My name is Elizabeth. My mother passed away when I was young and my dad kicked me out. I have been told that weird things have been happening around me but I don't believe what people say. My life was a mess until I met someone...


3. Strange

"Hey" david said 

I looked at him, and then pulled my hoodie over my face more.

"You know, you have a beautiful face why cover it"? 

I still didnt reply so he moved closer to me , lifted my hoodie off and said 

"Why so shy"? 

"I'm not shy, i just dont like people" i replied 

"Oh,so i guess you wouldnt want to go out to the coffee shop after school with me"? 


"Thats okay, i will keep trying" ,david said.

I looked at him and sunk into my chair more and put my hoodie back over my head. I started writing what the teacher had asked us to copy down from the board. Until someone knocked at the door, 

"Elizabeth needs to report to the offfice " ,the man at the door said 

"Okay, Elizabeth pack your equipment up and head to the office", the teacher said to me.

As i was putting my stationery in my bag, i looked up and David was looking at me like he'd just seen a ghost, he then said to me

"You can't go"

"What do you mean i can't go"i replied

"You can't go to the office with the man".

I looked at him , picked my bag up and walked out the classroom and started to head to the office with the man following. Halfway to the office David comes out of no where. 

"Leave her Johnathan" David said 

"what do you mean young man, i am just taking her to the office" the guy replied with.

"I said leave her alone"

Then the next thing you know this man who's name is apparently Johnathan is on the ground screaming,  i looked at David and he said 

"Let me explain once we get out of here"

I nodded my head and followed, out the door to one of the cars hiding at the back of the carpark, he told me to get in and i looked at him and said 

"I don't know you, why would i get in a car with you"?

"If you don't, you will get blamed for hurting that man Johnathan,  who is actually a Dark, so are you going to get in the car so i can explain things or you going to go back and get into trouble"? David had replied

I looked at him , then opened the car door and got in, he then got in and started the car engine and drove off. I looked at him, actually i stared at him, he then looked me laughed and put his hand on mine. This weird thing happened, when he touched my hand i jumped and i pulled my hand away away and laughed some more i just looked at him.

"When are you going to explain"? I asked

He looked at me pulled my hoodie off of my head and said 



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