Jade lived in an apartment just by herself. She just turned 19 when a new guy moved in next door. He's tall and scary. One night she heard two voices yelling for help. One a male and the other a female.


2. Where are we?

After awhile I fell asleep with Mike. Surprisingly I woke up before him and the other two. I glanced around the room and noticed that it was smaller and darker. "Mikey, wake up." I shook him awake as I took in my surroundings. He groaned and rolled over. The door unlocked but no one came in. There were voices right outside the door. "We'll take the girls first." The voice spoke louder. My heart began racing at those words. "Harry! Gemma!" I shouted in a whisper. Gemma looked up at me. I felt tears drop from my eyes. "There gonna take us first. The girls." I gasped for air. Gemma broke down in Harry's arms. He held her with all his might. Bright light shone in the room as two men came in. "You take that one." The overly large man instructed the smaller but still big man. He gave a grunt and went his way over to Gemma. She screamed and tried to fight. But it was no use. She was pulled out of Harry's arms like a rag doll. "GEMMA!" His screams broke me. He fought against the cage. The door to my cage opened. Mike jumped in front of me but within seconds he was thrown aside. This is the end. My life is over. The man violently grabbed me and Yanked me out of the cage. My head snapped back. I let out a scream as he locked the door behind us. The hallway was bright and long. Gemma was whimpering on the floor. She had blood dripping from a gash on her forehead. I instantly ran to her aid. I pulled off my jacket and pressed it up against her wound. "Enough. Let's go!" The man who grabbed me pushed me forward. Or well kicked me. Literally. I felt the urge to fight back. But I knew that would only get me killed. I took a deep breath and glanced back at Gemma. She was being lead to the other end of the hall. She stood tall and strong. But I knew exactly how she felt. I was pushed into a large room with a lot of cleaning supplies. A small lady and three men stood near a chair. A chair that I think I have to sit at. "Can I just go back home?" I took a glance over my shoulder at the door behind me. "Sätt dig nu. Eller blir det inte ganska." The lady yelled at me. I have no clue what she was saying. Is she German or something? I shivered at the tone of her voice. "She said seat." One of the men said. He had a Swedish accent. The women cut off my clothes , washed me, cut my hair, did my makeup, and dressed me. I look like a complete slut. I turned away from the mirror in disgust. The lady gave me a pleased smile. Ew. The man came back and dragged me outside. Gemma and I met up in the middle. She looked exactly like me. I gave her a "it's going to be okay" look. Even though I know for a fact that it will not be okay. The large door in front of us opened. It was a big room but dark. There was this circle stage in the middle with stairs leading to it. Windows were lined up on the walls with red light bulbs hanging above them. What the hell is this? I was pushed onto the stage thingy. I fell to me knees in fear. Leave me alone. Why can't you just kill me already?!

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