when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



I watched as Luna and Vixen ran to each other like one of those old fashion movies were the man had been away for a long time and they couldn’t wait to be in each other’s arms again “ha-ha Vix I missed you so much it’s been like forever since we last saw each other oh I have that gift you requested last time I saw you I have just been too busy to have it delivered I’m sorry” Luna looked away Vixen grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him “don’t ever do that again Luna don’t ever apologize to me” Luna looked shocked but happy “here I had it made just the way you requested” Luna pulled out a metal cuff of some sort and locked it onto Vixen’s wrist “now just hit the moon and it will unlock when you want and to activate it just say release or Rel ok” Vixen didn’t look like he paying any attention to what she was saying but more as to what she was doing his eyes had not stopped looking at her ‘I wonder if Luna dose know he likes her hmm maybe I should ask nah’ “well I’m sure you all must be tired you should rest and continue our trip in the morning” “NO” ‘huh who said that “we are not resting we don’t need it none of us are hurt or tired so we keep moving no exceptions” oh no Terra’s back in mission mode “come on Terra we should rest have something to eat relax a little before we continue I mean like what if a monster attacks we would all be too weak to fight but if we rest before we will be able to beat it so what do you say?” I hope she agrees “you want to rest fine then rest I will meet you at the last portal” Vixen looked worried “but Terra that is on the other side of my kingdom no one ever goes there it is dangers you might get sucked into the void please don’t go by yourself just relax a little please I beg of you Terrathia” ‘Terrathia what did he just call her I watched Terra as she practically pounced onto Vixen with anger written all over her face she grabbed out her knife and held it just a few inches from his neck “Terra stop!” Luna screamed Terra looked directly into vixen’s eyes and shouted practically growling “don’t ever call me that again!” I could see Terra’s eyes they were pitch black just like at Lunia’s “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have called you that I’m sorry Terra please don’t do something you will regret she wouldn’t want this from you” Terra’s eyes went back to normal as she got up and tucked her knife safely back onto her belt she looked at me and saw I was freaked by what just happened “Terra?” I watched as Luna helped Vixen up Terra just looked at us all then Vixen walked towards her “Terra its ok don’t” Terra just walked back and shook her head then ran “Terra!?” I wasn’t going to run after her I already knew she was too fast I watched as she just kept running till she reached a gate “Vixen what is that?” he looked at me then at the gate “the gate out of my Kingdom and into the outlands it’s forbidden to pass them” I looked back at Terra but she was gone and the gate was open “not for her apparently Vixen what did you call her to make her snap like that?” Vixen looked away just like Luna when she was apologizing “I called her Terrathia it’s her birth name you see Eathen as tradition on Terranises the king choices the name of the child he chose the name Terrathia but his queen never liked the end bit so she never called Terra by her birth name but as Terra and after her mother’s death Terra forbid anyone to call her by her birth name and as you can see she gets upset when you do” ‘this is crazy how does he know so much about her “Vixen how do know you all this?” he seemed shocked by the question “simple she told me I’m surprised she hasn’t told you” yeah so am I “guy’s we should rest then catch up to Terra she will be at the final portal I’m sure of it” Joe said calmly as he walked off hmm rest while she’s out there all alone but wait she has frost bite “sounds like a great idea Luna we will rest and then catch up” Luna smiled as she walked off with Vixen I looked back at the gate were she stopped then vanished I know one day you trust me enough to not run Terra “oh man my feet are killing me!” Joe shouted as he lied down on his bed that the Mixonian’s had made for him “so Eathen how was your day?” hmm were to start “great Vixen had spent the whole day showing me his kingdom and the guys who tried to eat me came up and apologized there actually pretty cool when there not trying to cook me alive the Mixonian girls would not stop following me though guess there not use to seeing men that aren’t their own kind before huh oh well I’ve seen the entire village and now I’m pooped all I want to do is sleep then catch up to Terra I hope she’s ok out there alone” “ha-ha are you kidding Eathen Terra used to run off for days by herself and she would come home with a scratch or too but she was never really hurt she will be fine now get to sleep” ha-ha yeah he’s right “goodnight Joe” Joe didn’t reply he was already asleep man he is a fast sleeper all well I closed my eyes hopping I didn’t have that same dream till finally I fell asleep “Eathen wake up or you will miss breakfast!” augh I hate it when he screams in my ear like that “ok Joe I’m up” I got out of bed and began walking towards the others when suddenly a new set of clothes and a towel were thrown at me by a girl she looked human but with bright green skin she also had light brown eyes and long brown hair that was tied in a ponytail and braided at the end but attached to her arms were a beautiful looking pair of bird wings she also had feathery patterns all across her skin that shimmered in the sun light like little pieces of class she wore a dark blue dress that reached to the end of her feet she looked quite beautiful I saw something down near her feet it was a lions tail it wrapped around her leg like it had mind of its own she looked about fourteen maybe fifteen or even possible younger “hello sir my name is Tori Nako and I am your personal servant if there is anything you require I shall get it for you but first time to get you out of those clothes and into your bath” did I just hear her right “woe hold on their Tori I can take my own clothes off thanks and I don’t need help to have a bath so ah you can have the rest of the day off ok and I will go have my bath alone ok” Tori looked at me funny then smiled “very well sir if that is what you require if you need me just say my name and I will be there well your bath is over there behind that building I hope the temperature is to your satisfaction good day” I watched as Tori flew off woe what a girl how could she be a servant she looks so pretty and clean I guess she must be a royal servant so they must get a lot for their service’s “you coming or what Eathen!?” , Huh who said that I turned around and saw Zarina standing behind me with a towel and change of clothes “Zarina you’re going for a bath too?” she began laughing then replied “yeah I take it your personal servant told you where to go?” actually she didn’t “ah no she didn’t” Zarina smiled then started to walk off “then follow me and don’t worry there are separate baths for the girls and boys but I still wouldn’t mention you had a bath with me she might flip and try to slit my throat I warn you now Eathen Terra is not what she appears ask anyone from her kingdom they are all terrified of her” ‘what was she going on about “look I know she’s your girlfriend and everything I just want you to be careful” ,whatever I know her I know Terra I love Terra Magians only fall in love once and Terra is my love “Ah that bath was nice but time to catch up with the others” I couldn’t stop thinking about what Zarina said all her kingdom is terrified of her “Eathen there you are you missed breakfast!” Joe shouted as he walked up to me “yeah sorry Joe I was having a bath and man did I need it” I saw Vixen walk up behind Joe as he did every Mixonian around him bowed “ah all clean for our trip now are we good well lets go and meet up with Terra” just saying her name made me think about her was she alright was she hurt “yes we must go to Terra now that we have Vixen Terra will take us to the sword!” Joe shouted happily “then you young prince will smite the evil Endor and bring peace to the words forever!” Vixen shouted happily to his people as we walked towards the great gate “fare well my people when I return to you I will be returning a king!” ‘Wow this guy is full of himself “and perhaps I will have my queen” he whispered quietly as he looked at Luna who was too busy talking to Zarina to notice him I walked up to Vixen “dude just tell her how you feel” I whispered Vixen started to blush “I can’t young prince I hear she loves someone else a man by the name of Zain what a stupid name Zain” I smiled “ha-ha ok but if you don’t tell her she will never know and you two will never be together but hey it’s your choice and it’s Eathen not young prince please just call me Eathen ok Vixen” he looked at me almost like a friend “very well Eathen I will take your advice to heart but for now I would suggest you focus on your own heart Terra may need you after all she has been out here all night who knows what might have happened” ‘oh great I’m thinking about it again. We had pasted the gate a few hours ago and without Terra we had stopped many times it was really time consuming no wonder Terra didn’t want to rest we must of lost a few hours of our trip on rests “we are almost at the Magian portal!” Vixen shouted “wait did he say Magian portal “Eathen we are almost home!” Joe shouted I ran up in front of him “we are going to Magias!?” I shouted “yes we are all though now it is called Endorses stupid name” ‘he has renamed my world I’m going to kill him “Ahh get it off Ahh!” Luna was screaming “Luna!” Vixen shouted as he ran to her we all ran then we saw Luna screaming as she pulled at a hand at her foot “Ahh get it off!” Vixen ran past me and sliced at the hand with his massive knife then he grabbed Luna and pulled her away from the hand “it came out the bushes and grabbed me oh Vixen thank you” Joe walked over to bushes and kicked something behind it he looked over the bushes then shouted “guys come look I found Terra!” Terra I ran towards him then stopped as I looked at the body’s all around us we all looked at the corpses on the ground some of their necks were slashed others were missing body parts “her favorite point off attack the throat this was Terra alright!” Joe shouted as he examined one of the body’s necks he then smelled the air “she’s close this way just follow the body’s!” he shouted as we kept moving “what were those things they looked like they had the body of a bear the arms of man the head of pig fish and the legs off a turtle?” I asked “they were Turlearigs but everybody calls them Torks for short Endor probably sent them and like all the others they were no match for Terra” we continued to follow the bodies of the Torks till we finally came to a massive pile of them and on top of that pile was Terra she was covered in blood her dress was torn her hair was a mess but she still looked beautiful she was singing something but I couldn’t really hear her while sharpening her knife she didn’t seem to notice us we all walked up to her slowly knowing Terra she’d attack first ask questions later we got close I could finally make out what she was singing "every drop of rain is tear’s from your heart and that's why you’re scared because it’s crying but don’t you fret my darling little pet mommy’s here I’ll hold you close every night and give your no reason to fright In fear because as long you know now and forever mommy is always here” she just kept singing those words over and over again as she sharpened her knife it must have been something her mother sang to her “Look the Magian portal!” Joe shouted and just as he ran towards the portal a knife landed right in front of him just missing his feet by a few inches the singing had stopped and Terra was gone “ah Terra it’s us please don’t jump out of no were and attack!” we waited for a reply or an attack which ever she felt like giving us “ok” Terra said as she stepped out of the bushes and walked up to Joe to collect her knife “sorry Joe after the Torks I’ve had my guard up you understand at least with you I missed” Joe looked ,like he was going to faint “you tried to hit me without even knowing who you were hitting yep that sounds like your style!” he shouted with an angered tone she wiped the dirt off her knife then replied “attack first ask questions later it always works and relax I missed didn’t I any way your portal is over there so go and activate it already I did it last time!” she seemed annoyed at something probably because we all heard her singing “fine you highness I shall go and activate the portal!” Joe shouted sarcastically “oh grow up Joe it was just one tiny little knife next time I’ll throw a bolder at you shall I hmm or how about an entire mountain quit whining you stupid baby!” as Terra was shouting at Joe rocks and logs were lifting off the ground and they all seemed to be moving towards Joe “Terra remember what happened at the swamp your temper loose it now before you hit Joe in the head with a hundred rocks and logs!” I shouted so she could hear me over Joe “the guy could use a good hit on the head if you ask me!” she was really pissed off at him but why the rocks and logs fell back to the ground and Terra walked back over to her pile of Tork bodies were her bag was she opened her bag and pulled out a purple dress that was clean and not a single rip she walked behind one of the massive rock she threatened to throw at Joe I saw the old dress get thrown over the stone “Eathen could you bring me my hair brush please?” “ah sure I’ll grab it ok” I ran over to Terra’s bag and grabbed out her hair brush then walked over to the boulder “ah here you go” I said as I held out the brush with my eyes close “ha-ha Eathen you can open your eyes I’m already dressed” I opened my eyes and like she said she was already wearing her new purple dress and her hair was fully down I had never seen her with her hair down she had a slight curl of hair in front of face she grabbed the hair brush out of hand and began doing her hair “thanks” I kept watching as she twisted and twirled her hair into a long plat “ah do you want me to leave?” I asked she giggled “only if you want too Eathen but could you help me with my boots first they so tricky to get on” she sounded almost seductive when she asked that “boots yeah I can help with boots sure” I grabbed one of the boots and slid it on to one of Terra’s smooth bare legs “there that was easy now the next one” she looked at me smiling “you must be very strong there always so hard to get on for me” ok she sounds so seductive and I like it “oh it’s nothing but I did used to work out back on Earth there two pairs of boot on too very fine legs she giggled some more “come here I want to tell you a secrete” a secrete ok I came close to her and waited she whispered into my ear “I have only know you for a few days but I am completely and entirely in love with you” oh my god she said she said she loved me she said it suddenly I felt her lips on mine please don’t pull away she didn’t she pulled me closer I could feel her hands going through my hair I cupped my hand over her cheeks they were hot her cheeks and skin was getting hotter but we didn’t break apart I could feel her crystal pushing against my chest as if begging to become part of me I could hear someone walking up to us but we didn’t care “oh how romantic” Terra stopped so did I we both recognized that voice Terra grabbed out her knife and turned around to face him I pulled out my sword Luna had made me and did the same the man from my nightmares he wore a dark black cloak that hid half his face but I could still see that skeletal face the haunted my every thought and fuelled Terra’s burning rage “Endor!!” Terra shouted with so much anger it echoed through the mountains and as her voice hit them they began to shake violently “oh your still mad at me Terrathia really your marring my son I thought you would have put your mother’s death In the past” his every word ended with a hiss “NEVER!!!” Terra lunged at Endor with her knife but just fell through him “ha-ha stupid child always attacking first asking questions later that really is going to get you killed” he picked her up by her throat I went to a attacked but stopped when he grabbed his axe “don’t be stupid boy I can hurt you but you can’t hurt me ha-ha now if Terrathia had bothered to look before lunging she would have noticed I’m made of smoke ha-ha but she didn’t now put down your weapon or I’ll break her neck crystal or no crystal I will kill her my son will have to find another bride” I did as asked the others came running towards me “Terra!?” Luna shouted “do you now see that if you defy my lore you will be punished you tried your little rebelling three years ago and we all know how that ended it nearly lost Terrathia her life and you your kingdoms and worlds be gratefully my army’s don’t destroy them as we speak” Terra was struggling to free herself “how long will you continue to fight me Terrathia till you finally understand you’re not going to win” she looked at us then back at Endor “as long as I live Endor I will never stop fighting you!!” she struggled some more “oh what am I going to do with you” Terra smiled “oh I don’t know Endor but you forgot one little thing” he seemed amused by her attitude “oh and what’s that Terrathia?” she smiled again “I hate being called that!!” a tree dropped on Endor making him turn to smoke freeing Terra “Terra are you alright?” I asked as I picked her up “fine man he has a tight grip” she said as she was rubbing her neck “now that’s just playing dirty Terrathia” his voice echoed through the mountains but we couldn’t see him till he appeared in front of us again only this time he looked solid but we didn’t attack it could be a trick “now I will admit that hurt oh where are my manners I haven’t introduced myself nephew” what “what did you just say?” he grinned “oh so you haven’t told the boy Josef fine I will dear boy am queen Lilith’s big brother making me your uncle” no it can’t be true “your lying you can’t be my uncle you just can’t Joe please tell me he’s lying” Joe looked away like he was ashamed “oh it’s true now my nephew I will give you a choice join me and we will rule together or stay with your friends and die it’s your choice!” I grabbed Terra’s hand “I would rather die a thousand deaths them spend one second at your side!!” Endor glared at me almost snarling “err fine be that way I offered you a chance of a life time and you just spat it back my face now you can die with your friends Latol Derath!” he shouted some strange words then there was nothing but a bright light “Eathen!” Terra screamed for me but she was gone “NO TERRA!” my eyes snapped open “Gasp Terra where are you!” I looked around in a panicked state “hey take it easy there kid you hit head pretty hard you’re in the hospital my name is doctor Riches can you tell me your name?” where was I who was this guy “ah Eathen my name is Eathen” he wrote something down “ok Eathen is there a last name to that?” I looked around the room it was white with pictures of cats with a bunch of other animals and a small window “Prince Eathen Prince is my name sir how did I get here?” he smiled at me again “you were brought in by a medical team with severe damage to the cranium and shoulder you have been in a coma son” what how did I hurt my head ah what’s going on “how long doctor?” he looked away as he wrote more onto his note pad “Eathen now don’t panic but you have been in a coma for Three years” “what no Ahh my head” he ran up to me “woe there Eathen just relax you have only just woken up ok you wait here and I will get the nurse ” ‘that bath was great and I managed to dress myself without any help “here you go sir dinner you must be hungry” I grabbed the bowl and began eating before I knew it I was done I walked over to the window then doctor Riches came back in “ah feeling better?” “Much sir” “good now Eathen I have another question when you woke up you said Terra where are you, now who’s Terra Eathen?” hmm Terra? Why is that familiar sounding “I don’t know sir I can’t remember?” Will Eathen ever Regan his memories and his thrown will his lover Terra find him before it’s too late why dose Eathen keep seeing a girl in purple where ever he go’s is Terra on Earth Is she reaching out to him and if so why and what has happened to Prince Vixen Princess Luna Zarina Frostbite and Mog find out in the second book of the lost prince series “The lost Prince: The journey of the forgotten. “Your kingdom needs you I need you please Eathen remember who you are remember me” when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy his evil uncle while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and girlfriend the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late
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