Cameron Dallas

This short story is about how one person can save you from your worst nightmare.


9. Cam's P.O.V

Maybe it's no longer any of my business. Maybe it would be wrong of me to ask, or maybe just maybe I have every right to know. I mean, I know I did nothing bad. All I've ever tried to do was protect her. Keep her from harms way.

"The stars are aligned tonight. This night makes up for all the nights you missed out on. Play your cards right and let the rest fall into place." For some strange reason that is giving me the tiniest confidence I need to get through the night. As the sun goes down and the moon begins to come up I prepare myself. Should I bring snacks? How about some flowers? Anything? I can't seem to stop pacing back and forth.

Maybe I should start walking before she goes to bed. 

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