in the bag “dammit!” I shouted as I kicked the bag across the ground “Eathen calm down it’s going to be ok” Joe said calmly “how is it going to be ok Joe Terra is out here somewhere hurt and with no protector how is this going to be ok!?” I shouted “guy’s I have an idea!” Luna shouted as she ran up to the bag and pulled frostbite out “Luna what are doing?” Joe asked “I’m going to use frostbite to find Terra she replied as she dusted the dirt of frostbite “ok Terra said that his name awakens him so Frostbite awake!” she shouted  as she put him back on the ground suddenly the teddy began to grow we all stepped back the teddy was getting huge it began to tear and fluff was coming out of the holes in it the fluff turned into fur it was as if a giant creature was inside the teddy trying to get out suddenly this giant tiger wolf thing was standing where the teddy was it was huge bigger than me he looked at Joe me then Luna he walked over to Luna “you must be Luna Terra has told me much about you “huh I can understand you!” Luna shouted frostbite laughed then replied “yes the one who awakens me understands me except Terra she will always understand me hey where is she?” he asked “oh Frostbite we can’t find her that’s why I awakened you so you could track her scent or something” she replied Frostbite looked and then pounced on me he was heavy it felt like he was crushing my ribs “you did this I told her not to trust you, you filthy Magian!” he shouted “Frostbite stop it’s not Eathen’s fault she just walked into the forest alone for some reason please release Eathen Frostbite looked at Luna then back at me he growled then he got off me with “ok how do propose I find her?” he asked “with this” Luna replied as she lifted the blood stained fabric up to Frostbites nose “this blood it’s hers and it’s fresh but it’s different” Luna looked confused and she was the only one who could understand Frostbite “Luna what did he say?” I asked “he said this blood it’s hers and it’s fresh but it’s different” “ask him how it is different!” I shouted “Ahh please tell that Magian I can hear him” Luna looked at me then she shouted “Eathen he can hear you so ask him not me ok!” I felt pretty stupid of course he could hear me “ok Frostbite how is her blood different?” I asked “it is different because it’s hers but I smell something else or someone else anyway the scent continues north please tell that idiot to go north!” he growled “he said that he smells someone else on her blood and to go north you idiot his words not mine!” Luna shouted “Luna please stop shouting we don’t want to give away our location to the enemy” Joe calmly said as he examined boot prints “what did you find Joe?” Luna asked “its Terra’s boot prints but there stretched she must have jumped and landed here and then wait!” he shouted as he got up and walked back the way we came “she must have ran from this direction then tripped here and fell  She must have cut something and used her dress fabric to wipe the blood away then kept running but then is no other boot marks it’s just ends here strange” Joe got up and looked around “ok now there are two ways to lose footprints one you cover them but that takes time and Terra wouldn’t do that and two trees” Joe said as he looked up at the trees “why would you think trees Joe?” I asked as I looked at the trees too “that’s why” Joe said as he crabbed my chin and pulled my head lower to the tree trunk I looked down where my head had been moved then I saw five long slashes across the tree “what the hell are those Joe?” I asked as I looked closer to the slashes “claw marks Eathen those are claw marks made by something I don’t know what but Terra vanishes and then we find these I don’t want to be a negative thinker but this doesn’t look good” Joe said calmly as he walked off “yeah I think your right Joe” I said as I went to touch the claw marks I pressed my fingers on them then whispered “Terra wherever you are I’ll find you I promise”

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