My name is Elizabeth. My mother passed away when I was young and my dad kicked me out. I have been told that weird things have been happening around me but I don't believe what people say. My life was a mess until I met someone...


7. Lake

The lake was beautiful, it wasn't cold or hot, it was perfect. I looked over at David , his chest and stomach was glistening off of the water. He had a perfect body figure, the perfect set of abs and beautiful golden skin. He looked up at me and asked,

'You like what you see?' Then winked 

I looked in shock and then he cracked up laughing and said while laughing 

"Come over here",

I went over to him. He had a massive grin on his face I wonder what he is up to. He then grabbed my hand and showed me back to the surface, when we got up there he sat near the waters edge and I did as well. It was quiet for a good five minutes then he said,

"I am sorry Elizabeth" 

"What for?" I replied

"Your mothers death"

I looked at him with tears welling in my eyes and said

"Its okay"

He grabbed my hand and put my head on his chest and for the next hour we just sat there.


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