Jade lived in an apartment just by herself. She just turned 19 when a new guy moved in next door. He's tall and scary. One night she heard two voices yelling for help. One a male and the other a female.


1. New Guy

I jammed my key into the slot ; cold and tired. Just as I got the key to turn I heard heavy footsteps approach me. I didn't turn around because that would be rude. I shrugged it off but soon got goosebumps as the footsteps stopped behind me. Who is standing there. Gr, this is bugging me. I took a chance and glanced over my shoulder. A really tall man dressed in all black stared at me. "Uh, can I help you?" I moved a fallen strain of hair behind my ear. He didn't response, he just kept staring at me dead on. I shivered and quickly popped open my door. The man didn't move as I shut the door behind me. Holy crap that was scary. I pulled out my phone to text my boyfriend Mike.

Mike<3 : Hey Babe;*

Jade;) : Hey. Did you know that's there's a new guy that moved in across from me?

Mike<3 : Haha is he hot?

Jade;) : Babe, he's creeper status. He just kept staring at me.

Mike<3 : Do you want me to come over?

Jade;) : No, I'll be okay. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

Mike<3 : Night beautiful. I love you with all my heart. Never forget that.

I smiled at his text.

Jade;) : Goodnight, mi amor. I love you to.

I threw my phone on the couch as I entered the livingroom. I ran a shaky hand through my hair and looked around for something to do. I decided to just go to bed. I changed into some spandex and a sports bra. The cold sheets covered my small body as I stared at my ceiling. Who was that man? I gave a frustrating sigh and rolled over. "Help!" I heard a faint female voice yell. My body automatically jumped up in response. Please tell me that wasn't a cry for help. "HELP!" A male voice called out a little louder. Shit. I felt my bare feet touch the cold wood floor of my bedroom. I pulled out my knife and swiftly walked over to my front door. This is a bad idea. Why can't I just call the cops? Jade, stop being the hero and go back to bed. What if it's just some little kids messing around? My body didn't agree with my mind. Without thinking I opened the door and slowly stuck my head out. "Hello?" I loudly whispered. "Help! We're in here!" The female voice frantically yelped. I rushed over to the door and put my ear up against it. The door belonged to my new neighbor. "I'm going to get help. Stay there." Yeah like their not going anywhere. Dumbass. I spun around and saw the man. He stood there like a statue. "Oh, hello... Again." I rocked on my heels trying not to look at him. "You'll be a lot of money." My head snapped towards him as I heard those words. He smiled at me. Ew, he has a million missing teeth. I backed up slowly. "Excuse me?" I barked at him. His hand reached out for me but I was too quick. I ran down the hallway and down the stairs that were leading outside. I felt his hand close around my neck as I touched the doorknob. I knew I should've stayed in bed! He pulled my close to him; tightening his grip. "If you scream I'll snap your neck." His hot breath swept over my skin. It stunk. "Brush your teeth." I coughed at the smell. He growled and slammed me into the wall. I felt blood drip down my forehead. He dragged me upstairs and into his apartment. There was a cage with two people inside. They were probably the ones crying for help. They looked sad. Well of course they would. They were in a cage bloody and broken. "Hey there." I winked with a smile. The boy looked at me funny as the girl stared at her hands. "We're sorry." He looked over at the girl. I shook my head no. "Don't be. I had a sense he was gonna do this anyways. The guy is creepy as hell." I giggled but the felt the man tighten his grip. He than threw me into the cage next to them. It was much smaller than the other one. I need to figure out how to escape. "Harry. And this is my sister Gemma." He pulled the girl closer. She laid her head in his lap. She looks devastated. "Jade." I pulled my hair up into a ponytail. My heart began to race as I noticed there was no way out. No, stay calm. You have to stay calm. That's the only way you'll get out alive. "What is he going to do to us?" I asked as I laid down on the cold metal. "Once he gets four people he's gonna sell us as sex slaves. Two girls. Two guys." I slowly nodded as Harry told me the deal. Wait... "Mike..." I gasped as I remember he's suppose to come over in the morning. "Quick! What time is it!" I yelled at Harry. He glanced over his shoulder at the digital clock behind him. "7:49 am. Why?" He asked confused. No! He'll be here any mintue! I began to shake at the thought of him gone.

Mike POV:

I pulled up in front of the apartment buildings. She still hasn't texted me back. I wonder if she's still asleep. Oh well I'll just surprise her. I got out of the car with a smile planted to my face. I made my way down to apartment 509. The door was wide open. She never leaves It open. "Jade?" I called out as I switched on the lights. Her phone was laying on the couch. One of her knives were missing. "JADE?!" I yelled more frantically. Than I remembered about the creepy guy across the hall that she told me about. I took a shaky breath and knocked on the door; hard. A creepy man opened the door. "Hello? Uh yeah sir have you seen my girlfriend? She lives right across from you. Um she has beautiful lime green eyes and and long black hair. It reaches to about her waist."

Jade POV:

I heard Mike's voice come from the front door. He was describing me. "Mike!!" I screamed hitting the metal bars. I heard him stop talking. "Jade...?" I heard the questioning in his voice. "In here!" I yelled. He came running around the corner. His blue eyes were in confusing. Than the man knocked him out cold and shoved him in the cage with me. "Mike." I began to loose it. Tears drowned my face. I never should have said anything. This is all my fault. "I love you." I left a kiss on his lips.

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