when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



“Hey guys frostbite said were close he also said he spells something coming close so be careful guys!” Luna shouted to us as she and Frostbite came closer to us “Luna stop shouting” Joe said again with an annoyed tone in his voice to match the annoyed expression on his face “hey Joe she is just trying to translate for frostbite” I said as I kept walking I can’t believe me of all people was defending Frostbite the creature that had tried to flatten me only minutes ago and here I am being nice to him (snap) “what was that!?” Luna asked as she ran to me and Joe I looked behind her and saw Zarina with her bow at the ready if I wanted to stay alive I wouldn’t sneak up on her “hey Zarina over hear come on oh and put that away please” she looked at me with expression like she was thinking ‘are you serious?’ “I’m serious you could take someone’s eye out with that thing so put it away and come over here” she shrugged her shoulders then put her bow away and began walking over to me Luna and Joe suddenly she made a disgusted face and I suddenly knew why I could smell some revolting smell in the air it smelt like off meat but worse “Auh what is that!?” Luna shouted as she covered her nose “I don’t know but I think I’m going to be sick” I said as I held my stomach this smell will melt your nostrils I looked at Frostbite he just looked back “well what is it?” I shouted to him he growled “ah Luna translation please” I asked as I tried to think how frostbite could possible think I could understand him “he said it’s a dead carcass just down the forest and Terra but she’s not alone he smells something else that he doesn’t recognize and said to be careful” wow he said all that in a single growl I’m impressed we kept walking closer to Terra’s scent and that foul dead carcass as we got closer fog began to creep in Luna was still staying very close and Zarina still had her bow out just with no arrows “hey Joe Frostbite smells something up there” Luna whispered please don’t be Terra’s “alright everyone weapons at the ready” Joe said calmly as his hands turned into bear paws Zarina grabbed one of her arrows and looked around Luna lifted her hand up at the stars and then her hand glowed with a light blue aura until a silver sword with two stars and a crescent moon on the handle appeared in her hand “how did you do that Luna?” I asked as I looked at her sword “it’s of my powers I call it moon magic all Lunians can create things from cosmic energy” she replied as she lifted her hand again and a another sword appeared this one bigger and sharper looking with an M engraved into the handle “this one’s yours” she said as she handed me the sword “until you get you own weapon you can have this one be careful it’s sharp” she said with a smile I took the sword my first weapon “alright let’s take this thing down and get Terra” I said as I lifted my sword in the direction we were walking the smell had got worse and blood practically covered the forest floor it made me want to be sick Luna didn’t look and Joe just kept walking like it didn’t bother him at all the fog had gotten worse we could barely see each other “hey stay close” Joe said as he walked closer and closer until he could see the carcass and something was eating it “shh this creature it has white skin and red glowing eyes it’s fingers looked like they were stretched into claws it has long white mixed with blond hair and is wearing a torn purple dress covered in blood “a torn purple dress that’s Terra!” I shouted as I tried to look at her “dam it Eathen you’re going to get us all killed if you don’t stay quiet and hidden” Joe said as he pulled me down and covered my mouth “ok so the creature Frostbite smelled is Terra something’s happened to her and she has become this creature alright Zarina I want you to use your arrows take her down do not kill her ok” Joe said with a stern tone as he still covered my mouth “Luna do you think you could create something that could hold her a net a cage anything as long as she can’t move” Luna looked at him her eyes were sad she didn’t want to catch her friend “I’ll try but I need a clear spot to concentrate on and she has to be still or it won’t work ok” she said with a sad but stern tone “I’ll take and keep her down it will be easy” Zarina said with a cocky tone I finally pried Joes hands off my mouth “you will not touch her any off you that’s an order!” I shouted  “Eathen don’t let you heart cloud your head Terra is not herself right now let us take her down so I can help her I can use the quilef to cleanse whatever corrupted her” he said as he looked at me with stern eyes “and what if it doesn’t work what if she can’t be cleansed? I asked death staring Joe waiting for his answer “then we have no choice we will have to kill her but only as a last resort” he said with a calm tone as he looked at me I knew he was right my mind told me to listen but my heart I couldn’t “no I will not let you kill her!” I shouted at the top of my lungs I didn’t mean to it just came out my words echoed through the forest it was endless until it was replaced by an angry and painful scream coming from Terra “ah guys I think she noticed us!” Luna shouted she ran behind me “Frostbite take her down!” Joe shouted but Frostbite didn’t move and Terra had vanished from our sight “she’s in the trees get ready” I looked up at the trees for a sign of her but there was nothing it was quiet and creepy “Luna order that beast to attack and pin down Terra Frostbite growled with an angered expression “no I will not harm her and if you try I will tear you to pieces!” Luna shouted but she didn’t seem like herself she was angry and growling and her dark black eyes they were glowing bright blue just like her hand before “Luna?” I asked as I walked up to her “no not Luna or Frostbite but both we have merged so our communication can be easier to understand” I looked at Frostbite his body was glowing blue Just like Luna’s eyes then he turned into a sprit and went into Luna’s body her eyes glowed even brighter as white fur began to cover her body she grew cat like ears and small saber-toothed fangs her hands had become claws her purple hair had mixed with black and white and black stripes spread across her fur finally her eyes went back to normal they were still glowing but not as brightly “there the bond is made and only we can sever it oh and by the way duck” Luna said as she moved backwards and just she did Terra appeared out of the trees in a blur of pale white skin and blood thirsty red eyes began slashing at anything that moved I kept ducking and dodging but she was getting faster and closer I would have to fight back but if  my sword chops Terra’s finger of well let’s hope that quilef stuff is as good a Joe says it is I pulled up the sword and just in time to block an attack that would of just a guessing ripped my face open “Eathen distract her the others are getting ready!” Joe shouted  distract her no problem  if she didn’t have five deadly weapons attached to her hands and was trying to kill me with them “Terra I know this isn’t you your stronger then this corruption it’s just the forest your stronger fight it!” I shouted as I used my sword to block her attacks she kept attacking but I saw something in her eyes they were flakes of purple she was still in there burred under all this corruption and I was getting to her “Terra your stronger then this thing you have to fight it!” suddenly I felt something whipped right past my nose and stab it’s self into Terra chest “Ahh!” Terra let out a painful scream it’s sounded like her not the high pitched scream I heard before I looked at what was laying deep in Terra’s chest it was one of Zarina’s arrows I saw more purple flakes appear in her eyes pain is what weakens the creature and makes Terra stronger while she was weak she stopped attacking just to try and pull the arrow out but it didn’t work and even if she did it would make the wound worse “Guy’s as much as I’m going to hate this the more painful the attack the weaker the creature becomes and the stronger Terra gets oh and Zarina shoot her in the chest again and I will shoot you get it hurt her but don’t kill her when she is really weak then you can trap her ok!” I shouted to the other  Terra looked at me her eyes sparkling as if filled with tears this creature didn’t feel the pain but Terra did “wait don’t attack I have a plan Luna get your  cage ready!” I shouted as I looked at my sword then back at Terra I got closer but Terra didn’t seem to notice all she cared about was getting that dam arrow out “Terra please forgive me” I whispered than ran towards Terra and plunged my sword into her chest “gasp Ahh cough” I could hear the blade cutting through the flesh blood spat out of Terra’s mouth as I drove it deeper all I could feel was pain “Luna now!” I shouted as I pulled the blade out a large metal cage fell from the tree’s and landed trapping Terra “gasp Ahh cough… cough more blood spat out as she looked at me her eyes faded back to purple her white skin melted away reveling her pale form the white bit’s in her hairs washed away leaving the Terra I knew and loved she looked at me and smiled as she slowly walked towards us she was close to the cage bars  “Eat…Ahh…the” before she could finish my name she collapsed onto the ground “Terra!” I shouted as I ran to her but was blocked by the cage “Luna remove the cage” the cage disintegrated I ran to her lying on the forest floor “no please Terra wake up come please Joe help bring the quilef anything just help her!” I shouted as I cradled her frail form in arms Joe dropped out of a tree he looked at Terra then at me “what did you do?” he asked as he pulled out his bag of supply’s” the only thing I knew would set her free but now it’s killing her too use the quilef heal her Joe like you did me back on Earth” Joe looked at me “it’s not that simple Eathen quilef can heal wounds but it can’t erase them and this wound is far deeper than the quilef can heal it might be able to stop the bleeding at lease then she needs a proper healer there’s nothing else I can do” he said as he poured some of the quilef in her mouth “oh pull the arrow out the quilef will heal that no problem” I griped the arrow head with both hands and began pulling it barely moved “Joe it’s in too deep” I said as I kept pulling “here let me help” we both griped the arrow head and pulled “Ahh!” Terra screamed as we pulled I covered Terra’s mouth “almost got it” we pulled harder until the entire arrow head was pulled lose Terra was still screaming in pain I kept my hand over her mouth because I didn’t want to hear “shh it’s ok Terra were going to get you to a healer you’re going to be fine” I said as I kissed her forehead.

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