A Teacher's Obessioñ-on hold

Lacy has been seeing her English Teacher for six months now. Harry is the new English student who makes Lacy realize what she's done is wrong, and now she wants out. But an English Teacher's Obsession will destroy them all.


3. Chapter Three

When I got home I didn't waste anytime getting ready. I rushed upstairs and got into the shower. I had already picked out what I wanted to wear to the party earlier this week but I was already wondering if it was the right choice or not. I know it wasn't right to be interested in someone else when your currently in a relationship but I couldn't help myself. There was something about Harry that sparked something in me. Something epic. And it's not like I was going to throw myself at Harry and totally forget Ian, I wasn't but that didn't mean I couldn't be his friend. I just wanted to know him, never had I been so mentally and physically draw to someone. Wrapping my towel around me I walked into my closet and decided to try on just a few other dress before choosing the one I originally had picked out. A strapless dress with a black jacket to cover it and black open toed heels. I pulled my hair back and let two pieces on each side hang by my face.

After makeup and brushing my teeth I was ready to go. My parents where already gone for there trip and my sister was spending the weekend with one of her friends. I got out of the house with ease. The drive to Luke's house was short and I knew Nina and Selena would be waiting for me when I arrived. I was right.

"Finally she's here!." My best friend Elena said as she and Nina leaned into each other laughing. These girls were my sister by choice. You know how everyone in high school is fake and wishey washy? These two people where the people I knew I could trust no matter what, there was no fake friend bullshit, we where always there no matter what. "I know, know I changed my outfit like five times." We walked up the stairs and into Luke's house.

Luke was know for his beautiful girlfriends and wild parties on most weekends. Luke was popular but he wasn't a jerk, he was actually a nice guy. "Hey Lacy!." I looked over at Luke, leaning against his contour sipping a beer with Harry. My breath felt caught in my lungs and I couldn't help but be excited to be seeing him again.

Harry's black skinny jeans hung to his hips and defined his tall frame. His shirt most definitely made a bold statement, him ditching the usual plain polo shirts or graphic tees that where popular amongst our youth, but didn't look bad on him. His arms where strong and muscular through the white shirt and I admired the tattoos I hadn't noticed before. Harry looked really, really good.

"Hey, New Kid." I joked, smiling shyly at him as I walked into the kitchen. "Hey." He replied. Oh lord I hadn't noticed how captivating he was before, his eyes a hypnotic emerald green and brown curly hair framing his strong, beautiful facial features. "Want a beer?." He asked politely. "Sure." Luke opened the fridge and grabbed a beer handing it to Harry who opened it and gave it to me,"Hey Luke, how's football?." I didn't really care but I didn't want to come off rude. "It's good, I'm trying to convince Harry to join the team. He's got a nice arm." I took a drink of my beer and smiled back at Harry."Really?." He smiled at the ground and then back at me," I'm better at football- um soccer."

"Hey! Let's get this party started! Every to the back!." Luke yelled interrupting our conversation. Everyone who was in the living room walked out back and the few people that where in bathing suits or just dared to jumped into the pool and the area filled with loud music. "Let's dance!." Selena grabbed my other hand an lead me to the dance floor,"I'll catch up with you later!." Harry yelled over the music. I smiled in reply.

Nina, Selena, and I drank a few more beers in between the two hours we spent on the dance floor; bodies colliding with each other as we all danced to the music. Nina and Selena had both been stolen away to dance with guys who asked them so I started to dance by myself when I felt hands grabbing my hips and pulling them backwards. I turned my head to see who had grabbed me and smiled widely," Dance with me." Harry said, moving his body to the music. I joined him without hesitation. The music boomed around us as our bodies moved together In sync. I felt exhilarated and free as we got lost in the way our bodies touched and the look Harry was giving me. He could feel it too. The feeling of being in top of the world, like no matter what happened at least we had this moment. It was the kind of thing that made you want to fight for it.

The song ended but neither Harry or I dared to move from where we were. Harry and I stared at each other breathless in complete awe, shocked by the invisible magnetic pull we felt. Harry grabbed my hand gently and walked us out of the large crowed dance floor and to the side of Luke's house. I said nothing as he backed me up against the wall, placing his hands on both sides of my face and locked eyes with mine, his face close enough to kiss me but far enough to say something without the distraction of my lips right on top of his. I had to admit it, I wanted him to kiss me and I knew I wasn't leaving until he did. "I don't know what it is about you that makes me feel so alive so..." Harry's stare was intense as he stared into my eyes and tried to find the right words. There where none. Harry smiled to himself in disbelief, looking away from me, and dropped his smile and turned back looking at me the intensity of his eyes burned into me, catching my breath making it impossible for me to look away, to even move. All my attention was on his eyes on what he would say next," Why am I so afraid to lose you when you aren't even mine?." And suddenly, very suddenly he became everything to me.

"Kiss me," I breathed out," Kiss me so hard I forget my name." Harry didn't hesitate for a second he placed his hand on my right cheek and smashed his sweet lips onto mine, wrapping his tongue around mine in a thirsty assault. I wrapped my arms around Harry's head and griped his hair as our lips moved together in a hungry frenzy. He made me forget everything in the world expect for this moment, this kiss. His kiss.

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