when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



Luna took us to a big cave and it was filled with stuff from food to rope to clothes you name it and it would probably be in here “feel free to take whatever you need or like” and then she ran off Joe looked at her as she was running off “dam that girl has a lot of energy” “woe Joe have you ever seen so much stuff!?” I asked “ah no Eathen I haven’t the Lunians are collectors they’ll collect anything” he said calmly I ran towards the bags of what I think is food “woe Joe you have to try this it’s amazing!” I shouted “stop eating all the food and start packing” Joe said “ah fine” I walked over to a small bag and it was moving “hey what do you think is in this?” I asked “ah I don’t know Eathen why?” “Because it’s moving” Joe ran and grabbed a small stick I looked at him “ah stick?” I asked Joe looked at me “what it was the first thing I saw” he said “ah give it here” I said I snatched the stick out of Joes hand and started poking the bag “oww” I jumped back from the bag “what was that Joe?” I asked “ah I don’t know” Joe said “hold this” I gave the stick back to Joe he looked at me with a scared look on his face “be careful” he said “I will” I walked over to the bag and I began untying the strings then I felt a kick in the stomach and I fell to the ground “ah Joe something hit me!? I shouted Joe ran over too me and helped me get up “ah” I rubbed my stomach “it’s in there” I said as I pointed at the bag Joe grabbed his stick and walked over to the bag he began poking it “oww hey that hurts” said a voice coming from the bag “ah did that bag just speak?” I asked Joe “no Eathen not the bag the person in the bag” and just as he said that a girl jumped out of the bag and knocked Joe unconscious “Joe!” I shouted as I ran to help him but I was tripped and I fell down I hit my head “oww” I said as I rubbed my head again suddenly there was an arrow pointed at my head “woe it’s ok I’m good” I tried telling this girl she must be a Lunian I thought she wore a yellow singlet top with a matching black skirt and a head band with a red star on it she had silver skin black eyes and purple hair yep Lunian Joe began waking up “hey Joe you ok?” I called out to him “ah yeh I’m ok Eathen what about you?” he asked me “well I have an arrow pointed at my head so I’ve been better!” I shouted out “shut up” said the Lunian girl as she pulled the arrow string tighter “wait were not the enemy” I pleaded “ha I know you’re not the enemy the question is who are you?” she asked me “I am prince Eathen of Magiss and Luna sent me” I replied the girl looked at me ready to attack “ok” she shrugged and pulled the arrow back “sorry about that can’t be too careful” she said apologetically “yeh well I don’t blame you hey Joe it’s ok she’s not going to kill us” “ok be right there Eathen!?” Joe shouted “so your name is Eathen” the girl asked “yep and what’s yours?” I asked “Zarina Luna’s head archer” the girl replied “oh ok nice to meet you” I said as I put out my hand Zarina looked at me funny “ah what are you doing?” she asked me “oh it’s a hand shake here I’ll show you” I said as I grabbed her hand and coupled it with mine “ok now what” she asked “now we shake up and down” “Oh I see and this means?” she asked “ah really I don’t know it’s just something you do when you meet a new person” I said Zarina giggled “ok so where is Luna?” she asked me “at the big tent you can’t miss it” I replied “thanks” she said as she bolted out the door “so who was that?” Joe asked me “that was Zarina Luna’s head archer” I replied “oh ok come on we still need to pack!” Joe shouted ok back at the tent Luna was carving new designs onto her bow Terra walked out of the next tent and walked back to the big tent “ah that was great” she said as she sat down next to Luna she began drying her hair when suddenly another Lunian came in Luna looked at the other Lunian “Zarina!” Luna shouted happily as she ran to hug her friend “ah princess you are unharmed” Zarina said happily “yep where have you been?” Luna asked her friend “I have been hiding in the storage cave and I have met young Eathen” Zarina replied “it’s young prince Eathen to you” said Terra “oh ah sorry your highness” Zarina said apologetically “it’s ok Terra she didn’t know” said Luna happily “whatever”” Terra said then went back to drying her hair “ah Luna why is princess Terra so moody?” Zarina asked “ah it’s just one of those day’s” she said as she giggled happily just then me and Joe came in “ah there that’s the last one” I said as I put the last bag of supplies down Terra looked at us with a confused look on her face “Eathen we do have to walk through mountains to get to the Mixonia portal” she said “yeh I know but I thought we would need a little extra you know just in case” Terra looked at me then said “ah Eathen only pack what we need” “oh ok” I said as I started un packing the bags “ah princess Luna may I join you on your journey?” Zarina asked “ah” Luna looked at the rest of us “well it’s not really up to me it’s not my journey I’ve just been invited so you will have to ask them” “oh ok young prince my I accompany you on this dangers journey?” Zarina asked me “ah sure you can come I’ve seen you in action I’ve felt you in action you’re a good fighter so you can come Terra what do you think?” I asked Terra looked at Zarina with an angered expression “I think she’s dead weight” she said as she walked out of the tent I looked at Luna “ah what’s with Terra?” I asked “I don’t know she’s just grouchy I guess lack of sleep maybe” Luna replied “hmm I’ll go talk to her” “good luck” Luna said as I walked out the door I ran outside to find Terra “oh please don’t be up the hill” and to my luck she wasn’t I saw her over at the river playing with the water with her hands “Terra!?” I shouted out to her she looked at me but didn’t respond I ran over to the river gasp I couldn’t breathe dam I need to stop running “hey” I said as I sat down beside her “hey” she replied “so why are you so grouchy?” I asked she stood up “I’m not grouchy” she said with an angry tone I quickly stood up “ok I’m sorry you’re not grouchy just please don’t flood the river” Terra looked at the river then sat back down “sorry she said I sat back down no “I’m sorry I shouldn’t of called you grouchy “I said apologetically “it’s ok” she said as she wrapped her arms around her knees “I’m ok” I grabbed her hand “no Terra you’re not ok something is bothering you I know it is and don’t try denying it” she pulled her hand away “nothing is bothering me!” she shouted She looked at me with those beautiful yet deadly eyes Terra looked like she was going to kill me if I said something was bothering her again I got up and started walking away “ok I’ll leave you alone” I said as I started walking away but in the corner of my eye I saw Terra pull out her knife I turned around “Terra don’t!” I shouted She looked at me with a confused face “don’t what Eathen?” she asked “ah well I thought you were going to ah cut yourself” I said quietly she looked at me offended and confused “why would I cut my self?” she asked “ah well” I started too sweat one wrong word and she could kill me she looks so cute when she’s angry but scary “why would I cut myself Eathen?” she asked again I saw she was angry I took up my courage and spoke “well your depressed all the time and you want to be alone your angry at something or someone and you pulled out a knife and I thought you could be emo” “e what?” she asked “emo emotionally unstable” “she looked at me confused “ah it’s a thing on earth were some people are sad and angry and they hurt themselves they cut themselves” “ah Eathen I was going to clean my knife because of the Bogoid blood” she said calmly “oh it’s just I was worried about you that’s all” I said apologetically she started to blush “well you don’t have to worry about me it was just Luna talking about my mum it just upset me a little that’s all and I don’t like Zarina” “really why?” I asked “Ah it’s complicated” she said “really well you’re in luck because I have a specialty in complicated come on tell me” I said as I came closer “well when I was little three years after my mum was killed I was sent to the royals academy for young prince and princess and that’s where I met Luna Vixen and Zarina” “really she’s royal?” I asked “ha no she was there as Luna’s friend and Luna refused to go without her so Zarina was there two and well she picked on me” “wait she picked on you but your royal she can’t pick on you and you could of have had her beheaded or something” Terra started to laugh “ha-ha I couldn’t have her beheaded and she was older than me so she bullied me I don’t know why she bullied me but one day I was sick of her picking on me so I tried to fight back but she was bigger and stronger than me so she beat me easy but during the fight she broke my most prized possession “really what was it?” I asked “I still have it “really what is it?” I asked again “it’s a teddy that my mum was going to give me for my birthday I found it under my bed in a trunk with a letter addressed to me “really what did it say?” I slapped my head “ah sorry you don’t have to tell me ” I said apologetically she got closer “no Eathen I want to tell you you’re the only one who’s heard what I’m about to say ok .To my dearest Terra I know that you are too young to understand but please forgive me for leaving you I needed to protect you and leaving is the only way I can I wish I could be there for your birthday but if you’re reading this then you found your present your such a smart girl I wanted to hold you one last time but I had to leave before he came after you I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for the rest of your life and I have one wish to see you again and hold you when you’re older and I wish I could be there with you now and I hope you like your present and take care of him because he was mine when I was little he was a gift from someone very special and he made you very special your too young to understand this but sweetie someday you will understand and your teddy’s name is frostbite and he will protect you just say his name and he will protect you just like he protected mummy ok sweetie just say his name he’s my last gift to you please take care of him so he can take care of you I wish I could be with you right now but this letter is all I can give you happy birthday my little princess love now and forever mum P.S don’t be scared to say I love you it’s not a curse but not having love is so don’t be scared I love you Terra love mum I could see Terra’s eyes filling with tears one fell into the river then she started to cry “hey now come on you don’t cry” I said softly I rapped my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek they were wet with tears she swallowed her tears and started talking again “Zarina ripped off frostbites head. I fixed him but yeh I’ve hated her ever since” “ok now I get why you don’t like her” I said still holding her “ha yeh” she said still crying a little “so is that why you were being a royal bitch to her?” I asked she laughed and then said “yep” I started to laugh “ha see I can be caring and understanding” “you’re always caring and understanding” I started blushing then I spoke “so about Zarina?” I asked Terra stood up “what about her?” she said with anger in her tone I stood up so our eyes were nearly the same height “well she is a good fighter I’ve felt her” as soon as I said that I felt her Terra’s eyes went from angry to kill me stare “her fighting I meant I’ve felt her fighting she knocked Joe out and had an arrow at my head she could of killed me easy she’s a good fighter and I want her to join the team” I said calmly Terra sat back down “well I don’t” she said as she started to clean her knife “well I do and it’s my mission so she’s coming” Terra looked at me hurt as she put her knife back on her belt then said “whatever now go away I need to meditate” I was angry but I didn’t show it “fine” I said
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