when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



It was the same dream as before my father and mother trapped Joe trying to rescue them that cloaked man stealing baby ME’s powers me trying to move but I couldn’t I was stuck like I was glued to the ground trying to wake up or at least hide so the cloaked man didn’t see me again and thankfully he didn’t I had to watch my last memory before Joe took  me to earth and I hated it I wanted to wake up I closed my eyes and kept whispering wake up wake up I knew smacking my head on a rock would wake me up but I would rather not do that again how else do I wake myself up from this place suddenly the weirdest thing started to happen it began to snow it was snowing in my dream world why was it snowing in my dream world wait a minute Luna said that it would be snowing when I woke up so maybe that’s it I’m almost awake if the snow is reaching me here that means I’m going to wake up soon I closed and my eyes hoping that when I opened them I would be on my sleeping mat and covered in snow ok 1…2…3 I opened my eyes yes I was awake and covered in snow “oh hey Eathen told you there would be snow I was right” shouted Luna with a giant smile on her face “ha-ha yeah Luna you were right” I said while I sat up and shook the snow of me “ is Terra back yet ?” I asked Luna looked at me with her worried face and said “no she isn’t back yet I’m really starting to worry about her” replied Luna “I’m sure she’s fine she does have that beast with her” said Zarina as she fixed her bow string and sharpened some of  her arrows  “she doesn’t like it when you call frostbite a beast” replied Luna “who cares she’s not here to hear it” shouted Zarina “if I were you I would check again about that Zarina” shouted Terra who was standing behind her with frostbite in his tiger form frostbite growled and Zarina went quiet and went back to her bow string and arrow’s  “ha-ha good boy frostbite”  Terra said as she patted his head frostbite lifted his head and licked Terra’s cheek “ha-ha” Terra giggled as she rubbed where frostbite had licked her then she wrapped her arms around his neck and cuddled him she looked so happy smiling and laughing it was like she was a totally new Terra her crystal was glowing  brighter then I had ever seen before her skin was glowing just like her crystal bright and beautiful everything about her was brighter and happier she didn’t even seem like herself she seemed more like Luna happy laughing giggling and smiling it was good to see her happy but was she still mad at me well one way to find out I waited for her to put frostbite away then I walked up to her and said “hey Terra how was your walk in the forest ?” I waited for her to tell me to leave or go away but she just looked up at me and smiled “it was good it gave me time to clear my head and think about how I acted before I left and I ‘m sorry” huh did I hear her right did she just apologize but Terra is a princess they don’t apologize people apologize to them “Eathen?” “Huh oh are sorry Terra I was just thinking and I’m sorry too we both acted like idiots and I was never mad at you I was just upset and” “stop” shouted Terra “you shouldn’t be apologizing all you were doing was caring about me and I treated you so badly and I’m so sorry can you ever forgive me ?” I could see tears forming in Terra’s eyes even though she was trying to hold them back I knelt down next to Terra and lifted her hand up to my chest “do you feel that?” I asked her “yes” she replied” “as long as my heart beats I love you and I could never hate you and I do forgive you but I don’t want you to apologize anymore we both acted like idiots and let’s put it behind us ok?” Terra looked up at me and she couldn’t hold those tears back any longer she stood up and broke out in tears I stood up and pulled her close to my chest and rested my head on hers “it’s ok” I said as she pulled me closer and rapped her arms around me like if she let go she would lose me I could feel her body shaking then she whispered “don’t leave me please don’t leave me” into my chest I held her tighter then I whispered “I will never leave you I promise” I felt her skin it was cold her shoulder were bare she must have been freezing I took of my cloak and wrapped it around her and rubbed her to keep her warm I could feel her warming up suddenly Joe and Zarina came out of the forest with piles of fire wood and saw us “ah I see you two have made up!” shouted Joe “yes Joe we have and I’ll never let her go again “awe that is so cute” shouted Luna “oh and did anyone of you guys leave us gifts last night?” Luna asked I looked at her confused “no why Luna?” Luna smiled  “oh no reason there’s just a bunch of gifts over here that’s all “ “what gifts” Terra asked as she took off my cloak and handed it to me “thank you Eathen” she said as kissed my cheek than walked over to Luna “over here follow me” shouted Luna as she ran over to a large log and next to that log were a bunch of things with labels of what they were and names there was a marble grenades and a pudding labeled for Joe, a fire pea shooter and star chart for Luna, honey super glue and a blazing bomb arrows for Zarina, a jar of Quilef and a home stone for me, a never ending light a mirror shield that turns into nail clippers for Terra a fish treat for frostbite and a webbed key for everyone “I wonder who left these here for us and how do they know our names” “and how do they know my favorite food is pudding!” shouted Joe as he stuffed his pudding in his mouth” “ah Joe chew with your mouth closed” said Terra as she grabbed her mirror shield and activated it “wow it’s so light” shouted Terra as she grabbed out her knife and pretended to attack something and doge something “ha-ha I could defiantly get use to this but how do you turn it back into nail clippers?” then just as she said nail clippers it turned into nail clippers “oh I get what I say it becomes so if I say shield it becomes my shield and if I say nail clippers it becomes nail clippers but I wonder can it turn into something other than nail clippers?” “Why don’t you tell it to become something other than nail clippers and see if it does” shouted Luna “good idea Luna ok I want you to turn into a I know a ring” and just as Terra said ring the nail clippers turned into a ring “amazing it worked” said Terra as she put the ring on her pointing finger “now I can always have a shield with me” “that will come in handy in a fight” I said as packed away my jar of quilef and put the home stone in my pocket “yeah it will” replied Terra “I wonder who gave us this stuff?” said Luna “I mean someone didn’t just forget this stuff it was labeled with our names and everything so who left it for us? “I don’t know Luna but I hope that there helping us not tricking us” Luna wasn’t the only one wondering who gave us this stuff “hey I guess Christmas came early” I said trying to get their minds off who left this stuff “Chris what?” asked Terra “Christmas you know Santa clause presents snow mistletoe you know Christmas you do know about Christmas don’t you?” Terra looked confused as if I was talking a furan language to her “No she doesn’t Eathen none of them do it’s not something they have here” I was shocked they didn’t have Christmas well I would have to change that “oh well ah never mind then” I quickly shut up I felt like an idiot talking about something that doesn’t exist here stupid I thought as I slapped my head “ah Eathen? What is mistletoe? Asked Terra “oh well it’s a plant that you hang up places and if your underneath one you have to kiss the person your under it with do you understand now Terra?  I asked “So it’s a kissing plant?” “Ah no you kiss underneath it so it doesn’t kiss you” “oh why do you kiss under it that makes no sense dose the plant makes you kiss under it?” Terra asked me “Ha-ha no it just a thing an earth thing like shaking hands when you meet someone it’s just an earth thing ok?” “Ok but I think it’s weird along with all the earthlings customs and traditions it’s all weird” ha-ha I’ve lived there since I can remember but I still think it’s all weird “hey shouldn’t we get going to Mixonian portal?” Luna asked “ah yeah hey Terra could you get the light please” Joe asked but she didn’t reply “Ahh Terra we hated it when you do that!” he shouted as turned around to find her playing with the snowflakes falling from the sky “Ahh Terra what are you doing?” he asked as he kept staring I turned around to see what he was looking at and I saw Terra slowly dancing in the snow she seemed happy smiling I watched her it was like time slowed down with every step it was beautiful even at night she seemed to be glowing she reached out her hand and tried to catch the snowflakes but every time she did they were gone when she opened her hands “Ahh Terra you can’t catch snowflakes they melt” I said calmly “I know” she replied “they so beautiful but so fragile just a touch and there destroyed” she said sadly “and no matter how hard you try you can never hold them no matter how much you want something in your arms it never will be with you again” I could tell she wasn’t talking about snowflakes anymore “Terra are you ok?” Luna asked softly “Fine Luna your world is just so beautiful it’s so dark yet so full of life and light” she said with a soft tone “and what of your world your people Terra your world is full of life and light just as mine” Luna said happily “no Luna my world does not feel life or light but death and darkness my people are not thriving with life and laughter they cry with sorrow and me there princess can do nothing to stop it!” she shouted “do you know what it is like to have all this power but to be powerless to help your people do you my people may be strong but they are just like these snowflakes and every time Endor tries to catch us we melt and die just like this snow well I’ve had it he will not harm another soul and next blood that spills” she stopped as she crabbed out her knife and slit her hand  I winced as I saw her blood drip down her hand and seep into the snow under her feet she clenched up her fist “will be his” she said coldly as more of her blood dripped from the cut “there will be no more stops or rests unless you really need them it’s time I stopped treating you as my friends but as my soldiers and as my soldiers you are to obey my orders no matter what they are if I say run you run if I say fight you fight no if ands or buts understood?” she asked we all looked at each other “Terra are you serious?” Luna asked “oh I’m serious dead serious and dead is what you’re going to be if you don’t toughen up we were nearly killed up there!” she shouted as she pointed up at the mountain “and if it wasn’t for frostbite I would be dead nothing can take us by surprise everywhere and everything is dangers nowhere is safe not even our own worlds and you need to learn this I learnt it the hard way eleven years ago and I don’t want you to learn it the way I did I don’t want you to be scarred like I was” Terra stopped and put her knife back on her belt and pulled out a   silk sheet or something and raped it around her hand I walked up to her “why did you do that?” I asked as I helped her tie the silk sheet around her hand “to make a point” she said coldly “what point that you can cut yourself?” I asked with an angered tone “no that pain is weakness and if you feel it you’re not strong enough for this mission” she replied as she looked at her hand “but Terra pain is what makes us human” I said calmly “where not human Eathen you’re not human none of us are human this isn’t earth this is Lunia and this place has giant beasts that will swallow you whole wake up Eathen this isn’t earth and if you keep thinking it is you going to get yourself killed!” she shouted as she got up and pulled out her everlasting light “now come on it’s a long walk to the Lunilyle river and without the mountain short cut we need to make up for lost time so let’s go” she said as she started walking off

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