when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



“Terra how do we get to Mixonia” I asked “the portals Eathen there is one in every world just like at my home there is a portal to take us here and from here we can go to Mixonia” she replied “ah I hate the portals do we have to use them?’ I asked “unless you know how to cross through space without dyeing were using the portals” she said “no fare” I whispered “quit being a baby Eathen! Terra shouted “I’m not a baby!” I shouted back “then stop acting like one!” “Ha-ha” Luna started laughing we both looked at her at the same time and said “what’s so funny?” Luna looked at us still laughing “you two are the way you argue and joke around and call each other mean names it’s so cute you’re perfect for each other” she said still laughing “I couldn’t agree more Terra what do you think?” I asked Terra looked at us with a annoyed face she spoke to us in an angry tone well more like shouted at us with an angry tone “I think I said there was nothing and you said you would drop the subject and you Eathen get it through your thick skull we will never ever be together got it!” then she stormed off “but Terra it was only a joke!” Luna shouted to her but she didn’t listen Luna looked like she was going to cry she spoke with a sad innocent tone “but we always joke around and she’s never got angry at me before not even a little so what’s changed?” I tried to cheer Luna up “don’t worry she’s mad at me not you” she looked at me with a smile “you really think so” I started to smile “of course she hates me right now but we will sought it out” Luna  started to giggle “you know she really likes you she told me” “I know Luna we had a talk she was telling me we couldn’t be together cause   she was afraid of the risks and then she nearly drowned us” “oh yeh you do need to be careful she can be a little dangers sometimes I mean she’s a good person she just has issues” Luna said kindly “yeh I know but I don’t care what she says I love her and I won’t give up ever cause   I feel as if I can’t live without her” Luna started laughing so I asked “what is it?” Luna laughed some more then said “why are you telling me go tell her silly” “but she’ll just run away” Luna smiled “not if you pin her down so she can’t escape think of it as a game and don’t let her back up until you have had a big long talk about your love because I know she loves you I started to smile “really how Luna?” “She’s always glowing when you’re near and her eyes sparkle when you’re in the room she loves you Eathen she’s just scared” “what could she be scared of?” I asked “the one thing that scares Terra the most is hurting the ones she cares about and she’s scared she’ll hurt the one she loves and that’s why she runs but she can’t run forever” “Luna I know what I have to do Luna do you know where she is?” I asked  “no but she might be on the hill watching the stars we use to do it all the time well we use to” Luna’s  face went from happy to sad I put my hand on her shoulder “don’t worry you will again I promise” I started running for the biggest hill in the kingdom and then I saw it a huge castle like mountain and at the very top something purple was reflecting in the soft moonlight “Terra” I whispered as I started to run up the hill I was half way there when I collapsed holding my ribs oh god how dose Terra run up these things so easy I walked the rest of the way and I finally reached the top and there she was just lying there like a statue not moving or even blinking just staring at the sky the beautiful night sky her tears reflecting on her face In the light like tiny stars her eyes red and watery from crying I slowly walked towards her trying not to make any sounds and walking on grass it was kind of easy I slowly laid down beside her she looked at me then looked back up at the stars “Terra I” she quickly covered my mouth “don’t talk just look” she said calmly I stayed quiet “I don’t want to talk Eathen I just want to show you something” “ok what is it ?” I asked  she looked at me annoyed “I said don’t talk Eathen do you see those stars?” she asked me  “witch ones oh sorry no talking” I said quietly “the ones on the right do you see the prince the three stars at the top is his crown the three in the middle is his belt and the one on his neck is a necklace then the three on the side is his sword” “ah yeh I see it a star man” I said quietly Terra giggled “star prince when I was little my mother told me a story of why the star prince was in the sky and he was all alone he had lost his star princess “bummer sorry no talking” “any way long ago there was a strong young handsome prince who was in love with a beautiful princess and they were to be married but the princess’s evil brother didn’t like the prince and he didn’t want her to marry. The prince so he told the prince that his princess had asked for a magical gift and so the prince went out to find the princess a magical gift her brother thought he would not return but he did with a beautiful magic crystal that he gave to the brother but the brother hated this prince even more now so he put a curse on the gift so when the prince said the words I love you he would die so the brother gave the prince the cursed gift and told him to give it to the princess and so the prince gave the princess his gift the princess loved the gift but she wanted it to be easier to carry so she could have it no matter where she went so the prince turned it into a necklace and put it on the princess’s neck the princess loved it even more she went up to the prince and kissed him and then said I love you but then the princess fell to the floor the prince ran to his fallen princess but the prince didn’t know why his princess wouldn’t open her eyes ever again she was dead in his arms he had lost the one he love because  of a few words the prince blamed himself for his princess’s loss he crabbed the necklace of her neck and placed it on his neck then he grabbed his sword And sliced open the night sky and went into it for he could not live in the same world as his fallen princess and that is why to this very day he still stands there with his sword crown belt and the necklace that killed his princess waiting to fade away” I was mesmerized by her story as if she lived it and I felt as if she was trying to tell me something “Eathen do you know the moral of this story?’ she asked  “ah don’t trust an evil brother” she smiled a little “it means love can kill you Eathen just like if we tried to love I could kill you I could be your death curse” she said sadly I smiled slightly “I’ll take my chances” Terra got up then shouted “you don’t get it do you Eathen you think everything is a joke well it’s not I could kill you!” “no you don’t get it I love you with all my heart and every fiber of my being I’d rather die than not love you before I met you I had no meaning I was mesmerized the first time I saw you and if I have to die to be with you then I’ll do it no questions asked I’ll do it do you get it now I love you and I won’t stop ever and your right I think everything is a joke but not this not my love for you that I’ll will always be serious about I love you Terra and I want you to love me too and I don’t care if you hurt me in fact I’ll show you how much I don’t care!” I shouted as I walked over to a pile of rocks and picked up one of them Terra looked at me “Eathen what are you doing?” she asked then I started whacking myself in the head with them harder and harder until I started to bleed “oh my god Eathen?!” shouted  Terra as she ran to stop me I hit harder and harder and harder I felt the blood dripping down my face but I couldn’t stop until I felt a hand grab mine it was Terra with tears pouring down her face she was barely able to speak then she spoke “please Eathen stop please” when I was hitting myself I was in some type of trance I felt no pain but I now felt it all “Ahh!” I fell to the ground holding my head Terra dropped down beside me she held my bloody hand to her face then she cradled me in her arms “it’s ok you’re going to be ok” she whispered while still crying I cradled her face in my hands “I’m sorry Terra I don’t know what I was doing” I said quietly “it’s ok as long as you’re ok” she said still cradling me “ah how bad is my head?” I asked “It’s bleeding a lot” she said “oh sorry” I said “for what Eathen?” she asked me “for getting my gross blood on your nice clothes” she started to laugh “my clothes are nothing compared to you now come on we need to get you back to the tent so Joe can examine your wound” she said as she tried to lift me up “no I don’t want to go I want to stay here with you hey Terra?” “Yes Eathen”  “do you love me?” I asked her Terra bent down and kissed me her sweet lips locking with mine then we broke she smiled looking down at me “dos that answerer your question?’ she asked  “yes and no my question was do you love me?” I asked again she bent down and kissed me again then said “with all my heart now can we please take you to Joe?” she asked “ok” Terra helped me up I was dizzy “wow you have lost a lot of blood how hard were you hitting yourself?” Terra asked me “to be honest I don’t know” we finally arrived at the tent Luna and Joe were talking Luna saw us first “oh my stars Terra? Why is Eathen bleeding?” she asked she looked at us with confusion then asked “ah Eathen are you alright?” “no” I replied “my head is killing me” Terra helped me onto the table Luna went up to Terra and grabbed her arm “Terra why did you hurt Eathen?” she asked  Terra looked at Luna and said “I didn’t do it he did it to prove he didn’t care if I hurt him” Luna looked at me with a smile “awe” she said “yeh well I meant it now if I could just stop my head from hurting it would be all good” Terra bent down and kissed my head where it hurts she smiled at me “that better?” she asked I smiled back at her “yeh much you’ve got a magic touch” she looked away with a sad face “not always” the room went silent Luna broke the silence “so Eathen Terra Joe we should get going” is she crazy it’s night “ah Luna we can’t go yet” she looked confused “why?” She said with a smile “because it’s dark and we can’t see in the dark” she looked at me weirdly then started to laugh “ha-ha-ha” Terra started laughing too I looked at Terra “ah what’s so funny?” I asked  Luna yelled happily “it’s always night” as she jumped up and down Terra grabbed Luna and held her tight “it’s not jumping time ok loony please stop” Luna looked at Terra with a smile “ok I’ll stop” and just like that Luna went quiet and didn’t move “cool how did you do that?’ I asked she looked at me with a smile then said “just like handling a puppy” Luna jumped up “hey I’m not a puppy I’m almost fifteen!” she shouted  Terra laughed “fine handling a small dog there happy?” she asked  “yes” Luna sat back down “so it’s always night here?” I asked Terra replied “Yes they have no sun” “is that why there so pale?” I asked “hey I resent that we are silver and have no sun because we don’t need it we only need the moon” “ok Luna sit down!? Terra sounded angry and Luna obeyed every word that came out of Terra’s mouth “so if it’s always night then Luna when do you sleep?” I asked Luna giggled “never” she shouted happily “what you don’t sleep at all?” I asked she giggled “yep we don’t need it” “woe I couldn’t never sleep I need it I love it” “I don’t” Terra mumbled “what was that?” I asked she looked away “oh nothing so loony when do you want to go?” Terra asked then Luna looked at us “well we should go now that way we can reach Mixonia if we go through the portal it will be there morning” “ah I hate the portals” I said with a winy tone “we know” they all said “but there the only way there so let’s go!” shouted Joe “wait shouldn’t we pack and stuff?” I asked Terra looked at Luna “yeh we should and I’m dying for a shower” she said “well ok and we need to sleep so we will leave in six hours that should be enough time to rest and pack!” Joe shouted “sounds good to me now was the shower destroyed Luna?” Terra asked   “ah no”  “good because I’m using it!” Terra shouted then she smiled and ran off Luna giggled and then asked us “do you want to pack or sleep first?” me and Joe looked at each other “pack” we both said “ok I’ll show you were the stuff is”.


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