Jade lived in an apartment just by herself. She just turned 19 when a new guy moved in next door. He's tall and scary. One night she heard two voices yelling for help. One a male and the other a female.


3. Scared

I sat on the cold black stage as the red light bulbs flickered on. I looked down and tucked my head in my arms. "Stand up!" A voice yelled out to me. It came from behind one of the windows. The room was cold and bare. I heard voices but saw nothing but blackness. "Why are you doing this???" I screamed as loud as I could. I heard the sound of a whip and than felt the pain. There was searing pain on my right leg. "Quiet!" A rude dark voice demanded. I was shaking. I was scared. I felt the need to cry but I wouldn't allow myself to do that. I shook the feeling off. "Let's start the biding." A man besides me spoke. Biding? Omg. Is this sex trafficking?? "No!!!" I fought against the darkness. "MIKE!!! NO! MIKE! HELP ME!" A couple hands held me down as I kicked and screamed. Tears drowning my face. My heart was beating loud and fast. "Contain her!" Someone from within the darkness yelled. My hair matted to my face. Sweat was all over me from the struggle. Someone punched me in the face and I went limp. "Alright, let's get to it." I heard someone say. I laid there holding my face. "$380." Door number one lit up. $760 door number two lit up. There was minute until door number one changed their amount to "$920". Door number three lit up with "$1,400". Are these people insane? Bidding for a human?? I moaned as I saw the prices getting higher. "Please stop." I whispered. Door number four lit up; $8,600. After a couple of minutes the lights went out and I was picked up and dragged outside. "Stop please. You don't have to do this!" I dragged my body against their weight. "Please." I was crying uncontrollably now. Gemma stared at me in fear. I was halfway down the hallway when they dragged her screaming into the dark room. I'm so sorry Gemma.

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