when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince


6. Chapter Six I see the darkness

as I started to walk back to the tent I was half way there then I turned around just to check on her before I went in and when I looked at her Terra wasn’t moving not a muscle it didn’t even look like she was breathing I was about to call out to her when something stopped me “ter..!” someone covered my mouth it was Mog “please sir it’s not a good idea to interrupt my princess when she is meditating” he said as he moved his hands from my face “I just want to know if she’s ok I mean look at her it’s like she’s not breathing” “oh that’s because  she isn’t” Mog said calmly  “what She’s not breathing!?” I asked  “yes sir she isn’t breathing she doesn’t need to when she’s meditating”  “I don’t understand”  “ah ok sir let me tell you why she isn’t breathing well as you know my princess is a very special Terranian” “yeh I know her people don’t have powers but she dos” “yes sir ah how do you know that?” he asked me  “oh she told me” I replied  “oh ok anyway do you see my princess’s crystal” he said as he pointed at Terra’s neck “yeh that’s her life force” I replied  “very good sir now her life is in that crystal and do you see how it’s glowing more brightly” I looked at her neck “ah yeh it’s glowing why is it doing that?” I asked “because it’s working harder to keep her alive you see when she meditates it drains her life force” “what you mean it’s killing her!?” I asked “in away sir yes it’s very slowly killing her” “but if it’s killing her then why does she do it?” “She must do it to keep her powers from hurting others” I looked back over at her I saw her skin going paler “her skin” “ah yes one of the signs that it’s getting worse” “what what’s getting worse?” I asked “she is and her life force do you see her crystal getting paler too?” he asked “yeh” I replied “well when that crystal has no color she will have no life” he said calmly “what! You mean she will be dead!” I shouted “yes sir I’ve told her to stop but she refuses to put others in danger even at the cost of her own life” I wanted to go over to her and wake her up but if what Mog says is true it can be very dangers for me and her and I didn’t have too I saw that she was waking up “quick hide” Mog said as he ran under a log I whispered “why?” “because if she knows I told you she will kill me now please hide” I hid behind a tree just as she woke up I watch her wake up I could see and hear everything that she said I stayed quiet and watched “ah my head” Terra said as she grabbed it I could tell she was in a lot of pain I started walking toward her but Mog stopped me “what are you doing?” he asked me as he blocked my way “move!” I shouted “no you can’t go near her not yet” “what are you talking about?” I asked  “just watch and stay quiet” he said as he went back to hiding  “fine” I said as I went back to the tree and kept watching Terra was clawing her fingers into her head because  she was grabbing her head so tight I could see a small amount of blood dripping down from her fingers I wanted to help her but I obeyed Moggs warning and stayed away and it was a good thing I did Terra started burning the grass with her touch and then she closed her eyes “is it over?” I whispered out to Mog “almost just wait” Terra raised her hand to the ground and then opened her eyes they were pitch black with bright purple pupils they looked just like Luna’s but darker and with pupils then she let out a huge blast of dark energy all around her it looked like snakes made of smoke and it killed everything that it touched even the river were the energy hit dried up then Terra’s eyes went back to normal and she fainted “Terra!” I said as I ran over to her “is she ok?” I asked Mog “oh yes she is fine but I have never seen her go so scary before I mean usually she meditates then lets out some energy but it has never been that dark before and her eyes have never gone black before” I looked at her in my arms so peaceful “so then why was she so dark before?” I asked  “honestly I don’t know come on we have to go before she wakes up” “ok” I said as I put her down me and Mog ran over to where we were hiding finally Terra woke up she looked around her and everything was destroyed she walked over to the river and washed the blood of her head then styled her hair so it covered the nail marks they looked like little moons five in a row she splashed some water on her face then she walked back to the tent “come on we must go back to the tent and sir my advice don’t mention this to anyone” said Mog “ok I’ll stay quiet” I said  “and if anyone asks we were in the storage cave looking for weapons ok let’s go” Terra walked into the tent before us “woe Terra are you alright?” asked Luna  “yeh I’m fine Luna why?” Terra asked “because  your paler then before that’s all” “Luna ah I’m always pale maybe you should get your eyes checked”  “It’s not just Luna I think your paler too” said Zarina Terra looked at her and said “and do I care what you think answer no so shut it

 “Ah sorry your highness” Zarina said apologetically me and Mog finally walked in “oh hey guys were have you been?” Asked Luna we both looked at each other “in the storage cave looking for weapons” we said “cool find any?” asked Terra “ah some but there all really heavy” “ok well I’m sure you’ll find something you like” Luna said happily “if you ask me smaller and lighter are better” “yeh Terra because you only use your knife and nothing else well except for the sword but that was a onetime thing” Luna said happily “ah Terra?” I asked she turned and looked at me “did you get all the blood off?” I asked “yeh it’s all gone Eathen why you ask?” “Oh ah just asking you know me I’m an asker he-he” she looked at me like she knew I was hiding something “o-k” Terra said then pulled out her knife and began sharpening it. It made a shrieking (shring…shring) sound “oh ah Zarina” “yes prince Eathen” “ha-ha please Zarina call me Eathen” “well ok if you want me too Eathen” “good now about you joining us on our quest”  “yes Eathen?” she asked “well I would like you to join us that is if you still want too?” I asked her  “oh yes- yes -yes please Eathen” said Zarina as she hugged me tight “ok good welcome to the team” “oh great” Terra mumbled sarcastically then went back to sharpening her knife “well ah we will go to the storage cave and go get what you need then meet back here Terra you coming?” Joe asked “no I got all I need right here” Terra lifted her sharpened to a point knife if I put my finger on that thing even with no pressure it would still cut me and I would probably need stitches “woe that’s a really sharp knife Terra” I said “the way I like it” she said as she put her knife back on her belt “well good night I’m going to bed” Terra said as she walked out of the tent “night good night” we all said as Terra walked out of the tent “so how long until we leave Luna?” I asked  “Well it was six hours now I’m guessing four so if I were you I would get some sleep” “yeh your right hey Joe you coming?” I asked “ah yeh Eathen good night everyone” “night Joe night Eathen” Luna said with a giggle “night guy’s” said Zarina “ok princess where do you want me to patrol?” Zarina asked Luna “ah I think you should take the back entrance that way there will be no surprises ah princess isn’t it Terra’s fault we were attacked and you were wounded?” Zarina asked  “well yes but Terra also risked her life to get the potion I needed to recover and she was put in a coma like state cause   of it and she did not mean for this to happen somehow Endor found out that Terra was coming here and that’s why he attacked us” “so princess wouldn’t it be wise not to help her Endor has left us alone for years and now on the very same night she comes here we are attacked please princess I beg you turn her away for the people for me we can’t fight Endor just let him be our god and stop fighting him and turn her away or even give her to Endor he will reward you for bringing his traitor to him!” shouted Zarina  “I will not!” Luna shouted with anger in her tone “Terra is one of my best friends and she would never do anything to harm me or my people she nearly died trying to fight Endor for us three years ago and she is still fighting even after close death she fights and I will not betray her now go and patrol and don’t come back until I say so understand?” Luna ordered  Zarina knelt in front of Luna “yes princess” she quickly said then ran out of the tent like her life depended on it finally Luna left and I was able to get to sleep although I wish I hadn’t I was a great king again wait no I was watching a great king fighting a cloaked man and a woman screaming “stop please” she begged as she held something in her arms the king charged again with his sword  but the cloaked man dodged it easily “pitiful” he hissed “without your powers your nothing” he said then threw the king down the cloaked man walked over to the fallen king and grabbed the king’s sword I wanted to help him but I couldn’t move I was frozen but how was the cloaked man doing this the king shouted to the woman “run go get him out of here!” the cloaked man grabbed the women “uh-uh you’re not going any were” he said as he threw the woman down next to the king “I’m going to enjoy this” he said  he lifted his hand they started glowing green he was about to hit them with his power when suddenly he was attacked by some type of tiger like animal the cloaked man hissed in anger and started to fight the animal the cloaked man raised his hands still glowing with power and attacked the animal I heard the animal whelp in pain and then the cloaked man walked back to the king and woman he bent down to the woman and took something form her “I’ll take that!” he shouted “no!” she screamed and then it was too late I watched as the cloaked man imprisoned the king and women I knew who they were now and what the cloaked man had taken form that women and who those people were they were my parents and that thing that the cloaked man took was that me and that animal must have been Joe I tried to yell out to them but nothing came out from my mouth I tried to move but I was still frozen suddenly the cloaked man looked at me “well ,well what do we have here?” he said as he looked at me “what you can see me?” I asked the cloaked men walked over to me “not just see you” he said as reached out his hand and grabbed me “woe how is this possible this is a dream?” “ha-ha-ha the cloaked man chuckled “that’s where your wrong” he said as he threw me down onto the ground I waked my arm on a rock “oww” I said as I saw the blood dripping down my arm “you pathetic boy do you really think you can beat me?” he asked me  I tried to run but there was no were to run “give up boy your trapped!” he shouted  ok Eathen how do you get out of this place think use our brain ok this is a dream or a dream world but it’s a dream then I should be able to wake up “why don’t you stop ruining boy and fight like a man” the cloaked man hissed “ah no thanks I don’t feel like fighting right now maybe we can make a rain check!” I shouted  ha- that should piss him off now let’s get out here I closed my eyes and wished to wake up but it didn’t work ah come on wake up you stupid body I said as I hit myself oww wait that’s it if I go to sleep here I will wake up in my body but I’m not tired and there’s a guy trying to kill me how the hell am I going to get asleep I know I walked over to a big rock now this is going to hurt but not as much if that guy gets me and with my final word I slammed my head onto the rock and was out like a light. I woke up in my bed “ha-ha yes it worked!” I shouted  “oh you’re up” said Joe “well about time everyone is ready to leave” he said  “oh ok I’ll get ready” I said as I got out of bed and put my shirt back on  Joe went down to the girl’s “he’ll be down in a couple of minutes he should have been up about an hour ago” Zarina and Luna wined “yeh well I tried to wake but he didn’t budge oh well he’s up now so everyone got what they need?” Joe asked “yep” said Luna with a smile “yep” said Joe and Zarina “ok what about you Terra got what you need” but Terra didn’t reply “ah Terra I asked you a question!” shouted Joe but she still didn’t reply Joe walked over to Terra but was stopped by Mog “ah Mog move!” he shouted “no sir I will not” Mog replied “move it you little frog freak!” Joe shouted again “no sir you shouldn’t interrupted her” “it’s all right Mog let him through” Terra said as if she was in a trance “ah Terra are you ok?” Joe asked “fine” she said with her eyes still closed “ah ok well I just want to know do you have everything you need?” Joe asked again “yes I do now go get Eathen so we can leave already this constant night is going to muck up my body clock and I am dying to see the sun ok so let’s go” I just finished packing and went to meet up with everyone else Luna was the first to spot me “oh hi Eathen you are awake good now we can leave and head to Mixonia look Terra Eathen is awake” she said happily “good now can we go?” she said with her eyes still closed “I wander what she’s doing?” Zarina whispered in Luna’s ear “I am meditating Zarina to keep myself under control or would you prefer I blow something up with my anger that you’re coming with us” Terra said to Zarina in a sarcastic tone Zarina stepped back from Terra I would too if I heard I could be blown up by her anger but after what I saw when her eyes went black I was a little scared of her but I loved her and I had to keep her calm and happy hopefully “so Luna where are we off too?” I asked Luna looked at me with a smile “were headed to mystic mountains on the other side of the mountains is the Mixonia portal and from there we will be in Mixonia” “cool so let’s go ok just checking dose everyone have everything they need because  we will not be returning for anything if you left it behind?” I asked “ah yeh we all have what we need so let’s go” Luna Joe and Zarina “oh wait” said Terra as she ran back into her tent I saw her grab something white and furry and put it in her bag but I couldn’t make out what it was “ok I’m ready” she said as she walked back in to our tent “ok so just checking again dose everyone have what they need?” Joe asked we all said “yep” “ok than let’s go.”

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