A Teacher's Obessioñ-on hold

Lacy has been seeing her English Teacher for six months now. Harry is the new English student who makes Lacy realize what she's done is wrong, and now she wants out. But an English Teacher's Obsession will destroy them all.


4. Chapter Four

Ian's P.O.V

When you love someone wholly, completely, and unconditionally you would do anything for them. You protect them, you keep everything stable and good for them. Build the perfect life for the two of you to have together. That's what I want for Lacy and I, that's what I'm going to do for us.

The way she looked at Harry and the way he looked back at her made me sick and angry. Lacy is slipping from me I can feel it. It's like what we had has just faded to her. But it's because she's under stress from having to hide our relationship from the world and I can't be mad at her for that. I have to be strong for Lacy because she needs me to get us through this. Harold, the new student is a little punk who's trying to get in her pants. I seen the way he looked at her in class like he wanted her right then and there. It made me sick to watch him drool over her, it made me sicker to see she was completely blinded by him. She needed me more then I thought.


I ducked my head as Lacy got out of her car and walked over to her friends Nina and Selena. Those girls I liked for Lacy, they already supported her being me with me so it was easier for her to adjust to. Lacy walked into the house with her friends and I mentally thanked Luke for having a house with big front windows, made it easier for me to see. Lacy was standing in the kitchen talking to Harry. I clenched down on my jaw as he handed her a beer and she took a drink. Lacy is being foolishly blind and getting way to close to Harry. I need to put an end to this. The party was pulled outside as more people began to fill the house so I pulled around to the back of Luke's house to get a better view.


Lacy was throwing back beers like an irresponsible teenager and Harold was taking advantage of it. I watched her hips move swiftly over his as they laughed and moved to the rhythm. Lacy used to laugh with me that way, in the beginning. We'd talk for hours about literature over wine and then drift into embarrassing stories about our life, Lacy's laugh would ring through my apartment filling my ears with a sweet melody. But something had shifted between us, yes we where happy but it wasn't the same, it shifted more when she met Harry.


Grabbing my camera from the passenger seat I started snapping pictures of the two of them. They danced for only one song before he was leading her away from the party to take advantage of her. It was dark and I couldn't see what he was doing with her. I tried not to image his hands running up and down her body, it made me too angry. I couldn't risk someone seeing me by trying to get a better view so I sat in the car and waited patiently for Lacy to reappear; and she did, with her friend and then to her car. I followed them to Lacy's house just to be sure that they all got home safe.


Lacy acted immaturely tonight and if I wasn't so forgiving I would break up with Lacy for the way she behaved tonight. Letting him touch her like that and enjoying it none the less. I was going to have to talk to Lacy about her behavior. I had such good plans for us and I wasn't going to let them go to ruins. I love Lacy and would do anything for her, Harry on the other hand I'm not to forgiving to. Tomorrow I'll fix my problems with Lacy and on Monday I'd look into Harold Styles and then tell him to politely back the fuck off. And if he didn't. Well I'd gladly slit his throat.

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