when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



“Ok everyone get off the ground and onto a rock ok!” shouted Joe we jumped off the ground and onto a big rocks and as soon as we got off the ground it stopped moving “well that was interesting anyone have a clue why it stopped moving as soon as we got of it?” I asked “ah well not one that would make any sense” said Joe “try me Joe what’s you clue?” I asked “well “what if the ground was alive” he said calmly “what that’s impossible!” I shouted “wait no it isn’t!” shouted Luna “these are the mystic mountains anything can happen here so maybe just maybe the mountain is alive” “ah is that possible?” I asked “anything is possible Terra told me that” Luna replied “right Terra where is she she’s still missing well Eathen you’re her boyfriend where do you think she would go?” Joe asked me “how should I know I don’t know anything about this place if anyone would know where she is it would be Luna you’ve known her the longest!” I shouted “I don’t know where she is” replied Luna “known were who is?” that voice I turned around “Terra!?” “Oh hey guys why are you all on rocks?” she asked “ah well the ground moves when we step on it Terra where were you?” asked Luna “I was just going for a walk” “on a dangers mountain and you just went for a walk?” asked Luna “ah yep I woke up and you guys were busy talking so I just went for a walk” replied Terra “on a danger’s and unstable mountain?” Luna asked again “ah yep” Terra replied “hmm don’t do it again we were worried!” Luna shouted “why?” Terra asked “well because we didn’t know where you were or if you were hurt and this place is dangers you can’t just walk of whenever you want we need to stick together its dangers here!” Luna kept shouting “alright I won’t walk off again!” Terra shouted “you  better not” said Luna with an innocent yet angry look on her face “ha-ha” I started laughing  “what’s so funny?” asked Luna and Terra “well you guys” I replied  “why?” the both asked “Well Terra you just caved to Luna’s wish and you don’t cave so it’s funny” I replied while still laughing  “oh really I’ll show you funny how about I cave you!” shouted  Terra as she ran towards me “oh no” I said as ran for my life “guys be careful and don’t fall of a cliff!” shouted Luna “ha-ha can’t catch me” I said running from Terra I turned around to see how far she was but she was gone I stopped and looked around “Terra Where you are you?” “Gotcha!” shouted Terra as she tackled me from behind I was pinned to the ground “oww that hurt” I said as I tried to move “good” she said as she kissed me “you’re a very confusing girl” “I know Terra said as she kissed me again “but a fantastic kisser” I said with a smile “well thank you come on we should get back” said Terra “awe do we have to?” I asked “yes we do” she replied oh ok we started walking back up the mountain when suddenly “Ahh!!” We heard a scream “Luna!” Terra Shouted as she ran up the mountain “Terra wait!” I shouted as I ran after her I kept running up the mountain finally caught up to her she was at the edge of the ledge pulling Luna back up onto the ledge Luna must of fallen off that’s why she screamed well that’s what I thought I ran over to Terra and helped her lift Luna back up Terra cradled Luna in her arms “Luna what happened?” Terra asked but Luna didn’t reply she was shaking and her silver skin looked light blue “she’s freezing” Terra said as she took of her cloak and wrapped it around Luna “hey is she ok?” I asked Terra “I don’t know she won’t stop shaking” Terra looked worried I knew how much Terra cared for Luna they were like sisters “how did she get on the edge of the ledge and where are the other’s Joe and Zarina?” I asked “I don’t know” she said as she looked around for them. “T...They w…were t...t...Taken” mumbled Luna Terra looked at Luna “where Luna where were they taken and who took them?” Terra asked “the r …Rolves the r…rock w…wolves” “rock wolves what are they?” I asked Terra “I don’t know I’ve never heard of them before” “Luna where are the others?” “They t…took them…m t…to the c…cave” suddenly Luna collapsed onto Terra “Luna!” Cried Terra as she shook her trying to wake her up “oh my god Luna can you hear me please wake up come on loony wake up please wake up!” Terra kept shaking her but she didn’t wake up Terra had tears forming in her eyes but she looked angry the mountain started shaking just like the building at the Lunian kingdom I knew what was happening Terra was angry and her anger was making the mountain shake I grabbed Terra and tried to calm her down “Terra calm down this isn’t helping anyone especially Luna if the mountain keeps shaking it will break and we will fall to our deaths you need to calm down!” Terra looked at me not angry any more but sad she gently put Luna down then closed her eyes I could tell she was concentrating and then the shaking became soft then it stopped Terra opened her eyes they were red and wet her cheeks were wet with tears “I’m so sorry” she said as she got up and rapped her arms around my waist I embraced her then gently I lifted her head and smiled “I know” I kissed her and the forehead then hugged her tight “come on let’s see how Luna’s doing” we both knelt down beside her “ok Terra I know how to wake her up but you can’t hit me” “why would I hit you?” Terra asked  “just promise you won’t hit me” “ok Eathen I promise” “good” I said as I slapped Luna across the face her eyes went open and she got up rubbing her cheek “oww” “Luna!” shouted Terra as she hugged her “hey Terra what happened?” Luna asked “you were cold and you collapsed and Eathen woke you up Terra looked at me and I knew she was going to hit me I closed my eyes waiting for impact I felt lips touch my lips I opened my eyes and saw Terra kissing me then she smiled “thank you she said as she went back to hugging Luna “oh I was so scared you weren’t going to wake up” “ah Terra how did I wake up?” she asked  “Eathen slapped you” “ah sorry Luna but it worked” “ah yeh it did thanks Eathen” she said happily as she jumped onto me “Ahh!” I said as she started tickling me “Luna get of me” I said as I pushed her off “ha-ha all men are baby’s when it comes to tickling” “ok Luna I’m a baby now don’t tickle me again ok” “ah Luna can I ask you a question?” asked Terra “of course Terra what is it?” “Ah well how did you get on the edge of the ledge and you said something about rock wolves and I want to know what is a rock wolf?” “Oh well they are giant beasts of rock but they look like wolves so there rock wolves” “ah ok and how did you get on the edge of the ledge?” “I was pushed by one of the rock wolves oh and we’ve been standing on them since we came here” “what!” I shouted “are you serious we have been sitting standing and sleeping on rock monsters” “ah ha” she said all giggly “ok you said before you collapsed you said that Joe and Zarina were taken to a cave ok let’s go” we started walking in the direction Luna said I could feel the temperature dropping ice was everywhere I could feel it forming all over my body “hey Terra Luna how are you doing back there?!” I shouted “were fine” they replied but “can you move any slower yeh pick up the pace” I started running towards the cave I reached the entrance but I couldn’t stop there was too much ice “Ahh!” I said as I crashed into the wall “oww ok that hurt” I said as I got of the freezing cold floor “growl…” “Ok that wasn’t my stomach” suddenly something slimy dropped onto my head “ewe what this stuff is” I said as I looked up and saw a giant rock wolf standing above me “oh its drool from a giant rock wolf great Ahh!” I said as ran to find Terra and Luna suddenly I was grabbed at the neck by something I was grabbed by the rock wolf it lifted me to its big slimy mouth oh gross this thing has bad breath and eh dose thing even know about dental I tried to get out but it’s grip was too strong every time I moved it got stronger I was so close to its mouth I could feel It’s breath it was about eat me when suddenly a sword came out of no were and stabbed the rock wolf in the hand “Groan!” It let out a huge groan of pain from its hand and it let me go “grab the sword” said Luna I grabbed the sword and began slicing the beast “this sword can cut through anything” said Luna as she and Terra entered the battle “ok go for the heart!” Shouted Terra “ah Terra where is the heart?” I asked “ah I don’t know just stab them and hope you hit something important!” she shouted “ok we all attacked the rock wolves “these things are tough!” I shouted “were tougher!” shouted Terra as she cut of one of their heads mud spewed from the wound well at least I think it’s mud suddenly “Ahh!” Terra screamed as the headless creature grabbed her from the waist and began crushing her “Ahh! Let me go!” The creature squeezed harder “Ahh!” Terra tried to fight it but nothing happened she couldn’t move I tried to fight it but it knocked me out of the way Luna tried to fight it but just the same failed Terra was being crushed in front of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything about it suddenly Terra screamed “Frostbite!!” It echoed throughout the cave then suddenly something “roared!!”  Something was running towards the cave suddenly a giant ah tiger came out of no wear and attacked the rock wolf that had Terra it slashed the rock wolf apart with its claws Terra fell out of the rock wolf’s grip and fell to the ground as the creature crumbled into dust but then the giant beast walked towards Terra “It’s going to eat her” I charged for the creature but I was stopped by Terra who was holding her waist “no Eathen don’t hurt him” she said week and in pain she walked over to this giant beast and hugged it “huh dose Terra know this beast?” Luna asked “he’s not a beast” said Terra “he’s frostbite” “wait the teddy that Zarina broke ah Terra that’s not a teddy that’s a tiger” “I know that but this is frostbite remember in my mums letter she said he would protect me if I said his name ah yeh well he does when I say his name he turns into this she said as she pointed at him” “ah ok your teddy turns into a giant beast” “growl!” “I wouldn’t call him that if I were you now come on we have to find the others frostbite sniff them out” frostbite licked her cheek then started sniffing “ha-ha” Terra giggled which is the first time I’ve seen her do that frostbite walked over to the back entrance of the cave and growled “he found something” said Terra as she ran towards I looked at Luna and asked “how does she know?” “I don’t know” Luna giggled and ran off to were Terra was I didn’t want to run so I just walked over to them when I got there Terra was cutting the rope of Joes hand “oh thank you Terra” “ha-ha your welcome Joe” “those creatures they knocked me out before I could morph” “and me before I could shoot”  “Zarina!” shouted Luna as she ran over and hugged her friend “are you ok?” she asked “yes Luna I’m fine nothing is broken well accepted my pride” Zarina we should go” said Joe calmly “yes let get of this rock pile and get on dry land”

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