I Cant Be Loved

A girl lost and alone. Will she ever learn to trust? To love?
"You dont understand. Im dangerous." I said coldly, stepping back.
"You know I dont believe that." He whispered in his raspy voice, stepping closer to me.

Harry Styles Fanfic


4. Chapter 4.

Chapter 4.

Sydneys POV

I was a bit nervous meeting Harrys friends. Im not really good with people if you couldnt already tell.

"Well its about time Styles'!" One of then said chuckling. He was tall with ocean-blue eyes and shortish blonde hair styled in a quiff. "Oh shut up Horan." Harry said back.

"Syd these are my friends: Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall." He said pointing them out to me each time he said one of their names. "Hi Love." Liam said holding out his hand. I smiled shyly and shook it. "Hi."

I know I seem like someone who would be able to talk to anyone, you know, with my background and stuff but, Im really quiet around new people. That is, most of the time.

Zayn looked me up and down smirking"Wow Harold, looks like you got a good one." Harry and I rolled our eyes. "We're not dating you numbskull. " Harry said. Zayn laughed,"Good Ill show her what a good time is then." He said winking at me. I rolled my eyes"In your dreams douchebag.I've met bread smarter than you." I said plainly.

The rest of the boys laughed except Zayn. "Ya, Im not afraid to unleash my inner Bitch. " I said looking straight at him. "Well I like her." Niall said laughing. 

Well, I guess Im just fabulous at making friends... Ya, not really.

"I got to go to some stores, Ill meet up with you later." I said to Harry. "Aww,  leaving already?" Liam said pouting. "Im not much fun to be around, trust me." I said walking away. 

Harrys POV

When Sydney was out of sight Louis spoke up. "So how'd you find her?" I rolled my eyes. "When I was on my flight back here I met her. She was in a panic, and she didn't have anywhere to stay." Louis nodded. "Shes hot mate. You planning on asking her out anytime soon?" Zayn said smirking. I rolled my eyes again. "She already doesnt like you Zayn. And I dont know. Shes beautiful and everything but, I dont know. I like her and all, so Im going to play it cool."

The boys nodded. "From the looks of her mate, she looks dangerous." Niall said. "What do you mean?" "I mean, she looks like a girl with a rough past." He said.

"Well," I said scratching my head, "She was pretty Hostile when i first met her. And when Hannah came over asking for money, Hannah started calling her a whore and Syd almost clawed her eyes out." Louis laughed. "You shoulda' let her claw Hannahs eyes out!"

We bursted out with laughter. We started walking around. After about 15 minutes the Mall intercom came on. "Harry Styles, can you please come down to Rue 21. Harry Styles come down to Rue 21." The boys turned to me. "What?" I asked confused. 

The boys followed me to Rue 21 and saw Syd, with her hands held behind her back by a Mall Cop. We jogged over, "What happened?!" I asked. "Your friend here got into a fight with another customer." A cop said.

Then I saw the other cop holding another girl. Hannah. Just great.

"Syd what happened?" I asked trying to make eye-contact with her but she wouldnt look up.  "I was walking around mindin' my own business when I saw a cool t-shirt. I walked over to it and was just looking at it then, Crazy over there, came over and said that she wanted it. I told her 'No' because I was going to go and buy it. When I walked away she called me a whore and I ignored her. Then she jumped on top of me, tackling me to the ground, trying to grab the top. She wouldnt get off of me, so I punched her in the nose to get her off of me." She said clearly pissed off. 

I looked over at Hannah, and her nose already bruising. "Then an employee called the mall cops or what ever, and here we are."

"Harry come on shes lying!" Hannah said. I rolled my eyes. "I met her just today and I trust her more than you," I said. "Look man," Liam said, " Just check the security footage." The cops nodded and pushed the girls forward and we followed them into the store. "Ow man watch your hands!" Syd said to the cop. 

The cops talked to manager and he motioned us into the back office. The manager found the tape footage and replayed it. It showed everything Syd said. 

"Sooo, still think Im lying?" Sydney said sarcastically to the cop holding her. He released her arms and she rubbed her wrists.

~Done with that situation~

Sydneys POV

We all walked down to the food court. We sat at a round table with - Zayn next to Liam, Liam next to Louis, Louis next to Niall,me next to Niall and Harry next to me. 

"Okay, so new rule! Next time we go to the mall, you stay with me." Harry said. "Hey! What did I do?! Its called self-defense! Besides she had coming." I said. 

All the boys laughed except Harry, he sat and smirked holding back the laughter. "Please keep bringing her places!" Louis said. "Really?" I asked. "Hell ya!" Zayn said. "You may have been a bitch to me, but I deserved it, and you punched Hannah! You're good in my book!" Zayn continued.

"Hahaha, thanks. And sorry for calling you a douche." I said. Zayn shook his head, "Nah, its cool." 

Wow, they're actually really nice. Nicer than my friends back home. Its really going to suck when I have to leave, or when Im found. 

"Well, set that aside. Can I go buy some things?" I asked. "Im gonna go with you." Harry said. "Wow, you punch a girl in the face once and you never hear the end of it!" I said sarcastically.

~Walking around Mall~

The boys now were walking with me to every store I went to. 

We walked into American Eagle and I saw it. Over in the corner of the store a beautiful Spring dress. As much of a tomboy as I am, I still like acting like a girl. The dress was spagetti-strap, above the knee, a beige background fabric with flowers decorating it. 

I ran over, the boys following me, and found my size. "Ill be right back I just want to try this on." I said walking into the dressing room.

Harrys POV


We waited for Sydney to try on whatever she picked out. "Mate, your definitely going to owe us one for making us follow her around all d-" Zayn began but stopped. I turned around to see what he was looking at.

"What do you guys think?" Sydney asked spinning in the dress she had picked out. "Whoa." We all said in unison. She rolled her eyes, "Okay, Okay! I didnt realize I was that awful to look at." She said turning back to the dressing room. "You look stunning." I said without thinking about what I said at all. 

She stopped in her place with her hand resting on the doorframe. "Thanks." She said quietly, then she walked in and shut the door.

Then I realized what I had just said. The boys bursted out laughing at me. "Ya, that was totally playing it cool!" Liam said wiping a tear from his eye. "Well, you dont owe me anything! Seeing her in the dress was good-enough." Zayn added.

"Shut up would ya!" I said shutting them up.

I couldnt help myself. She was beautiful. But I know shes, dangerous. I dont know why, i just feel it. Every moment Im with her, I get more intrigued.

Then she walked back out with her regular clothes on, except her top was different. It was a beige t-shirt, that said Be You in a cream color on it.

She walked up to the mirror looking into her reflection. As she looked a group of slutty girls walked by, "I didnt know they let cows in here!" One of them said snickering. Sydney looked in the mirror, and instead of looking hurt, she smirked.

She turned around to face the girls," I can lose wait for free! That doesnt add up to the millions of dollars it would take to fix your faces." The 3 girls mouths dropped. They all huffed angrily and stomped away knowing they had been beaten.

"Nice work!" Zayn said giving her a high-five. "When you live in Maine, you gotta learn how to fend for yourself." She said shrugging. 



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