My name is Elizabeth. My mother passed away when I was young and my dad kicked me out. I have been told that weird things have been happening around me but I don't believe what people say. My life was a mess until I met someone...


8. Change

I woke up the next day and did my normal routine. As I was running out the door I noticed Davids car sitting outside the house. I went up to it and David said,

"Get in im taking you to school."

I nodded and got into the car. As I was putting my seat belt on he leaned over and took my earphones and hoodie off and said,

"You are beautiful without these on , please dont have them on for now on."

He was staring into my eyes with a concern look on them. I nodded my head and then he leaned in closer and kissed my forehead then started the car. 

It was silent all the way to school, as we reached the school I got out and walked up to the big doors that takes us into the school. I stopped at the doors and breathed in, its been years since I have been through those doors without my hoodie or earphones in. David came up next to me and grabbed my hand , I looked at them intertwined together. Then I looked up at him giving him a confusing look, David starting to crack up laughing while I went bright red. He then leaned down to me , grabbed my chin and kissed me.

This was not how I expected my first kiss to happen, infront of the school building. I expected it to be on the beach with the beautiful moon glistening onto the water. He stopped kissing me I looked at him in shock while trying to catch my breath, after i caught my breath I said,

"What was that for ?"

"Well I like you Elizabeth,  whenever I am around you I have this crazy feeling in my chest that I just cant let go of, please Elizabeth tell me dont you feel that for me too?" He replied 

"I do but I cant David , I dont want you to get hurt the same way my father got hurt."

"Oh beautiful Elizabeth, you could never hurt me that way" 

"I really want us to happen but give me some time to think."

He nodded his head and then walked through the large doors. 

Its been five days since I last heard from David. I haven't seen him at school, he hasn't even tried to talk to me, if he really liked me as much as he claimed he did he would have at least said hello. I don't know what I should do, I really don't want to hurt him , but then my heartaches for him. 

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