when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



  Prologue “I stood atop a hill waiting for the right moment ready, aim fire!’’ “the war had begun the blood of Lunian’s Terranian’s Mixonia’s and Anazons spilled onto the battle ground and then I saw him his evil half burnt skeletal face was smiling at me, I wanted him dead so much he will die for all the fighting all the wars all death the loss and for what he did, to the one I love I will bring him down even if I go down with him for I am prince Eathen of Magiss and the war has begun!”   “I wasn't always like this angry fighting for my life fighting for what was rightfully mine I used to be normal a normal kid with a normal life until I found out what I was but were getting off track let me go to the beginning so you actually know what I’m talking about.” “It all started the day I met Joe the janitor Joe was a short bearded old man who spoke like he was from another planet he wore glasses and had the weirdest hair cut you have ever seen  it was all spiky but also curly his hair was caramel color with a hint of orange and he had a slight limp in his left leg he was the janitor he would always look at me funny like I just walked on his clean floor he was kind of creepy anyway your probably wondering who I am well my name is Eathen prince and I am fifteen years  old I have sandy blond hair and dark sapphire blue eyes I can’t tell you where I live it’s to dangers for me there always looking for me anyway like I said it all began the day I met Joe I never would of thought that on that day my life would change forever.” Today we went to the nation park for an excursion and that’s where the trouble started I like nation park it’s cool it has all these plants and animals for some reason I always loved animals I had a deep connection with them one day I swear a dog was talking to me but I was probably just going crazy anyway I was just walking through the park when something ran past me it was so fast it was like a blur and then I saw it. It was a man with a lions body the body was a dark brown fur with a deep black main the man has pale skin black spiky hair and red glowing eyes I thought I was going crazy but then the lion man spoke in this weird language but for some reason I understood it he said “at long last I have found you now I will take you to my father  and then your powers will be his along with your world” ‘I didn’t know what he was talking about then suddenly he charged he ran so fast then he hit me he threw me across the park and slammed me against a tree everything went blurry I ran my fingers through my hair I felt blood I saw the lion man walking towards me laughing he spoke again “this will be easier than taking candy from a baby get up and fight you  worthless Magian.” ‘I couldn’t move let alone fight him suddenly something came out of the bushes it was Joe but he had the body of a bear well sort off he has big bear arms the same color as his hair and half his body from the neck down to his waist was covered in fur Joe looked at me then he spoke to the lion man with anger” “leave the boy alone Linator!” “Or what Joe I bet you once I can do it again” the lion man replied with a cocky attitude “that was a long time ago Linator!”  Joe shouted back the lion man looked at me then he replied “Yes it was 15 years how’s the leg?” Said the lion man with a grin on his face Joe looked down at his leg then charged for the lion man. The Lion man charged for Joe they were both running so fast that they became blurs and then boom they were gone I tried to sit up but I couldn’t move then I felt a burning on my shoulder where claw marks were and dripping from them was a green liquid I thought it was tranquilizer the lion man’s claws were dipped in tranquilizer I felt dizzy like when you get off a spinney cup I was weak and covered in sweat I could hear my heart beating so fast then I heard someone coming I was hoping it wasn’t the lion man then I saw Joe running towards me he was covered in sweat and his clothes were all torn up he lifted me onto his back and took me to the janitors closet he lifted me up on the table and gave me a drink of quilef a silky white liquid that  tasted like cotton candy I felt warm like my entire body had been covered in warm water “feel better?” Joe asked “yes what is this stuff?” Joe smiled “that is called quilef it’s a healing tonic you got hurt pretty bad Eathen if I hadn’t found you. You would be dead” “what dead no it’s only a tranquilizer!” I shouted Joe laughed “tranquilizer Eathen its poison he was trying to kill you” “what why I didn’t do anything I swear!” Joe looked at me “it’s not what you did Eathen it’s what you will do” “I don’t understand” I said with a confused tone “ok Eathen I am going to tell something that might upset you” Joe said trying to stay calm “what is it Joe?” I asked “it’s the story of your life before you came here” “wait you know my life why haven’t you told me this  before” I asked “because  you weren’t ready now you need to know what I’m about to tell you” ok Joe begin” I said as I sipped more quilef “ok it all started a few months after you were born your mother and father were very busy so they chose two of their best friends to watch and train you when the time came one of them was me and the other was Endor.” I sat there thinking “Endor who is Endor Joe?” I asked” “Eathen quite!” shouted Joe “Sorry” I said “Endor was my friend and now my enemy he betrayed me and your parents” “my parents you know my parents who are they!” I asked excitedly “Eathen I know your excited to learn this stuff but must let me finish Joe said” “oh sorry I said” “their names were Diego and Lilith king and queen of” “what they were king and queen but that means that I’m a prince!” I shouted “yes Eathen and your name isn’t Eathen prince it’s prince Eathen of Magiss your home world” ‘I was confused you know when your teacher is explaining something very fast and you just don’t understand that’s what this felt like but times it by 10’ “so there’s a different world to this one?” I asked “yes a different dimension actually” Joe replied “so I was born here?” I said “no you were born in Magiss” “but then how did I get here?” I asked “if you let me finish I will tell you!” shouted Joe “oh sorry go on” I said “ok where were we?” Joe asked  “you were talking about Endor and my parents” I replied  “ah yes well Endor had a certain ability he could sense other powers and when he held you even as a baby you had incredible power that Endor wanted he wanted it so much he became evil to get it so he stole you and used you to get to your parents he trapped them and stole their powers including your fathers ability to absorb other powers only the royal family has this ability so after he stole their powers he locked them up inside crystal coffins and no one has heard of them since” “I felt my heart drop all this time I thought they had abounded me that they didn’t want me but they were missing me as much I was missing them I felt tears from my eyes I was crying but I didn’t care I missed them so much Joe looked at me” “hmm do you want me to continue Eathen?” Joe asked “ah yes continue” I said as I wiped my eyes “well Endor became king and his son” “let me guess Joe Linator?” “yep” replied Joe “became prince and he is now engaged to the beautiful princess of Terraniens” Joe said with a discus in his tone when he said engaged  “of what” I asked  “Terraniens there are more than just one land in our world they are entirely different species” replied Joe  “so they have horns and stuff?” I asked  “no Eathen the only thing that is different from them to us is that there ears are a little bit pointy and there life force you see we breathe air and drink and eat to live but they don’t have to do any of this but they still do anyway” replied Joe  “so how do they live” I asked  “there life force is in a special crystal that they are born with around their necks and if you break the crystal the wearer will die” said Joe with a serious tone when he said die “so crystal go bye by you go by? By” I asked “exactly Eathen” Joe replied “so why did Linator come after me?” I asked “Eathen by the time I found Endor your parents were already gone and Endor was draining you I turned into a Tironear it’s a sort of massive creature and got you away from Endor before he could finish draining you so you still have some off your powers but Endor has your stronger and more powerful ones” Joe replied with a sorrow in his voice when he spoke about my parents “why didn’t here drain me from the start?” I asked “because he needed you fathers power” replied Joe “so that’s why he killed them” I said with anger rising in my voice “he didn’t kill the ethane there just locked up some were no one knows were” Joe replied trying to calm my anger “your wrong Endor knows!” I shouted I was angry not at Joe he was trying to help me understand but I knew what I had to do “Joe?” I asked “yes Eathen?” Joe replied “how do I kill Endor?” I asked Joe “replied you can’t. He’s too powerful” what Joe said made me really mad so I shouted “Joe how do I kill Endor!” “There is one way but its dangers’” said Joe with fear on his face “how Joe?” I asked again “you need to unlock a great power” he said “a power in me?” I asked “no Eathen not in you Endor has all your powerful powers remember?” Joe asked “how could I forget so how do I unlock this great power and what is it?” I asked Joe “it is said that a powerful sword was created to bring power to its master who ever uses it will have unstoppable power” Joe replied “will it kill Endor” I asked very serious “oh yes but there is a risk Eathen” replied Joe “what risk?” I asked “the sword will give you power but it will take something in return what” Joe said “what does it take? “I asked “It takes your life-force” said Joe “how?” I asked excitedly “By draining you’re life” I was confused so I asked “what do you mean?” Joe replied “when you use the swords power it needs to take something back in return so it will slowly drain you” “so I use the sword but if I keep using the sword it will kill me is that the risk?” I asked “yes” replied Joe “ok Joe how do we find the sword” I asked “we go to the last person who used it” Joe said I thought Joe had gone mad how could we find the last person who used it they must be dead by now “so Joe who was the last person to use the sword?” I asked as I took another sip of quilef then Joe spoke “the princess of the Terraniens” I spat out my drink and choked “the princess was the last person who used the sword?” I asked while still choking “how old is she one thousand?” I asked while still choking Joe laughed “no Eathen she is sixteen” Joe replied “what how can she be sixteen if she used the sword?” I asked as Joe pat my back “maybe she will explain that” Joe said as he took the quilef away from me “wait is she the one engaged to Linator?” I asked “yes” replied Joe “do you think she will help us?” I asked a little bit worried “yes I know the princess she is only marrying Linator For her people she is kind and clever she will help us it’s not just your world Endor rules he rules them all” replied Joe “how Joe?” “He traps and drains the king and queens and locks them up and the prince and princesses can’t do anything but agree with him and that is why Terra is marrying Linator” he said still sounding discussed with her marring him  “Joe who’s Terra?” I asked “the princess earthen” he said “wait her name is Terra?” I asked   “yes princess Terra of Terranises Eathen”  “wow so how do we get there?” I asked “where Eathen?” Joe asked   “to Terranises to the princess” I replied “oh we go through the portal of coarse” he said with a smile “portal where?” I asked  “follow me” he said with a grin Joe  took me back to nation park my head started to hurt again I could feel as if I just hit my head again I fainted Joe court  me and shook me until I was awake “Ahh what happened?” I asked I felt groggy and like I was going to be sick “Eathen are you ok?” Joe asked “yeh what happened?” I asked “you fainted” Joe replied “why?” I asked “Linator’s negative energy it’s all around here” Joe said as he pointed around and then I saw a moldy green colored fog I never noticed it before this meant that I was tapping into my powers “is that his energy Joe?”  “Yes it’s weakened you come on” Joe helped me to my feet then he took out four coins “what are they for?” I asked “The spell Eathen come here” he said “I walked over to Joe he put three coins in my hand “what do you want me to do with theses?” I asked “Just hold them I need both hands” he replied I looked at the coins there were pictures on them one of them had a moon and three stars “hey Joe what do these symbol mean? “I asked as I held up the one with moon and three stars “it’s the symbol of Lunia the moon land and it’s people” Joe replied cool and the other coin had a man’s face on it but on one half of it was a tigers face “hey Joe what about this one?’ I held up the other coin “Mixonia home to the animal people hey Eathen put those coins in your pocket they might come in handy” he said “so were ready to go?” I asked “yep come on” he said I was excited to go home I mean my real home “ok Eathen whatever you do. do not let go of my hand” he said as I grabbed his hand “ok Joe I’m ready” I said Joe spoke this weird language just like Linator he said “I command you open the gateway!” and a portal appeared and sucked us in ok the portal was horrible it was like being trapped in a washing machine an angry washing machine it tugged and turned and pulled it was very uncomfortable. But finally we arrived at a castle it was huge made of stone and metal Joe called out to me “Eathen the gate is this way!” suddenly I was hit over the head I blacked out when I woke I was chained to the ground and a girl was standing over me with a sword at my throat she had light sandy blond hair and dark amethyst purple eyes they were so deep you could swim in them she wore a dark amethyst purple crystal around her neck and her hair was tied up in a loose pony tail and braded on both sides of her fringe’s top she had flawless pale skin that seemed to glow in the sun light she was beautiful. She spoke “who are you and where are you from?” I spoke “who are you?” the girl looked at me annoyed I “asked you first now answer” she said as she dug the sword a little deeper into my neck “oww” I winced as the blade cut me my blood fell to the floor this girl meant business so to stay alive I answered her question “I am prince Eathen of Magiss I said very nobly “you lie kill him!” shouted the girl then suddenly Joe appeared and shouted “no Terra he is telling the truth I brought him here!” “Joe?” the girl looked at me and asked “What do you want Eathen of Magiss?” I spoke as calmly as possible “I seek the power sword” the girl looked shocked  “what are you mad that thing will kill you?” she said  “maybe but not before I kill Endor” I said  “ha-ha” Terra laughed “you can’t kill Endor even with the sword believe me I’ve tried” she said as she looked away as if she was remembering something painful “you used the sword and only you know where it is hidden because  you hid it” I said she looked away again then I noticed a burn mark on her shoulder like a bird she saw me looking and quickly hid it under her robe “ok prince Eathen I will take you to the sword I will give it to you then you will use it and die that way I don’t have to kill you Endor can do it for me we leave tomorrow guards take the prince and his friend to one of the chambers have them cleaned and fed!” she shouted  and then she walked away I have never met anyone like her “Terra” I whispered.  “Hay Come on!” shouted Joe “where” I asked “to our chambers” he replied  Joe was already up the stairs I ran after him by the time I got to the room Joe was already asleep I felt pretty tired myself so I laid down on the bed and fell asleep but my dreams were nightmares I dreamt I was a mighty king being in cased in crystal I heard a women in the background screaming and then I saw a man laughing his laugh was like finger nails being dragged down a chalk board I was about to see his face then suddenly “WAKE UP EATHEN!” Joe shouted “Ahh!” I screamed as I fell of the bed “ah Joe don’t do that” I said annoyed  “oops sorry Eathen but you need to eat something before we leave so hurry up”  Joe said as he ran back down stairs’ I was still tired and I could still here that evil laugh it echoed in my head but I was hungry so I quickly changed and headed to the kitchen Joe and the princess were already there Joe was stuffing his face but Terra wasn’t eating anything it was probably rude of me but I asked her “why aren’t you eating?” I waited for an answer but she didn’t say a word she didn’t move or even blink then I noticed the piece of paper in her hands and the tears in her eyes they dropped onto the piece of paper but the paper wasn’t paper at all it was a photo of a little girl in a women’s arms they both had crowns so I realized that that must be her and her mother and she had lost her parents as a baby so I knew how she was feeling  and it was all my fault I’m the reason Endor turned evil and why he kidnapped me and locked up my parents and stole hers I hated Endor ever more now if that was possible I looked up at Terra and apologized she was confused “what for Eathen?” she asked  I wanted to tell her everything that I was to blame for everything but before I could say a word Joe grabbed me away and put me on the seat next to him he was acting kind of weird like he didn’t want me to tell the princess I was confused then Joe came up to me and whispered in my ear “if she finds out that you’re the one Endor wants she will kill you just to piss him of” he said quietly  “oh wow thanks Joe” I said  Joe laughed “ha-ha no probe Eathen now eat up we have a busy day” he said as he grabbed more food onto  his plate “yeah” I said  “first of going after the sword” Terra interrupted “actually were not going after the sword today”. She said “What!” I shouted  “were going to Mixonia and Lunia if you’re going to kill Endor I know some people who will want to help” she said as she put the photo in  one of her pockets  “really who?” I asked Luna and Vixen” Terra replied “who?” I asked again “The prince of Mixonia and the princess of Lunia there my best friends” “so why will they help”  “because they want Endor dead at any means necessary” Terra replied “you mean you’ll die just so he will?” I asked  “yes I almost did and so did he but he was still too strong he used the swords power on me it drained me and he carved a phoenix on my shoulder as a reminder not to mess with him again every time he goes near me it burns like he carving it all over again” she said with tears filling in her eyes  I saw how talking about this was hurting her so I had to make her stop and the way I said it was really mean but it worked “yeh so you got cut and Endor still lives well that was a waste of time”  I was acting so mean but I had to make her stop I think I even saw her cry a little but she would never admit it I hated the way I acted but it was worth it Terra spoke “I think we should get ready and go before my fiancé gets back” “your what!?” I shouted “Eathen I already told you that Terra was marrying Linator” said Joe as he ate more food “yeh but I didn’t think you were serious why would you marry that guy?!” I shouted Terra looked at me with anger on her face “For my people to keep them safe and anyway it is no concern of yours!” she shouted “yeh I guess not” I said disgusted the very thought of her marring him “Terra I’m home!” shouted Linator “oh no that’s him hide” she said “ok Joe where do we hide?” I asked “in the kitchen” Terra said as she rushed in the kitchen “oh Terra!?” Linator shouted again “Hide” whispered Terra “ah yeh hide good idea” I said as I hid behind a cupboard I could still see Terra and then I saw Linator again except this time he wasn’t half lion he was normal with black spiky hair and white skin and red eyes he came closer to Terra “ah there you are?” he said “yes I’m here” replied Terra “why didn’t you come when I called you?” he asked “I was just in the kitch…” Linator slapped Terra she fell to the ground holding her face were Linator hit her “I’ve told you a million times don’t make me wait!” he shouted  I wanted to hit this guy but I couldn’t I “I’m sorry Linator it will not happen again” Terra replied holding back tears Linator grabbed her hand and helped her up of the ground  “it better not well I have to leave father has me hunting a fugitive on the run!” he shouted  “really?” Terra looked in my direction I thought she would turn us in she looked back at Linator “well I hope you catch it” Terra replied  “not it’s him” Linator said  “oh well got to go oh by the way my father wanted to know how’s the shoulder?” he asked with a grin on his face  ok now I really wanted to hit this guy but if I did Terra would be punished for hiding me and I couldn’t get her hurt so I stayed quiet she just smiled “it’s fine tell him thanks for asking” she said  Linator smiled “ok bye” he said then he kissed her and I wanted to hurl but she just kept smiling I couldn’t do it even for my people I couldn’t marry someone I didn’t love it would kill me finally he was gone me and Joe came out of the kitchen “so that’s Linator hmm?” I asked still discussed by that kiss “yes” Terra replied I could see the tears when he hit her I knew not to bring it up I was angry and I let something slip “so he hit’s allot” I asked “no only when I make him angry” she replied I knew I had to change the subject or she would of cried “so when are we leaving? “I asked  “soon” Terra replied “first we need to give you a new look” Joe started to laugh and “sing Eathen gets a  makeover Eathen gets a makeover” “knock it of Joe” I said  suddenly a girl walked in I think she was a maid of some sort she whispered something into Terra’s ear I looked at Terra the moment the girl stopped whispering Terra’s face became very worried she quietly left the room but in a hurry before I could ask her what’s wrong she was already gone “what was that about” I asked Joe replied “royal stuff don’t worry about it” he said  but the look on Terra’s face did make me worry “I’m going to check it out” I said  “Eathen wait!” shouted Joe  I ran to the door but when I opened it there was nothing there “what  the?”  Then suddenly “BOO!” Terra shouted “Ahh!” I looked behind me and there was Terra laughing “Ha-ha you scream like a girl” said Terra “hey where did you?” I was confused “you went through the door and now you’re behind us how you did do that?” I asked Terra laughed then spoke again “this door is a gateway” “ah what?” I asked “a portal Eathen” Joe said oh thanks Joe “so if it’s a portal then why is there nothing in it?” I asked Terra replied “because   it’s not activated now” “oh ok so why don’t we use the portal to take us to the sword” I said “you can’t the sword is protected by a shield so you can only get there by foot” replied Terra “great in other words the long way” I said “ha-ha” Terra laughed “yes the long way.” She said                                                                                                                            “Ok should we go?” I asked “yes but first you need a new look” replied Joe laughed again and kept singing “Eathen gets a makeover” I was annoyed now “knock it off Joe!” I shouted   then Terra spoke “actually Joe you both get a makeover” “what!?” shouted Joe  I started to laugh ha-ha “Joe gets a makeover” I said  “ok so if you two will follow me well get your new look” Terra said as she took us to one of the rooms  it was an hour before we could leave and I had to say my new look was awesome my hair was spiky but a cool kind of way and my clothes were so light but when you hit them it was like hitting a brick “hey Terra what is this stuff that I’m wearing?” I asked  Terra didn’t reply so I asked Joe “hey Joe what am I wearing” Joe replied “it’s called armoth Eathen it’s a cloth as hard as armor” “cool” I replied  “yes it’s what all the guards were but were wearing it in case we bump into any of Endore’s bounty hunters” Joe said as he put on his armoth  the very thought of Endor made my blood boil I wanted him dead so much I wanted to punch something then suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up it was Terra “calm yourself Eathen” she said so softly  how did she know what I was thinking “come on we should go” said Joe  while we were leaving I asked Joe “hey Joe are Terraniens telepathic?” he replied “no Eathen there not why do you ask?” “Oh it’s just Terra knew what I was thinking” I said “what were you thinking about Eathen?” Joe asked I replied “I was thinking about wanting Endor dead” Joe smiled “ah yes that girl has ah kind heart Eathen but she doesn’t normally show it” he said I asked “then why did she comfort me?”  “I don’t know Eathen you will have to ask her about that now come on we have a long journey a head and I need you focused” he said as stared at me very seriously “what does that mean Joe?” I asked he replied “I’ve seen the way you look at her be careful Eathen if you care for something it will be taken away” I saw the look in Joes face I could tell he had lost someone very close to his heart. And I wondered if it was Endor who had taken someone from Joe it had been an hour before we could rest we were headed to Lunia home of the moon people and one of Terra’s best friends Luna princess of Lunia “hey Joe what are Lunians?” I asked Joe replied Lunian’s are very kind people but when you get them mad the best thing to do is run “ok so what do Lunians look like?” I asked Joe replied they all have purple hair and their skin is silver and their  eyes are black like the night sky  it’s creepy but in a cool way” “we need to rest” I said “oh stop whining Eathen” Joe replied  “but I’m tired Joe” I replied “you don’t hear Terra whining do you Eathen?” he asked  “actually I haven’t heard anything from Terra since we left hey Joe why is Terra being so quite I mean she hasn’t spoken to us since we left?” I asked “I don’t know Eathen try asking her” he said  “Eathen go on” he said  “oh ok” I replied  I walked up to Terra “hey what you doing” I know it was the stupidest question to ask I already knew what she was doing but I asked anyway but she didn’t reply this mad me angry so I yelled at her “ok what is your deal you’ve been completely  ignoring me and Joe since we left and just then I asked you something and you didn’t answer it so now I want to know what is your deal!!” I shouted She looked at me not with an angry or sad or even confused look it was just plain all she did was turn her head but her emotion had not changed even after I yelled at her it was simply the same I was still waiting for an answer but she still didn’t speak this made me really angry I was about to yell at her again when something jumped out of her bag and onto my head “Ahh! Joe get it off get it off! “I shouted “ha-ha just don’t move Eathen he will let go” Joe replied “he?” I asked “Yes sir he” replied the thing on my head I looked up and saw a mouse head with a frog body “Ahh!” I shouted “Please sir stop shouting your giving my princess a head ache” the mouse-frog said “your princess?” I asked “Yes sir sorry about jumping on you but you were shouting at my princess and I had to make you stop” he said as he jumped of my head and landed straight on the ground “any way allow me to introduce myself I am Mog the royal adviser to the princess of Terraniens” he said very nobly “you mean Terra?” I asked “yes sir but I never call her by her name it is rude I call her my princess and that is all I call her ok sir” he replied “ah yeh that’s fine and it’s Eathen” said “no I will call you sir ok ah ok?” he asked “that’s fine now you were saying that I was giving your princess a head ache?” “Yes sir all you’re talking and shouting is not good for my princess” he replied “what do you mean?” I asked he replied “my princess must stay calm at all times this means she must meditate for a long period of time and not be interrupted” “oh is that why she wasn’t talking?” I asked  “yes sir my princesses power is controlled by her emotions and she must stay calm so she meditates and that is what she is doing right now” he replied  “but her eyes are open and she was walking how do you meditate but still move?” I asked “it is not easy but my princess has been doing this since she was little so she is very good at it but if you tried you would fail” he said with a grin “hey Joe what is Mog?” “Ah that’s simple Eathen he is a Mog a mouse frog” Joe replied “wait his species is his name?” I asked “oh no sir my name is too complicated to pronounce so

You can just call Mog” Mog replied “hey what is you name I want to try pronouncing it? “I said Mog replied “ok but you won’t be able to its Apperlopstickdoctoplerim” “what that’s you name?” I asked “yes sir” Mog replied “well what does it mean? “I asked “Mean it doesn’t mean anything it’s my name” he replied “ok yeh I’m going to call you Mog” I replied “yes sir everyone dose” “ok Mog” I replied “ok sir” “Mog come back in the bag” Terra ordered “yes princess” Mog replied then ran back into the bag “so you’re talking now” I asked “yes” she replied “so how far are we from Lunia?” I asked “well were actually were not anywhere near Lunia” she replied “what!?” I shouted “well we are near the portal” Terra said “what portal?” I asked “the one to Lunia you see Lunia and all the other worlds are not on this one” replied Terra “wait you mean there separate?” I asked “well yes they have their own planet you see your on my planet Terranises and the only way to get to Lunia is by a portal and a secrete key” replied Terra “why do you need a key?” I asked  “Because   after Endor first attacked we locked all the portals so he couldn’t get back in but we got cocky and thought we had won that’s when he broke the doors to our world now we can’t get of my world and into Lunia just anywhere so a powerful Magian” “wait a what?” I asked  “Magian Eathen that’s one of your kind Magians are very powerful sorcerers they can make stuff from nowhere they can heal the weak well there just really good people in fact a Magian made the armoth your wearing” Terra said  “so if my people made it’ it means you stole it” I replied  “no it was given to us as a gift from the royal family” she replied  “oh so you were saying about the powerful Magian” I said  “well he made it that at a certain time and place using the right spell you can open the portals’ replied Terra “oh so that’s where we are going?” I asked Terra replied “yes we are headed to the crystal forest”.





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