when the young prince Eathen's past is revealed to him he must return to his kingdom and destroy the Evil Endor while trying to survive and stop the universe from being consumed by eternal darkness with the help of his friends and the beautiful and powerful princess Terra they must find the crystal sword of power and stop Endor before it's too late but what secret is Endor hiding from the young prince



“We’ve been climbing for hours can we rest?” I asked “ah were on a mountain where do you think we can rest” said Terra annoyingly I looked around and finally a sight for my sore arms and legs “over there on that ledge” I said Terra looked over in the direction I was pointing at “hmm” she shrugged her shoulders and said “ok will rest there tell the others” “ok” I said I looked down and yelled “hey guys we are going to rest on that ledge ok when you get up here stop climbing and go to the ledge ok!?” I waited for a response finally I got one “ok Eathen we will meet you on the ledge!” replied Luna and Zarina “ah did Joe here you?” I asked “yeh he got the message!” they shouted back I carefully walked over to the ledge Terra had already set up a tent and a fire “cool” I whispered I sat down on the cold rocky snow covered floor hey I’m not cold I’m sitting on snow but I’m not cold I saw Terra placing small rocks or beads around in a circle “what are you doing?” I asked she turned and dropped a small can of some sort and small beads went everywhere “ah great” Terra said as she bent down trying to pick all of them up “here let me help you” I said as I started picking up the little beads “hmm thanks” said Terra “you’re welcome hey what are these?” I asked Terra looked at me the said “there “shield beads” she said quietly “there what?” I asked “There shield beads when there placed in a circle around whatever your trying to protect they create a shield” “wow how does it work?” I asked “I don’t know I bought them at the mystic market” “wait there’s a market of magic?” I asked “well not just magic anything you want really you can buy there” “really anything?” “Well there are some things you can’t get there but while I was there I bought shield beads and endless fire starters” “cool hey Terra can I ask you something?” “Of course Eathen anything” she said with a slight smile “why did you break my phone?” Terra went silent she swallowed and answered “because I was angry” “but why were you angry?” I was confused why would Terre be angry with me “I was angry that you had loved someone before me that you’re an Magian and they only fall in love once but you were already in love so you couldn’t love me the way you love that Millie girl!” she shouted  “but Terra I don’t love Millie I never did she loved me and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I went out with her but then she dumped me we never even kissed I swear you’re the only girl that has touched my heart and my lips you’re the only girl that I love and that’s a promise” I bent down and kissed her I felt Terra’s cheeks getting hotter and her heart beat rising I kissed her deeper and harder the kiss seemed like hours but it was only seconds “oh ah sorry to interrupted you guys” said Joe as he lifted his self onto the ledge me and Terra pulled apart as quick as we could we were both blushing like crazy epically Terra being so pale her cheeks looked red “ah hey guys what took you so long?” I asked “the rocks were covered in snow it was slippery I almost fell” said Luna “Luna are you ok?” asked Terra with a concerned tone “yeh I’m ok Zarina grabbed my hand and helped me up” said Luna “oh ah thank you Zarina” said Terra “Luna is my best friend and my princess I will die to protect her” said Zarina very nobly “as will I” said Terra with a completive tone  Terra walked off to far end of the ledge and Luna and Zarina went in the opposite direction  there was a lot of tension coming from those two Terra and Zarina were like cats and dogs natural enemies “I wonder why the hate each other so much well I know why Terra hates Zarina for breaking something special but there’s more to this then just a broken teddy and Terra said it was complicated so why is a broken teddy complicated?” “it’s not that’s not the real reason Terra hates Zarina” someone spoke from behind me I nearly jumped out of my skin I turned around to find Mog hiding in the shadows “oh Mog it’s you as you scared me” Mog chuckled then apologized “sorry sir but I overheard you talking to yourself and I thought I would check on you and I heard you talking about my princess and her hatred for Zarina” “ah yeh I was talking about them you see Mog Terra told the reason she hated Zarina is complicated and well Terra told me the Zarina broke her teddy when she was younger so I started thinking how is a broken teddy complicated” “it isn’t!” Mog shouted “that’s not the real reason my princess told you about the teddy breaking as a fake to why she really hates Zarina” “wait you mean Zarina never broke her teddy?” I asked “no sir the teddy was broken and by Zarina it is all true just that that’s not the real reason she hates her” “then what is?” I asked “I’m sorry sir I can’t tell you I am sworn to secrecy but I will tell you that it has to do with their parents their mothers to be exact” “so the real reason has to do with their mum’s?” “Yes sir” Mog replied “ok got any more hints for me?” I asked “nope” he said with a smile alright now I know the truth I’ll find out what it is eventually an hour had passes since Terra and I spoke “hey is anyone hungry?” I asked “I am” said Joe “well I’m going to cook some stuff for us to eat so if you want some just take it ok” “yeh sure thing Eathen” said Luna and Zarina “hey Terra do you want some food?” Terra didn’t reply which was normal for her but annoying for us suddenly Mog appeared “no sir my princess is not hungry” “why didn’t she tell us herself?” I asked “well sir my princess is asleep” “she’s asleep?” I asked “yes sir” Mog replied “wow she doesn’t look asleep” said Luna Joe and Zarina “yeh she look like she’s just sitting there” replied Luna “well she is asleep so she will not be eating anything that is all I wanted to say good night” “ah by Mog”  “good night sir” Mog said as he ran back to Terra’s bag “why dose that thing call Terra my princess?” asked Zarina “because he doesn’t like calling people by their names so Terra is my princess Eathen is sir” “and we would be miss” Luna shouted “oh so It’s just his species way of talking?” Zarina asked “I guess so” I replied “well enough talking let’s eat” said Joe as he stuffed his face with food “ah Joe eat with your mouth closed!” we all shouted “oh sorry” he said as he kept stuffing his face “so Luna how long until we get to the Mixonian portal?” I asked “ah well a couple of luas” “what a couple of luas you mean days?” I asked “ah yeh days sorry I’m so used to saying luas” “so how many days?” I asked  “well we need to get to the top of the mountain then on the other side then through the forest over the river to end of my world oh I would say about 3 days till we reach the portal” Luna replied happily “ah three days that sucks!” I shouted “relax Eathen Endor will still be there for you to kill” “oh you’re the one who’s going to kill Endor Eathen?” asked Luna “yeh” I said “I thought Terra was going to kill him” “no I am with the sword that Terra used” “what you can’t use that sword it will kill you you’re not Terranian only a Terranian can use the sword!” Luna shouted “what I didn’t know this!” I shouted “well it’s true and even if you were a Terranian it would still probably kill you” “then why didn’t it kill Terra?” I asked “oh Eathen you don’t know”. “Know what?’ I asked “the only reason the sword didn’t completely kill her is because she’s a blood descent of its creator” Luna replied “what she’s related to that jimmies guy!” I shouted “Jimanises yes from her mother’s side” Luna replied “why didn’t she tell me that I wouldn’t be able to use the sword?!” I shouted “maybe she thought you would get mad” Luna replied “I am mad I’m mad that she didn’t tell me!” I shouted “now Eathen don’t lose you head just calm down” Joe said calmly “how am I supposed to beat him without the sword?” I asked “maybe there is a way for you to use it maybe you could connect to Terra again like you connected at the portal remember she had a flash but you saw it too” “ah yeh we both fainted and then we saw Endor”” maybe you could connect to Terra and be able to use the sword” Joe said still calmly “I guess I’ll ask her when she wakes up” “hey were is she?” asked Luna “what?” I turned around to where Terra was and she was gone “where is she?” asked Luna and Zarina “she was just here a minute ago where did she go were on a mountain there’s not much space up here so where did she go?” Luna asked again “I don’t know” I looked around everywhere but she was no were to be found “Terra!” I shouted but no response suddenly the ground started moving “woe what’s going on?” “The ground it’s moving!” Joe shouted “I can see that why is the ground moving?” I asked “I don’t know why do you keep asking me I don’t have all the answers!” he shouted “ah Luna this is your world any ideas why the ground is moving ah maybe it’s an earth quake or an” “avalanche!” yelled Joe as he jumped out of the way of a giant falling rock “that was close ok so if this an avalanche then what because d it and why is the ground still moving.?”

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