A Teacher's Obessioñ-on hold

Lacy has been seeing her English Teacher for six months now. Harry is the new English student who makes Lacy realize what she's done is wrong, and now she wants out. But an English Teacher's Obsession will destroy them all.


2. Chapter Two

Harry's P.O.V

"I'll be at your place in an hour." I told Luke as we went our separate ways to our cars. My first day and already I'd made plenty of friends and was invited to a party. I was glad that people liked me, although I didn't make it very hard. I was always a friendly person who was easily liked. The person who's friendship I wanted more was Lacy's. She had made a wonderful first impression on me and I hoped I made a great first impression on her.

When I first saw Lacy there was a moment of indescribable awe and nomadic madness. I knew she was going to be the girl I chased for the rest of the year, if that was how long it took. There was a deep attraction and tonight at the party I wanted to see if there was more. I got to my car and started the short drive back to my new house.

Once home I quickly showered and went to my closet to pick out what I wanted to wear. I liked to think I had a good fashion sense, it was something women always complemented me on so I was feeling good about looking decent. After trying on four different outfits I settled on blue denim jeans and a white shirt with hands covering them. I left my hair in its natural curly state and applied a few squirts of cologne. "Mum!." I yelled as I walked back downstairs and into my mothers bedroom. "Hey, how was school honey?." Her and my sister Gemma where laying in bed watching a movie. "It was great, I made lots of friends. I'm going to a party, I'll be back by 12. I love you!." I rushed out of her bedroom before she could bombard me with a million questions. "Be safe Harold! Always do the right thing! I love you!." She yelled back. I knew she'd send me a million text throughout the night.

I got to Luke's house by following the directions he sent me and was already impressed with how many people where showing up. "Hey Harry!." Luke wrapped his arm around my shoulder in a friendly like manner and lead me into his living room with his other friends. I only remember a couple of the other guys. "Hey Lukey, nice house you got here." I smiled back at him. "Thanks man. Hey, this is Jason and his girl Kallie, and then Lisa, Robin, and Jessica." I waved at them."Let me get you a beer." Luke and I walked into his kitchen and he handed me beer. "So how was your first day?." I opened my beer and took a drink," Anyone you got your eye on yet." I smiled," Yeah, Lacy." Luke smiled back at me and took a drink," Do you know if she's got a boyfriend or anything?."

He shook his head no. "She's single. I was going to take a shot at her tonight but since I like you I'll let you take a shot at her, but you owe me." I nodded," You got it." He pointed his beer towards his door way," Here's your chance now. Hey Lacy!." He shouted at her, calling her over. I smiled as she walked up towards me, beautiful hazel brown eyes glowing when she shyly smiled up at me. "Hey New Kid." She joked charmingly. "Hey." I smiled back at her and hopped I wouldn't let my nerves get the best of me.

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