I Cant Be Loved

A girl lost and alone. Will she ever learn to trust? To love?
"You dont understand. Im dangerous." I said coldly, stepping back.
"You know I dont believe that." He whispered in his raspy voice, stepping closer to me.

Harry Styles Fanfic


2. Chapter 2.

Sydneys POV

I pulled my hood down. "Hi." I said plainly, avoiding any eye contact. "Excuse me, Ill be right back." I said immediately getting up and rushing to the bathroom. 

I walked in and locked myself in. I collapsed onto the seat. I pulled down my hood and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a wreck. I pulled out my ziplock baggy and unzipped it. And pulled out my scissors.

I read online that you can sneak scissors on a plane by putting it in a zip lock bag or something. I dont know that for a fact though, because the woman didn't run me under the metal detecter.

My hair was long and wavy, it grew long a little bit past my waist. I loved my hair. But I had to cut it. And once I got to London I could make my hair a bit darker.

I took in a deep breath, grabbed some hair, and cut it. By the end, my hair was cut at least 7 inches. I through my excess hair in the garbage, shoved the scissors in my pocket, pulled up my hood and left the bathroom.

I walked back to my seat next to the curly haired boy. "Attention passengers . Please buckle up, we are about to start flying." The pilot said over the intercom. I sighed and buckled myself back in.

~Now flying~

"Sorry, but I didnt catch your name." He said. 

"I dont think you wanna know." I said, still avoiding his eyes. "I do. Mine is Harry." He said. I sighed."Sydney." 

"Whats wrong?" He asked. I laughed to myself, "I think its better that I dont tell you." He leaned over trying to meet my gaze. "Please?" "Why the hell do you care anyways?" I snapped. "Im sorry, I just wanted to help." He said looking away.

I sighed, "No, Im sorry. Im just under alot of stress right now." I said wiping a tear from my face. 

He pulled down my hood, making me flinch. "Then tell me." I met his gaze, peering into his beautiful emerald eyes. "You just met me. Do you really want to get involved with my shitty- ass life?" He leaned in closer, his forehead touching mine. "Please tell me."

"Okay. But you have to understand. Over the course of my life, Ive learned that it takes a long time to trust someone. A very long time." He nodded. "I'd never hurt you." "Like I said. Its hard for me to trust anyone."

I laughed. "What?" He asked. "Your trying to be cute, but in reality. We are on a plane, just met, and I think I like you." He laughed. "I think I like you too."

After a few hours we were in London. During that time I avoided the reason why I was on the plane. I didnt fully trust this guy yet. He was sweet and all but, once he knows who I am, better yet what I am, he wont want anything to do with me.

"You may now exit the aircraft. Welcome and enjoy your stay in London, England." Said the plane attendee over the intercom.

I sighed. Seems Ive been doing that alot lately. I dont know where Im going to go now. I dont know anyone here.

"So who are you staying with? A relative?" I shook my head standing up and grabbing my backpack. " I kinda came here in a hurry. So I dont know where Im going to go now." I said about to walk off into the airport.

Harry followed up behind me. "Hey! I dont live with anyone. You could stay with me until you find a place to stay if you want." He said eagerly hoping Id accept his offer.


A/N Hey guys. So Im hoping you've liked it so far. But sadly its going to take me longer to finish chapter three due to my stupid little brother. I left the room for thirty seconds and he took my laptop and logged out of my account without saving it:(((((( I literally cried for an hour, because it had taken me forever to write it :((((((((((((((((((((((( And I had literally just finished it:''''''''((((((

Well bye

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