when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince


3. Chapter Three The moon kingdom


“So this will take us to Lunia” I asked “not if I can’t ever get this spell done now zip it” I walked over to Joe and asked him “hey Joe didn’t you say that Terraniens crystals are blue circles or red squares?”  “Yeh” he replied “well Terra’s is a purple diamond so it’s weird why do you think she has a purple diamond?” I asked “l don’t know Eathen try asking her” he said suddenly there was electrical sounding zap! “What was that?” I asked “the portal is ready!” shouted Terra suddenly Terra felt dizzy I did too then she blacked out so did I it was like a dream but it wasn’t one “gasp Phythro!” a cloaked man sitting on a thrown of bones shouted “yes my lord Endor what’s wrong” someone hiding in the shadows asked “someone has opened the portal to Lunia!” Endor shouted now this guy’s voice was dark and broken like a smoker that had his voice box put through a shredder “go find who’s opening the portal and bring them to me now go!” he shouted  “Gasp”  “Eathen are you ok?” Joe asked “yeh what happened?” I asked “you had a flash” Terra said as fixed her dress “I get them all the time you must of connected to me and saw it two” “woe ah Endor he sensed us open the portal” I said “yes he has them on consent watch come on we have to go before his bounty hunters get here!” she shouted “what about the portal?” I asked  “Don’t worry it closes after you use it” she replied  “oh ok then let’s go” like I said before I hate the portals it seemed like it was going on forever and that it would never end but finally we ended up in Lunia “wow is it always night here?” I asked “Yes Lunian’s need the moon for its power” replied Terra “so where is this princess I heard so much about” I said “I haven’t told you anything about Luna” replied Terra “I know I was being sarcastic” I said “what’s that?” she asked “oh never mind just take us too her” I said “fine bossy boots follow me” Terra took us to a small kingdom “wow is this a kingdom or a tent?” I asked Terra spoke “I wouldn’t talk so loud if I were you” “yeh why” I asked  Terra replied “because  there is one thing you don’t want it’s to gets Lunian’s mad there’s no stopping them when they’re angry” “really so where are they I don’t see any Lunian’s do you?” I asked “ah not the place is empty but then where is everyone?” Terra asked “taken your highness” said an old looking Lunian man in a white robe “who said that” asked Terra “it’s me Ayah Luna’s adviser”  “wait has Luna been taken too?” asked Terra I sensed Terra’s worry she really must care for this Luna “no she was not but she was injured” said the Lunian man “what!?” shouted Terra “Where is she?” Terra asked “resting we have healed the wound as best as we can we would be able to heal her fully but they took everything” replied them man “who did this” Terra asked “the Endorians you highness” the man replied “the Endorians” Terra sounded really angry so I slowly stepped away “hey Joe how close are Terra and Luna?” I asked him he replied “well Terra and Luna have known each other since they were kids and Terra always protected Luna like a little sister Terra has no siblings nether dose Luna” “why” I asked “only one child is born in the royal family’s to stop any fighting for the thrown when there older” Joe replied “oh so Terra is Luna’s metaphorical sister?” I asked “yes and she is very protective of the ones she loves” he replied “ok let’s go!” Terra shouted “Terra we just got here” I said “where not leaving Lunia just the kingdom” she replied “why” I asked “the potion that can heal Luna’s wounds is very rare because   most people die trying to get the final ingredient” she said “so what’s the final ingredient?” I asked “the flesh of a Bogoid” replied Terra “what!” I asked “there really tricky to find or even cut because   they move so fast” Terra replied “so what are they” Joe asked “they are frog like humans with horns and a snake head and they have a very bad temper oh and did I mention that they can move almost at the speed of sound” she replied “ok they sound hard” I replied “yeh well I’m going to get some of their flesh whether you come or not!” Terra shouted “Terra wait I know how important Luna is to you but you can’t risk your life for a piece of skin from a demon” Terra shouted at me “no you don’t know anything!” Joe spoke “Woe calm down Terra were just saying”  Terra shouted again “well stop saying Luna is dying and I need to save her she’s like a sister to me and I won’t let her die!” Terra was so angry suddenly the room started shacking “Joe what’s happening?” I asked Joe crabbed Terra. “Terra you need to calm down I like the roof over my head not on it!” “Joe what’s going on why is the room shaking and why are you trying to calm Terra down wait is Terra doing this?” I asked “yes Eathen now I need to calm her down so she doesn’t burry us in an earthquake!” he shouted “I have an idea” I said “really you mind sharing?” he asked “no just doing this” I kissed Terra again and just as I thought she forgot she was angry and we weren’t burred then she stopped kissing me “feel better?” I asked “ah yeh thanks I lost my temper” Terra sounded angry at her “Terra can I ask you something?” Terra looked at me then smiled “ah sure Eathen ask away”  “how were you doing that?” I asked “you mean bring the house down?” she asked  “yeh” I replied  “well for some reason I don’t know why I have special powers that are tied to my emotions so when I get mad it cause s earthquakes and other things” “wow ok so we are going after a demon?” I asked Terra looked at me “wait your coming?” she asked “well I wouldn’t want you to burry us now would we” “good point” she said “well lets go Joe you coming?” I asked “no I will stay here and keep an eye on Luna until you return” he replied “ok let’s go!” I shouted we walked till we got to a swamp the most stinky smelling swamp you could find “god that smells bad Terra” “yeh horrible well come on” she said as she jumped into the swamp “we have to go through the swamp ah gross can’t we go around it Terra?” I asked “can’t go over it can’t go under it we have to go through it now stop being a baby and get in here” she replied “I’m not a baby!” I shouted “oh you are such a baby!? Terra shouted back “oh yeh” I replied I wasn’t going to let her call me a baby so I took of my shirt and jumped in “ewe you got mud everywhere Eathen!” Terra shouted  “oh sorry” I replied  Terra rolled her eyes in annoying way then said “come on mud boy” we had walked a few miles augh this stuff is so slimy “so where is this bogwart Terra?”  she  looked at me annoyed “Bogoid and it could be anywhere but this is it’s favorite spot” she replied  I looked around “a swamp yeh I see why it’s so awesome and cool to hang out here” Terra turned around to face me and said  “Bogoid’s are frog like things right?” she asked me  “yeh” I replied  “and frogs like swamps right?” she asked again “yeh” I replied again “so that’s why this place is his favorite oh I see because  he’s a frog” I said “exactly Eathen” Terra replied  “so how do we find this thing?” I asked “well we wait” replied Terra “what we’re using our self as bait?” I shouted “yep it will sense us in its territory and come and get us” she replied” “oh ok hey Terra?” she looked at me with a smile “yes Eathen” “can I ask you something?” “Ah sure I guess what do you want to ask me Eathen?” “When we were kissing why did you stop and pull away?”  She looked at me I could tell she was afraid to answer afraid she would say the wrong thing “Terra?” I asked again she replied “Because I didn’t want to hurt you” “what how could your kiss hurt me?” I asked  Terra looked away then said “I’m danger’s to you Eathen” “what no you’re not”  she looked at me angry yet sad “yes I am my people don’t have powers were just strong and mighty warriors but I was born with these unnatural powers when I get angry I can move and crush mountains when I ‘m sad I can flood kingdoms and so I have to have control my emotions that’s why I meditate all the time to keep myself in harmony but when I kissed you I had no control I could feel something taking a form of power and that would of hurt you so I let go” she stopped talking I could see her eyes were going watery I grabbed her “close but what if nothing happened what if you didn’t hurt me Terra?” I asked “I couldn’t take that risk I can’t risk losing control” she pulled away from me she was crying but so  angry “do you think I wanted my emotions to be destructive to have to be in control all the time all I want is to cry without flooding something or get mad without activating a Volcanico I just want to not be danger’s to love laugh cry all of it but I can’t have it because  of my powers!” she shouted I felt the water rising as Terra was shouting her anger and sadness was causing the water to rise “Terra stop! I shouted “what?” she asked “The water it’s raising!” I shouted again “what?” she asked again “The waters rising!”  I looked around for a branch or something to grab onto I found one just the right size for the both of us “Terra grab on!” I shouted but when I turned around she was gone “Terra!?” I looked around every were but she was gone and the water was still rising I let go of the branch and dove under the water I couldn’t see anything I thought maybe Terra had gone under I swam deeper and deeper until there was no light ah my lungs were burning I needed air soon I was about to go back up when I saw something shining in the water a purple crystal no Terra’s purple crystal and they was Terra unconscious and in the arms of a frog man a Bogoid it must of pulled her under it saw me and swam away faster than anything I had ever seen this thing was fast it had Terra I wanted to follow it but if didn’t get air soon I would drown I swam as fast as I could to the surface finally I was out and breathing in air sweet air I had never been so happy to smell swamp air in my whole life once I had my breath back I looked for any sign of the Bogoid but there was nothing but I saw something shining on a rock and just like I thought it was Terra’s crystal I remember Joe telling me that Terraniens life-force is in there crystals so if Terra isn’t wearing her crystal it means her body has no life wait then she’s dead no she won’t be dead just in a comma yeh and when I put the crystal back on she will wake up ok new plan find that Bogoid and rescue Terra and get some off its skin if I can I got out of the swamp but I was still covered I mud yuck ok so I know what I’m doing now I just have to find the thing great I have to find a frog man that can move at the speed of sound this should be easy suddenly Terra’s crystal started glowing woe what the I moved the crystal in different directions and it glowed brighter and duller when it moved so maybe this crystal can lead me to Terra I pointed it to the north it glowed bright and when I pointed it east it glowed barely ok so she’s not at the east I moved it at the south the thing didn’t even glow and defiantly not south so she’s ether in the north or west I pointed the crystal west and it started to burn my hand ok west no take me too her magic crystal it didn’t do anything ok so all you can do is point me in the right direction that’s some power  I ran west till I came upon a dark cave woe now this thing reeks Terra’s in there hopefully oww stop burning me the crystal was getting hotter and was burning my leg I pulled it out of my pocket now you better stop burning me or I’ll leave you here got it yes I was yelling at a crystal and don’t ask me why ok I kept walking to the end of the cave then I started to hear someone sing a little song “pretty treat pretty treat pretty treat for me to eat” oh no the Bogoid is going to eat Terra I ran as fast as I could to the end of the cave I finally found it and there was Terra unconscious on the floor and the Bogoid over her “hey get away from her you puss bucket!” I shouted it turned its snake head around to face me it was hideous its long scaly snake head covered in warts oh gross and that smell “hey buddy when the last time you took a shower is!” I shouted it looked at me “ah more treats for me to eat”  ‘huh I don’t think so “yeh well I hate to tell you the kitchens closed!”  I ran toward it but then it ran right behind me man that thing is fast I ran over to Terra and put the crystal back on her neck but nothing happened “come on wake” up I shook her up and down but she still didn’t wake up “hey that’s my treat!”  the Bogoid rushed for me I moved as fast as I could but it wasn’t fast enough it always dodged my attacks ok trying to hit it doesn’t work It’s strength it’s speed it’s weakness It’s stupidity I knew “what I had to do hey frog dude is that the best you got I mean your fast and all but you’re really stupid!” I shouted and it looked at me angrily “yeh you herd me your stupid and idiot a moron hell there’s a thousand names I could call you and they all mean the same thing!” I was pissing it of big time I moved in front if the cave wall I knew that my plan would work “hey ugly come and get me!” that was the final straw it changed for me I quickly moved out of the way and them (bam!) The Bogoid ran straight into the wall just like I knew he would the Bogoid was out cold I ran over to Terra but she still wasn’t awake come on why haven’t you woken up yet I grabbed Terra’s knife from her belt and cut some of the Bogoid skin  ewe I grabbed Terra and carried her back to the Lunian’s kingdom Joe was waiting for me he ran to us “Eathen what happened?” he asked  “we got the skin but Terra wont wake up” I replied “ok Eathen take the skin to the big tent that’s were Luna is give it too man in the white robe” “ok!”  I ran over to the big tent “hello?” “Ah you have returned” said the man in the white robe “and with what you need too” I said he grabbed the skin out of my hand “oh bless you!” he shouted he dropped the skin into a big pot (boom!) “Ah it’s ready” he said as he poured this red liquid down Luna’ throat “cool so how will this help Luna?” I asked  he replied “It will cleanse and heal her wound”  “if you don’t mind me asking how was she hurt” “an arrow shot near her heart it just missed” he replied  “wow who fired it?” I asked “Luniums” he replied “Luni… what’s?” I asked “Luniums evil  and crazy Lunian’s who were turned by Endor” the man said  “oh yeh Terra said that they were once just like you” “indeed they were but some were taken and locked up for weeks even months without the moon you see we do not eat like you we feed of the endless cosmic energy that the moon gives of and we must feed on this energy to stay healthy and sane without it we become frail and insane we will hurt our own kind just feed of their energy Endor takes our best warriors or hunters and turns them into Luniums savage beasts!” he shouted “cough gasp” Luna spat up some of the red liquid but seemed ok “ah princess you have awaken” the man said happily “Ayah what happened?” Luna asked  “you were wounded princess but Terra and this boy saved you with the final ingredient to the healing potion” Luna jumped out of  the bed “wait Terra is hear?” she asked  “yes my princess” the man replied  “where is she?” she asked happily “she’s with Joe in the tent just down the road” the man replied  Luna grabbed me not and angry way but an excited way “will you take me too her please? ” she asked “sure follow me” I replied  “ok” I replied as we walked down the road looks I had never seen a girl like Luna   she has light silver skin with little sparkling dots like stars covering her body but you only saw them in the moonlight she had dark purple hair a blue dress that goes to about her knees and a headband crown thing that has a crescent moon in the middle an two stars on the side oh and the pitch black eyes Luna ran to the tent were Joe and Terra were I finally caught up to her but when she got there she didn’t like what she saw  Joe opened the tent “oh Luna you’re alright” he said happily she looked at him happily “where’s Terra?” she asked Joe with a sad face pointed at her on the table Luna looked at Terra’s lifeless body and her crystal not glowing her eyes started to fill with tears “what happened?” she asked Joe replied  “I don’t know her crystal was taken of her for a long period an she hasn’t woken up when we put it back on” Luna looked at Terra again “wait here I’ll get Ahya he’ll know what to do” she shouted as she ran off back to the other tent Luna returned with her medic and adviser Ahya “ah yes Terranian crystal problem” he said calmly  “is she going to be alright?” Luna asked  “oh yes of course she’ll be fine she’s just repowering herself she’ll wake up soon so her crystal Is just reconnecting it’s self Terra and her crystal are one she can’t live without it and her body goes into a coma like state without it and because   it had been of for so long she’s taking longer to wake up see you have to be very careful when taking of a Terranian crystal because  if you do it to hard or you break it that Terranian will die” “Terra’s going to die?” Luna shouted with a completely scared and innocent look on her face “oh no my princess I didn’t mean to scare you princess no she is not going to die she just sleeping and will wake up soon oh” he said apologetically “well when will she wake up?” Joe asked “ah I don’t know when I just know that she will now we should leave her she will wake soon” ayah replied as he walked off followed by Luna and Joe while the others were walking off I went over to Terra I placed my hand on her head It was cold I felt empty I quietly whispered in “her ear you have to wake up” I bent down and kissed her on the forehead then suddenly (zap!) Oww something shocked me then I saw Terra’s crystal starting to glow I ran out to get Joe and Luna I shouted “her crystals glowing!” Luna bolted out and ran to the tent “Terra!” she shouted Luna ran inside but when she got there Terra wasn’t on the table “Terra were you?” Luna asked “looking for me?” Terra asked Luna jumped at the sound of Terra’s voice she turned around “Terra!”  Luna ran into Terra’s arms “oww not so hard Luna” Luna apologized “oh sorry Terra” “good to see that the potion worked” Terra said happily “yeh but you could have been killed why did you risk yourself for me?” Luna asked “I think you would know the answer by now Luna why because you’re like a little sister to me you always have been and you would have done the same thing right?”  “Yeh your right “come on lets go see the boys” Terra said happily “ok and speaking of boys that blond haired guy is cute” Terra rolled her eyes “ah Luna you think anything is cute and his name is Eathen by the way” “ooh so do you like him?’ Luna asked  Terra replied “don’t be ridicules you know as well as I that I can’t love or like or show any emotion of any kind Luna” “yeah-yeah because  you don’t know what you could or how your powers would reacted of your emotion I know you’ve told me before” Terra looked at Luna “exactly so I can’t like someone without showing affection for them and affection is an emotion” Luna smiled “I know fine I’ll drop the subject now let’s go see the boys” she said happily  back in the tent me Joe were talking “what if she never wakes up it I’ll be my fault Joe!?” I shouted “don’t worry Eathen she’ll be fine” he said calmly “but I was the one who because d her to flood the swamp and that’s how the Bogoid got her and how she lost her crystal in the first place and if she doesn’t wake up I’ll never forgive myself!” I shouted “wow Eathen I’ve never seen this side of you so caring and not making a joke or sarcastic comment” he said “yeh well I really care for her” I replied “listen Eathen I need to warn you” Joe said with his serious tone “warn me about what?” I asked “Love and affection it’s different here then on earth humans they love one person then onto another and then another but with us it’s not like that we connect the moment we see her or him” he replied  “so it’s love at first site?” I asked “yes but it’s more than love it’s affection the feeling to protect no matter what and you fight for them every day just to keep them safe and when there taken from you you’ll never forget the pain it will follow you till the day you die and Eathen if she is that to you then don’t let Endor win protect her even if she doesn’t wont protecting she can be stubborn oh and the first kiss seals the bond once you’ve kissed there is no turning back ever” I started to blush “Joe I have kissed her” I said still blushing  “what!” Joe looked at me with confusion “when were” he asked  “ah near the moon portal before you woke up on the top of ah hill she was showing me a real sunrise and then she kissed me” I replied  “oh Eathen this is wonderful” he said joyfully “but then she stopped and broke it off and she told me it was to dangers and she ran off” I sad sadly  “oh Eathen Terra sees herself as dangers person her emotions could kill so she doesn’t want to hurt you” he said calmly “I know she told me in the swamp before it started to flood” I replied “oh so that’s why?” he asked  “yeh” I replied                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “Well I guess you’ll just have to forget about her and just keep your eye on Endor” “but Joe how can I forget about the girl of my dreams?” I asked then suddenly “talking about me are we” that voice I was shocked that that voice that beautiful voice I slowly turned around “Terra?” I saw her standing behind me I ran to her and hugged her tight “hi” I said she looked down at me “ah hi” she replied “I was so worried how are you?” I asked “oh fine you know for being in a coma tic state I can’t complain can I have my body back?” she asked I blushed a little “oh ah sorry I got a little carried away” I said apologetically “she’s awake guys!” Luna came running into the tent and jumped on Terra “oww Luna not so hard” Terra said a little whiny  “oh sorry it just your back and you crystal is all shiny and you skin isn’t pale anymore well any more  than usual” Luna said  Terra laughed “ha-ha yeh I feel better and I won’t be taking of my crystal again anytime soon that’s for sure”  I looked at Terra and then at Luna there was something about Luna it was like she was the exact opposite to Terra and Luna looked at me and asked “what are you doing” “oh ah sorry I was just thinking how different you and Terra are and I got lost in thought” Luna looked at me confused “were not different were the same Luna said happily “ah hey Joe did this girl get dropped as a baby?” I asked Joe started to laugh “ha-ha no Eathen all Lunians are like this” “what children?” I asked  “no innocent and Luna is only 14” he said calmly “what are you serious she looks close to 16 or even 17 there’s no way she’s only 14 Joe” “go ahead and ask her then” he replied  “fine I will hey Luna?” Luna looked at me then replied “yes”  “how old are you” I asked “I’m 14” she replied Joe was telling the truth “but I turn 15 in three luas” Luna said happily “three what’s?” I asked “Luas” Luna said again “what are luas?” I asked “there Lunians days” she replied Luna looked at us “so are you hungry?” she asked “I sure am” Joe said “alright well then let’s eat” Luna said all cheerfully “ah Luna there’s no food” I said “ah not yet” she started to giggle “ah Terra what’s so funny?” I asked Terra didn’t reply I turned around and Terra was gone “Joe Luna Terra’s gone” I said with a worried expression Luna giggled some more “oh don’t worry she dose that a lot just disappears and then reappears it’s a common thing with her” she said happily “were dose she go?” I asked “no one knows she’s just gone and then back again I tried to figure Terra out but it gave me a headache she’s complicated  and quiet well I guess loosing ah mother can do that to a child” Luna said sadly “wait didn’t Endor just lock her up like all the others?” I asked Luna replied “no for some reason we still don’t know he killed Terra’s mother and I mean killed Terra was only three and she was the one who found her mother in the garden dead but for some reason Endor stabbed her with her own knife when he could of just broke her crystal I don’t know much about Terra’s mom she doesn’t like to talk about it and she doesn’t even know much about her mother”  “wait is that the knife Terra has on her belt?” I asked “yep the one Endor killed her mother with she wears it as a reminder of what he did and some day she will stab him in the heart just like he did her mother she never goes anywhere without it it’s like a good luck charm it’s the only weapon she uses” Luna said calmly “it’s kind of small don’t you think?” I asked “yeh well tell that to Terra” Luna replied “tell me what?” I jumped “Terra you scared us” I said still a little shaky “oh sorry” she said apologetically “where were you?” Luna asked “around so what do you want to tell me?” she asked “ah well just that your knife is kind of small and you should get a better weapon” I said calmly “I don’t need a better weapon and size doesn’t matter to me I’ve killed more things with this knife then Endor has demons” Terra said proudly “woe ok so maybe you don’t need a better weapon” I said stupidly “hey Luna have you noticed the spirits are glowing brighter than usual?” Terra asked “really?” Luna asked  “yeh I was just there and the blue is glowing brighter and the green is changing colors well more merging with red” Luna stood up “red are you sure?” she asked  “yeh positive why does it mean something?” Terra asked “just an old legend it’s said in the time of the ancients there were two spirits who were the most powerful spirit’s there was the blue and green spirit’s the blue was called Jimanises and the green was called Endorian and at first they were friends until there both fell in love with the same spirit and when she loved the blue spirit the green spirit got angry and jealous and tried to kill the blue spirit and so the spirit’s had a tremendous fight to the death and somehow there fight shattered the world into four pieces and what once was one world called Anamosa is now four worlds each with a different species but each of these worlds has something that connects them to the spirit’s and each world has a power weapon” “a power what” I asked  “weapon one that was made by the spirit’s and given to its people you see Jimanises was a kind spirit and worshiped as a god in all the worlds and to thank us for our kindness toward him he gave us each a very powerful weapon the but the Terraniens got the actual spirit’s infinity sword cause   Jimanises made the Terraniens from his own crystals that made him and that’s why all Terranian’s   have crystals as there life force cause   there his first children and the most connected to him then all of us anyway there are four power weapons there is the crystal sword for the Terranian’s, the Luna light scepter

For the Lunians, the rod of the ancients for the Mixonia’s” “hey wait a minute you said there was four weapons but you only said three?” “yes the three that Jimanises made and the one that Endorian made he crafted an axe out of his evil and named it the black night axe and only a blood descendent can use it can you guess who uses it now?” Luna asked “Endor” I replied “yep” “wait he is a blood descendent of Endorian?” I asked “yes and Terra is a blood descendent of Jimanises so there natural enemies” Luna replied “oh so you were saying about the legend?” “oh yes the legend well after the world shattered Jimanises had one final battle and using all there power they were able to defeat each other by trapping each other in a frozen form and there still there to this very day if you look at the moon you can see the spirit’s one blue and one green “yes but that green is going red so what does it mean?” Terra asked Luna looked up into the stars “it means a prophecy is coming true” she said worriedly “what prophecy?” I asked “you’re not going to like it” she said warning us  “tell us” I said “ok when green and red clash as one the power of a burning sun will be blocked by the eternal night and the true evil will take its flight the sky’s will stain in death and blood and the world will drown in evils flood death and pain will rain forever and goods light will shine never” “woe ok that’s bad” I said  “so the green spirit is turning red?” “Not turning clashing” said Terra “it has begun soon we face the true evil” Luna said calmly “what do you mean by that?” I asked “if I knew I would tell you it just means that we are going to fight a great evil and the fate of the world’s depend on it” Luna said sacredly  “well then let’s go to Mixonia  recruit this Vixen guy and lets kick Endore’s but! Are you in Luna?” I asked “ah well it is a bit dangers but yes I will fight and I we will defeat Endor once and for all!” Luna shouted happily “that’s the spirit!”  

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