when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



“Auh my head hurts where I am” I felt groggy like I had just woken from a deep sleep my body felt ache what happened the last thing I remember was fire the Terra’s mom I opened my eyes but I couldn’t see “hey who turned out the lights and why can’t I move my hands also what smells like cooked bacon hello” man what is going on “be quiet meat!” ‘Huh meat who the hell is calling me meat “hey do you know who I am do you I am prince Eathen of Magiss and you will treat me with respect!” I heard someone come closer till they ripped off the blind fold “au my eyes too bright” I waited till the adjusted I didn’t like what I saw “woe fire are you guys nuts wait fire hands and legs bound tired up like a rump roast oh god YOUR TRYING TO EAT ME!!” ‘The fire was burning my flesh well I don’t blame them for wanting to eat me I smell delicious “look can’t we work something out huh come on we are all civilized”’ I couldn’t see them at first but they began to clear till I could see them “what’s civilized?” they looked like men but with animal parts the guy I think called me meat was made up off a snake, fish, beetle, and bird “I don’t know just gag the meat so we can eat!” au my leg is on fire oww “release him now!” I couldn’t see who said that but I recognized her voice “Terra!?” the snake guy gagged me “you are a guest do not over stay your welcome little girl!” I felt the ground start to shake as something cut through my gag like a hot knife through butter “what did you just call me augh I hate being called a little girl augh!!” the ground was swallowing people like it was alive I looked up a Terra her eyes were black just like at Lunia and every time she clenched her first the earth swallowed someone else “Terra stop I’m ok your hurting innocent people Terra stop!” I waited but she didn’t stop she began to laugh insanely as the earth began to crack and shatter right under peoples feet I wanted to help but I still couldn’t move I had to watch as my girlfriend tore apart this land piece by piece Terra began to hover over the ground I saw one of the animal guys come up behind her it was a man but he looked he was wearing tiger skin all over his body but knowing these guys it probably was his skin he grabbed Terra’s hand and gently pulled her back down “Terra forgive me” he pulled her closer what was he doing when I saw I wish I couldn’t see that bastard was kissing her and she was kissing him back and from the looks of things they knew what they doing “hey get your lips off my girlfriend man!” the ground stopped moving as Terra calmed down he stopped then looked at me “you there release the meat he is my guest” I didn’t want any help from that guy he just had his lips all over my girl and she didn’t even seem to mind a frog rabbit like girl came over and cut my ropes lucky for me the fire had been swallowed by the ground so I hadn’t been cooking that whole time I ran up to Terra and that guy “I’m sorry Vixen I got out of hand” ‘Vixen she’s apologizing to that guy what about apologizing for kissing another guy and not even caring “it’s alright Terra they shouldn’t have messed with you my apologies young prince I hope they didn’t hurt you” au I hate this guy but Terra seems friendly with him really friendly I might add “oh no please don’t apologize for your people trying to eat me apologize for KISSING MY GIRLFRIEND!!” he seemed shocked “Terra is your mate?” my mate ah well he is an animal “auh yeah she is my mate and you were kissing her…” my head smacked the ground auh “you are a pathetic mate I am the one who found and healed Terra while you just laid there I should have let my people eat you there is no way you are worthy enough to have a jewel like Terra at your side!” what who the hell dose this guy think he is “listen here you fury freak I set my entire body on fire and disintegrated threw out the universe to get her here it was the most painfully thing I have ever felt and you know what I didn’t care as long as it could save Terra it didn’t bother me but you know what really hurt seeing some other guy kissing my girlfriend and her kissing back!” I was going to lose it if someone didn’t explain what the hell was going on I felt Terra’s hand on my shoulder “Eathen when you told me about your ex Millie well you never asked if I had ever been with someone else yes I am technically engaged to Linator but I left someone very close to my heart to be with him” I didn’t understand Vixen looked like he was going to cry but he was holding it back then he spoke “Terra was my mate till the lion showed up” what Terra and Vixen were together well I wasn’t surprised by the way they were kissing “is this true Terra?” she looked away as if she was guilty “yes it is true I was with Vixen for years we were fighting Endor and his army’s together with Luna and a bunch of other people Vixen was my general and as time went we fell in love we planned to be wed after we defeated Endor but then Linator showed up and he threatened to destroy my world if I didn’t marry him at first I tried to fight him and his father no way was I marrying him yuck but I was unsuccessful and my mother had always said a princess put the needs of her people above the needs of herself so I left Vixen to become Linator’s queen and we have been engaged since thankfully Linator has been too busy to actually tie the knot with me so to speak augh the very thought makes my skin crawl and after Vixen found out well I heard he had a new queen and so I lost my love for him and become a prisoner in my own kingdom” I understand now I’m sure that I want to but I do understand Terra and Vixen were together then Linator took Terra away Terra lost her love for Vixen when she heard he had a new queen then I came along took her from Linator now she loves me it’s all connected wow I owe that lion without him Terra would probably be married to Vixen by now “look young prince my heart dose belong to someone else I now even if she does not know it I’m sorry for kissing Terra but in my defense I was trying to save my people from Terra’s anger and I remember that kissing her is the only way to clear her mind and calm her down I am sorry” wow this guy is weird he hit’s me now he’s apologizing make up your mind do you like me or do you hate me?’ “Eathen please don’t be mad at Vixen he was just trying to protect his people as a prince should” auh all the apologizing is hurting my head “all right fine I forgive you Vixen hey Vixen you are aware you have a girl’s name and also your name means female fox aren’t you? “ he looked like he was blushing “ah well yes I am my mother thought I was girl and when I was born she couldn’t bring herself to change the name and to be honest I like my name no matter the meaning” ok manly guy with girl’s name ha-ha “Eathen we should go to the Mixonian kingdom Luna and the others should be there by now” “Luna’s coming here!?” Vixen asked excitedly ‘hmm he’s happy to hear that “ah yeah Luna and I are going up against Endor again but this time we have Eathen and well Luna was hoping you would join us in our battle?” Vixen looked like he was going to explode his cheeks were going rosy red and a massive grin spread across his face “are you kidding of course I’ll join again especially if that’s what she wants!” ha-ha yep I figured out the one who his heart desires “ha-ha it’s Luna that’s who you are in love with now ha-ha dude you make it way to obverse my guess is she knows you like her but doesn’t tell you because she’s shy that’s why you have to ask her man ha-ha Luna wow a little too happy for my taste but good luck man I truly mean that” Vixen looked at me like I had offended him he was quiet the entire trip back to his kingdom so was Terra I guess it must have been awkward for them I mean they were engaged once “here we are welcome to my kingdom young prince!” I wish he would stop calling me that I’m not that young Vixen’s kingdom was still smaller then Terra’s and instead of having gigantic castles of stone there were castles of wood and mud I felt like I was stuck in a cave man movie with houses made of sticks and mud and other stuff “Vixen!” Luna screamed happily and excitedly as she ran to us “Luna!” Vixen shouted as he ran to her “ha-ha yep that’s what Luni does every time she sees Vixen” I felt a hand on my shoulder “so how was your first home stone travel!” auh just thinking about it made my skin burn “fine Joe as long as I don’t have to do it again anytime soon” “ha-ha don’t worry about Eathen ok?”

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