when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



We left Lunia about an hour ago “so Luna how much further?” I asked “oh just another couple hundred miles” she replied happily “ah are you kidding don’t you guys have horse’s or something that we can ride? “I asked “no” she said with a smile “we Lunians believe that forcing some pure creature to carry us is wrong so we don’t ride creatures” “ok” I said as I twirled my finger near my head symbolizing that she was crazy (slap) “oww” someone slapped me in the back of the head I thought it would be Terra but when I turned around Terra was at the back of the croup and Zarina was behind me “hey” I said to Zarina “did you hit me?” I asked “yes” she said with a smile “sorry about that but you did insult my friend and princess” she said apologetically “yeh I’m sorry about that she’s just a little weird and I’m still trying to get use to her that’s all” “well ok” she said with a smile “your different to Luna” “oh in what way” she asked still with a smile “well Luna is fun loving ,very energetic, and very childish and well you’re not your smart, courage’s, an awesome fighter, and your very not childish” “yeh well all Lunians are different and Luna is a princess she has time to be childish me I’m a hunter head archer and lead palace patrolmen I don’t have time to be childish” “yeh well I’m kind of clad you’re not like Luna one of her is enough” Zarina started to laugh “ha-ha yeh your right but I have been her friend for seventeen years so I’m used to her weirdness” “I don’t think I’ll ever get use to her “do you think you can get use to me?” she asked she smiled at me I smiled back and answered “defiantly” (ring-ring) “what the” I said (ring-ring) everyone started panicking “what is that where is it coming from?” Zarina asked “it’s Endor he found us quick hide!” screamed Luna “it’s ok everyone it’s just my mobile” “your what?” they all asked “it’s technology from earth just ah give me a sec” I said as I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and looked at the screen “wow four bars in a another dimension that’s cool” I said as I put it to my ear and said “hello” “oh my god Eathen is that you?” asked a girl “ah who is this?” I asked “ah doo fuse it’s Millie you know your ex-girlfriend and best friend” everyone heard the ex-girlfriend bit including Terra “ah Millie I can’t talk right now” “Eathen where the hell are you!?” she shouted at me “ah I’m with friends” I replied “ah doo fuss I’m your only friend come on Eathen you disappear at the field trip and now you’re missing everyone is freaking out where are you?” she asked me again “ah I can’t tell you Millie just know that I’m safe and home” “ok what does that mean come on Eathen weave known each other since we were in nappy’s if you’re in trouble tell me” she said calmly “I’m not really I’m not I’m safe I’m finding my parents” “what you mean you know who they are?” she asked “yes and I trying to find them don’t worry I’ll be back soon I promise ok I’ll cya then” “yeh wait Eathen don’t I get a kiss goodbye” she asked sarcastically “ah Millie I thought you would stop doing that” I said annoyingly “ha you know me I love to make you wriggle like a worm on a hook so I’ll go once you tell me where you are” “ah Millie I can’t tell you” “ah give me that” said Terra as she took my phone out of my hand “hello!” she shouted “wow Eathen you sound like a girl” Millie said in a mocking tone “that’s because you’re talking to a girl” Terra replied with an angered tone “oh really well who are you?” Millie asked “hmm I’m nobody you need to concern about but I would just like to say you’re out of your calling distance” (smash!) Terra crushed my phone in the palm her hand like it was paper then she dumped the broken phone or what was left of it back in my hand “there you go” she said as she walked of “wow” said Luna and Zarina “she looked pissed yeh I don’t think she liked the fact that I have an ex-girlfriend” “ah man look at my phone there’s no way I can fix it ” I said annoyingly “ha-ha maybe you shouldn’t Terra would just break it again” said Zarina “yeh your right come on we need to catch up to her” I said as we all ran after Terra “dam she’s fast!” said Joe and Zarina “ha you haven’t seen her fast she’s like a blur I tried racing her and she finished before I even started” said Luna “hey I think I see her over there come on!” I shouted we started running towards Terra “ah finally what took you guys so long?” said Terra “well we couldn’t find you because you took off” I said calmly “I did not take of I kept going to the mountains like you should off and you fell behind it’s not my fault you’re as slow as a Turl!” she shouted “a what?” I asked “oh yeh you’re not from here you don’t know our creatures” Terra said mockingly “hey I am from here I just didn’t grow up here that’s all!” I shouted “whatever anyway now that you’re here can we start climbing?” Terra asked “yeh lets start”
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