My name is Elizabeth. My mother passed away when I was young and my dad kicked me out. I have been told that weird things have been happening around me but I don't believe what people say. My life was a mess until I met someone...


4. Explaining

David pulled his car over into a drive way, infront of the driveway was a massive house. 

"Is this your house"? i asked 

He looked at me smiled and nodded. He then got out of the car and ran over to my side and opened the dooor for me, i then got out. I stood there looking up at this amazing house, it was probably the biggest house i have seen. 

"come on, lets go inside i will get you a drink then i can explain things" David said 

I looked at him,  then followed him to the front door and inside the house.  This house was amazing,  as soon as you walk in to your right is the kitchen it looked wow and to your left was a couch and a television. I walked over to the couch and sat on it, then David came over with a drink of water and sat down with me. He looked at me and smiled and said 

"So,  i guess we will start with what happened when i touched your hand, the reason you got that spark was because we are connected, i know it sounds weird but we have the same powers and touching and being around each other makes them stronger" 

"wait, so you are saying we have powers this is ridiculous", i said 

"Yes i am saying we have powers and you have seen me use them on Johnathan" david replied 

"Thats not enough evidence" 

"Okay i will show you another thing we can do".

David looked at the television remote on the table,  he concentrated on it and all of a sudden it was in the air. I can't believe what i am seeing,  i close my eyes count to ten and then open them. The remote is still in the air, i looked at david and said 

"What are you"? 

"I am apart of the light and so are you,why dont you try and do what i just did" david replied 

"Who are the light,  i am not apart of anything, this is all crazy you are crazy"! I screamed and jumped out of my chair

I was getting so angry and scared I started to walk towards the door. As i was walking out i was thinking about throwing something,then all of a sudden a rock comes my way, as i went to duck darkness came over me. 






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