I Cant Be Loved

A girl lost and alone. Will she ever learn to trust? To love?
"You dont understand. Im dangerous." I said coldly, stepping back.
"You know I dont believe that." He whispered in his raspy voice, stepping closer to me.

Harry Styles Fanfic


1. Chapter 1.

Sydneys POV


"Leave me the Hell alone!!!" I screamed running out of my house. "Where the hell do ya think your gonna go?! No one loves you!! No one will ever care about you ya little Bitch!!!" He screamed at me drunk as Hell. "Leave me the fuck alone!!" "You'll be back you skank!"

My name is Sydney Walthome. Im 17, lived in Maine, have long blonde hair, tall, and dangerous. I've managed to stay in school and keep myself alive. I been working three different jobs since I was 15, since my parents died.

I slung my back pack over my shoulder and ran towards the nearest airport. I live fairly close to one.I walked and pulled up my hood to cover my face. I got in line for tickets to the farthest place I could get.

In my backpack, I had 4 pairs of jeans, 6 shirts, two bras and underwear, phone charger, make-up bag, earbuds and $4,000

"Next." The lady behind the desk handing out the tickets said in a mug voice. "Whats the farthest flight?"

She typed on her computer, "the farthest flight we have is to London, England." "How much?" She looked at me strange. "How old are you?" "Thats my business, not yours.Now how much?" I said sternly.

"$990. And they are boarding the flight now. " She said flickin her head towards the flight boarding station. "Everyone stop where you are!!!" I knew from the drunken voice it was Tom.

I slammed 1 grand on the table." Dont tell him where Im going." She nodded and handed me my ticket.

I ran to board the flight. But one of the attendees stopped me. "Ma'am, I need to check your bags first." I rolled my eyes and handed her my bag. 

I stood there tapping my foot waiting for the woman to give me my bag."Okay your free to board-" I cut her off by taking my bag, gave her my ticket and boarding the plane.

I hurried in and found a seat towards the back of the plane, not even realizing who I was sat next to. I buckled myself in and put my phone on airplane mode.

I had my bag sitting on my lap. I held it tightly.

"Hi." I heard a kind voice say. I turned my head to see a curly haired boy. Who looked around my age.

A/N hey everyone!! So this story is unlike any other Movella I've ever written. Yes it is kinda like Safe Haven, but umm, way different... mmKay Byeeeee.

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