I Cant Be Loved

A girl lost and alone. Will she ever learn to trust? To love?
"You dont understand. Im dangerous." I said coldly, stepping back.
"You know I dont believe that." He whispered in his raspy voice, stepping closer to me.

Harry Styles Fanfic


3. Chapter 3.

Chapter 3.

Sydneys POV

"Um, I dont know. I dont want to be a hassle." I said, hoping he would drop his offer. I cant trust anyone. Absolutely no one. I just cant.

~Flashback, back to the states, My house in Maine~

I walked into the livingroom to sit next Tom, who was now drunk and stoned. The stupid asshole. I tried sitting on the opposite side of the couch away from him, but he grabbed me by the hips and pulled me onto his lap.

He tried to kiss me but I instantly pushed him away. "Whats wrong babe?" He said in a slurred voice. "I dont even like you when your sober, why the hell would I like you now?" I said getting up and trying to walk to the stairs.

 Tom got up and through a lamp at the back of my head. I fell to the ground clutching my head, falling into the mess of broken glass. "Oww. What the hell?!" I screamed trying to pick the pieces of glass out my skin. "Thats what you get bitch!" He screamed whipping me with his belt, giving me a scar that later marked me on my lower neck.

~End of Flashback~

I lightly touched the scar on my neck remembering this awful memory. Before you start judging me for being in this relationship, I only did it for money. Whenever he passed out I would steal his cash. How do you think I got 4K? 

 "Nah, the only bother would be all my friends." I sighed. "Alright. Where do you live?" 

~Skipping to Harrys flat~

"Here it is." He said holding the door for me. "Whoa." It was way better than my place. Neat and tidy."You sure you dont live here with your mum?" I asked admiring the paintings on the wall. He laughed, "Im sure." My eyes were still locked on the beautiful designs on the wall. "Did you paint these?" I asked. "Nah, my friend Zayn did. He's amazing." He said.

I stood silent, tracing the lines on the wall with my index finger. Then I snapped back to reality, "Sorry, I just really like art." I laughed at my soft side. He chuckled."Its alright. Let me show you were you'll be staying." He said motioning me to the stairs. I nodded and followed. He guided me to the room at the end of the long hallway.

"Used to be my sisters room." He said guiding me in. I set my stuff on the floor and looked around. It was pretty ordinary. A bed in the corner,  a desk in the opposite corner, a big window that you could sit on the sill, and a dresser. "I really dont deserve this from you." I said turning to face Harry. " I screamed at you, I dont even know your last name, and Im not worth any of your time."

I shook his head, "Nah, I think your interesting." He said. I heard a door open and close down stairs. "Harry! Its Hannah!" A voice called. Harry rolled his eyes, "Speaking of the devil." 

He walked down the stairs, me following slowly behind him. "What do you want Hannah." He asked, showing his frustration. "I came to ask for a favor, and whose that?" She said pointing her finger at me. "What? You just picking up whores off the street?" She snarled at me a lunged at her but Harry kept me behind him. "Hey leave me alone you bitch! You aint dressed any better than me." I snapped. "Wow, American too. Looks like you got a real keeper!" 

I lost it. I tried pushing past Harry but he powered over me. "What crawled up your ass!?!" I snarled. "Look Hannah, shes my friend. Now what do you want?" Harry said aggravated. "I came to ask if I could borrow some cash." She said. "Or did you spend it all on this hooker?" "Im not giving you any more money until you pay me back now get out!" He screamed pushing her towards the door.

"Fine! Who needs you any way!" She screamed as Harry slammed the door in her face. "Who the Hell was that?!" "She used to be Gemmas best friend but when Gem realized how lousy she was and defriended her, she started bothering me."

"Damn." Was all I could say.

"So, what do you want to do?" He asked. I shrugged. "Can we go to the mall?" I asked. He laughed to himself. "What?" I asked. "Nothing, just didnt think you were the type to wanna go to the mall." Im not.

I hate the mall. But I have to change my look if I want to stay hidden.

Ring! Ring! Harrys phone rang. He brought up to his ear. "Hello?... Hey mate!... Nothing why?... Sure Ill see ya later." "Who was that?" I asked showing my curiosity. "My friend Liam. He wanted to know if I wanted to meet him at the mall with the rest of my friends. Soo, I guess we're going to the mall!" He said laughing. I Smiled and ran upstairs and grabbed some cash and shoved it in my purse. I took a quick glance at the mirror. I ran my fingers through my hair, still somewhat long, short enough to make Tom not notice me.

Its the beginning of May, and its pretty decent weather here. I walked over to my bag and grabbed some shorts. I quickly changed and took one more glance. I was wearing nice shorts that ended at a bit above my knee so my ass didnt hang out, a tank-top that had a pink breast cancer ribbon on it, and my black converse. 

 "You coming?!" Harry screamed from downstairs. 

"Ya one sec!" I screamed grabbed my purse, slinging it across my body and running downstairs.

Harrys POV

I stood waiting for Syd to come downstairs. She walked down the stairs looking stunning. Just casual she was beautiful. But, I cant let her know that.

But How? Shes so fascinating. Her intriguing past making me want to know more and more.

"You ready?" I asked. She nodded and we walked to my car. I got in my side and she got in on the passenger side.

I started the car and she turned on the radio. "And here she is! The multi-talented Taylor Swift!-" the radio said. "NO!!!" Sydney screamed changing the station. "Sorry, I cant stand her." She said. I laughed, "Its alright, if you hadnt I would've." She giggled.

Shes so… Different. She can be really cute and funny at one time. Then freaking crazy. But only when she feels, small.

I pulled up to the mall parking lot and parked the car. We walked into the mall, and saw the boys sitting in front of the music store. "Okay Ill just leave you guys alone." She said about to walk away." No. I want to introduce you to my friends. Your kinda living in my house." I said. She laughed in agreement and we walked over to the boys.

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