when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



We walked back to our camp site “come on lets pack up and get the hell of this rock” said Terra I walked over to Terra and asked “so how did you find out that Frostbite could come alive?” she looked at me like she didn’t want to answer but did “well when I was five I was attacked by one of Endor’s monsters” “what how?” I asked “I was playing in the garden with Frostbite when I heard a growling sound coming from the back wall and well I should of ran but my curiosity got the better of me and I went to check it out I had Frostbite of course I never went anywhere without him I slowly walked up to the wall and the growling noise got louder and louder there was something on the other side I started running to find some guards when suddenly the wall smashed and this creature jumped through it I screamed and ran “ha-ha you screamed” said Joe “hmm I was five and I’ve never seen a creature before any way I screamed and ran form this creature but it was fast and strong as I was running but It bit my leg and started dragging me when it bit my leg I fell and dropped Frostbite my mother said he would protect me if I said his name so as I was being dragged I shouted his name and before my eyes he turned into a giant frost tiger and attacked the creature and when he did the creature let go of my leg I tried to run but with my leg hurt I couldn’t so I limped myself away from this creature and I hid and watched them fight as I held my leg I watched as Frostbite fought and eventually chased away that creature he walked up to me I knew he wouldn’t hurt me so I didn’t hide I tried to move but every time I did I felt the pain from my leg it was burning Frostbite came closer and he looked directly at my leg then he put his paw over it and then he stabbed one of his claws into my leg at first it hurt like a small stabbing pain but then it felt warm I watched as my leg turned blue around the bite mark and then it healed he took of his paw and my leg was fine all that remained form the bite mark was a scar after that I fainted I remember waking up in my room I looked for Frostbite but he was gone I ran to find Mog and when I did I also found Frostbite chained up the guards and Mog thought he attacked me I told  them to release him at once and they did he didn’t attack them he just sat there waiting for me I went up to him and then he spoke but I was only one who understood him I asked him why he protected me and he said it was his duty to keep me safe and protect me just like he protected my mother I asked him how do I turn you back into a teddy and he said my name awakened me say it again and I’ll shall sleep so I said his name and he went back to being my teddy but I never go anywhere without him I never know when I might need protecting like before for example” “ah Terra is that thing ah safe” asked Luna and Joe “he’s not a thing he’s my protector and my best friend” said Terra with anger in her tone “and he will only hurt you if you hurt me ok don’t hurt Terra even if it’s an accident you don’t want to fight that thing do you we” all shook our heads except Terra she walked off to where Frostbite was resting I watched as she said his name and he turned into a fluffy white teddy about half the size of Terra’s bag then I watched her put him in her bag “come on” said Joe Luna and Zarina “where getting of this rock and onto some stable and not dangers land” said Joe “ha-ha” Luna laughed “what’s so funny? Asked Joe “you won’t find any not dangers land here except my kingdom “oh” said Joe “well at least will find stable land right?” asked Joe “ah yes stable we have” said Luna with a smile she is always smiling it’s weird I thought to myself “well come on let’s get of this rock” said Terra as she jumped of the edge “Terra!” We all shouted as we ran to the edge we all looked over the edge but we couldn’t see her anywhere “Terra!” I screamed praying for a response but I didn’t get one “Terra!” Luna shouted practically crying “where is she?” Asked Luna “I don’t know” I said “I know” said Zarina pointing to something rising toward us I looked over the edge again and saw something running up it was Terra riding on Frostbite “hey are you guys coming or what!” shouted Terra? As she moved higher and closer to us till she was just half a meter away from us “what the hell!” shouted Joe as he looked at what Terra was riding on “how are you doing that?” He asked Terra “ah doing what” said Terra “the tiger riding thing!” shouted Joe and Luna “oh this” said Terra as Frostbite move up down side to side and around “yes!” shouted Joe and Luna “well Frostbite has extremely long and strong claws strong enough to climb mountains it beets walking” cool” I said as I grabbed her off frostbite “are you crazy you jumped of the mountain you nearly gave me a heart attack I thought I lost you I though you died I thought you ah don’t ever scare me like that ever again!” woe said Joe “Eathen I’m not a baby I can do whatever I want so let go of me!” shouted Terra as she broke free from my hold “I’m not calling you a baby I’m just saying that you really scared me and I don’t want you to do it again” Terra shouted “well to bad I don’t listen to anyone and no one tells me what to do I can’t be controlled!” shouted Terra as she jumped back onto frostbite “see you at the bottom!” she shouted as frostbite started running down to the ground “ah why are we going down shouldn’t we keep going up?” Asked Joe “no!” shouted Luna “were getting off this thing before where attacked again! I’ve been already been pushed off a cliff and turned into an ice cube and I won’t let it happen again so were going down And that’s final now move it” shouted Luna woe I’m so used to seeing Luna so happy and always smiling but she was actually not smiling for once although her childish and innocent actions and personality annoyed the hell out of me she scared me when she was angry I would rather have an innocent and childish Luna then a scary angry Luna any day “come on” said Joe with a slight scared tone ha-ha Joe are scared I asked while laughing of course I was scared of her but I didn’t show it “I’m not scared” Joe said still with a scared tone picking on a grown man who charges into battle with thinking but was  scared of an angry little girl is how I amused myself “come on” Joe said again “ok hold your horses I’m coming” it was about an hour before we reached the bottom of the mountain Terra was lying next to frostbite waiting for us Joe was the first down followed by me Luna and Zarina we all would of landed on sharp rocks but we didn’t thanks to Terra for setting up a fire so we could see what we were landing on “so what do we do now ?” asked Joe “well it’s obverse isn’t it” replied Luna “ah no replied Joe and me “we rest you Idiots” shouted Terra with her spoiled snobbish princess attitude “hey” I shouted “don’t call us idiots were just as smart as you “huh I doubt that” “what’s that supposed to mean Terra” I shouted Terra glared at me “that means Eathen that your brain has just enough space for a pea to live in” I was mad now I felt the erg to hit something when I felt something on my shoulder it was Joes hand “that’s enough you two” he said with stern controlling tone “what happened to the Terra and Eathen up on the mountain that I interrupted during there make out session they didn’t say a single bad thing about each other but now your acting like you hate each other but we both know that’s not how you two feel about each other so what because d you two to turn on each other?” Joe asked Terra crossed her arms and looked away “Terra why are angry at Eathen?” Joe asked Terra didn’t respond “Terra? Don’t make me ask again” Joe threatened “he tried to control me” Terra mumbled “what was that Terra I didn’t hear you?” replied Joe “he tried to control me” Terra repeated Joe looked at me “oh he tried to control you and you don’t like being controlled how did he try and control you?” Joe asked while fixing his glasses “he told me not to do something” “oh I see and that’s why you’re mad at him?” “Yes” replied Terra “ok Terra thank you now Eathen why are you mad at Eathen Terra?” oh great my turn why I’ll tell him why because  she nearly gave me a freaking heart attack and yelled at me for caring about her that’s why “Eathen?” Joe shouted with that annoyed tone “because  she nearly gave me a heart attack and yelled at me for caring about her that’s why” I see Terra what do you have to say about his comment “I don’t need anyone to care about me I never have before and I won’t start now” and that’s all I’m saying about this stupid argument I’m going for a walk and no one better follow me or they will come back with broken bones got it ” shouted Terra as she walked off into the forest “you really shouldn’t go off on your own!” shouted Joe “just watch me!” Terra shouted back I watched her walk off until I couldn’t see her anymore “well that was interesting” said Zarina and Luna as they sat down on some rocks Joe started to unravel the sleeping mats “well I would pull that blanket up the whole way because  were in snow season so it will probably be snowing when you wake up” said Luna “thanks for the tip Luna I said as I pulled up the blanket to my neck I kept looking into forest where Terra had gone I hope she is ok well she has frostbite with her so she should be fine I kept staring at the forest until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and the I fell asleep

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