A Teacher's Obessioñ-on hold

Lacy has been seeing her English Teacher for six months now. Harry is the new English student who makes Lacy realize what she's done is wrong, and now she wants out. But an English Teacher's Obsession will destroy them all.


1. Chapter One

" Lacy!." I pulled my Math book from my locker and slammed it shut, turning my attention to one of my best friends, Nina . "Hey, what's up?." I asked as we started walking towards our Math class. "Luke's throwing a party tonight and I thought since your parents where going to be out of town this weekend we could all crash at your place." I smiled back at Nina as we turned left and tried not to bump into anyone," Yeah, sure. I've just got plans Saturday morning." Nina looked at me and smiled slightly asking with her eyes, "You and Ian date night?." I looked back at her and she understood.

Me and Ian didn't get to spend a lot of time together without me having to lie to my parents or them asking so many questions. Nina and I walked into math class and took our seats in the middle of the class.

"You really should go out with Luke sometimes. He likes you and you could use the gossip." I knew what Nina meant by this. She was saying it was a good cover up to help hide the fact I was having an inappropriate relationship with my 6th period English teacher. "A date or two wouldn't be too awful." I smiled and agreed with Nina. No I wasn't into Luke but he was very good looking and charming, going out with him wouldn't be all that terrible.

"Class, I want you to meet our new student," Mrs. Bush, our Algebra 2 teacher stepped into the classroom and lead in another student. I first noticed his curly head and then his captivating eyes and smile where the next things to take my breath away.

"This is Harold Styles, he's new." Words were coming out of Mrs.Bush mouth and I was hearing them but I wasn't listening to them, all I could see was him. As if he could feel my stare he looked away from the teacher and towards me. Harold smiled slightly at me and I smiled back losing myself in his presence. I couldn't explain how I felt because I've never felt it before. All I know is it was electrifying.

"I go by Harry." Mrs. Bush made a comment about us respecting our new student and making him feel welcome but I think we all knew he would be. Just his presence felt like a gift.

I found it hard to focus on the task at hand when three seats away was this mystery boy who had such a strong impact on me without even saying hello . "Earth to Lacy." I snapped my attention to Nina and gathered my books in my hand. "Sorry, lost in thought."

The day went by quickly and the only other class I had with Harry was 3rd period Music. It was 6th period and I hoped I had this class with him as well. I just wanted to catch a glance of him, just one look and I'd be fine.

I got to English class quickly and almost forgot I wasn't entirely single. Ian- er Mr. Jacobs, my secret boyfriend stood behind his desk shuffling through papers. I smiled to myself as I watched him focus on the task at hand. He was smart, funny, and most defiantly cute. I walked into class and smiled brightly at him as he smiled back at me. "Good morning Miss Lavigne." I took my seat. "Good morning Mr.Jacobs." Whispers among the students snapped me up from the book I had buried my nose into. I looked at the doorway and there he was. Harry walked into class, a grin plastered into his face, his green eyes lighting up as his laughed echoed throughout the class when Luke leaned into his shoulder and told him something. "You coming to my party tonight?." Luke walked over to my desk with Harry by his side. Thank you Luke! "I'll be there. What about you new boy?." I smiled despite the nerves and butterfly's I felt in both my heart and my stomach, "Yeah, Lukey here has already invited me." I smiled at Luke. "Of course he has. I'm Lacy." I held out my hand and Harry shook it, keeping eye contact with me. When he touched me I didn't want to let go, I felt this wonderful heat behind his touch and I didn't want it to go away. "Lovey to meet you Lacy, Harry." Sadly our handshake was over and we both reluctantly pulled our hands away.

Class was even harder this time around because Harry was sitting right next to me. I could smell him. And boy did he smell heavenly, but that wasn't what made it hard. What made it hard was that I would look at Harry and then Harry would look at me as I looked away. We could both feel each others presence and where easily distracted by it. We both smiled an didn't try to hide the fact that we both wanted to stare at each other.

What made class harder was that my boyfriend was standing right in front of me yet Harry held my attention. I'd been with Jacob for six months now and never had I felt as I had by just looking at Harry. I didn't understand it.

"See you at the party?." Harry asked as we all gathered our things to leave for the day,"Yea." "Save a dance for me." I laughed and walked out of the classroom, "I'm going to hold you to that." Quickly I made my way home so I could get ready and see Harry again as soon as possible.

( Before you read on I just want to say that this story may contain strong language and very detailed scenes in the story that some may consider offensive and inappropriate. If that is the case I ask that you discontinue reading this story or SKIP over the detailed scenes. I am a writer and as a writer I try to make my stories as relatable and detailed as possible so that you may feel a connection with my characters and find yourself becoming them in a sense. I want you to walk in the shoes of my characters, to feel their pain as your own, their fear, the indescribable, unconditional love and that includes very detailed writing in some cases. So consider yourself warned at your own risk. Enjoy and leave comments to let me know what you think or feel. :) May this journey we take together be reckless and beautiful. -Jordan Xx 😘😘 )

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