Cameron Dallas

This short story is about how one person can save you from your worst nightmare.


5. Cam's P.O.V

"C'mon Cameron, we've been bro's for too long, what's going on, why can't you just tell me?" Jake has been nagging for twenty minutes already. The thing is, Jake doesn't know my past. Actually, to be honest nobody does. After middle school I started fresh. I promised myself that I would leave my past in the past. Little did I know, my past means more to me than, well anything. "Its nothing bro, just a long day that's all" I finally had the strength to speak up.

"Ha, Cam you've been my best friend for how long? You're the worst liar ever. And you've been with me all day doing absolutely nothing. So stop being a little bitch and spill." Before I could answer, my mom walked in the room. Thank god for her timing. "Cameron I'm going to have some people over, please go to the store and grab some snacks and drinks"

I got ready and headed for the door completely forgetting Jake was at my house. Oh well, I'll be back before he even notices. As I get into the car I cant help but think of J. "C'mon Cameron make a move" These voices in my head are driving me crazy. Turning the corner of the street I notice her car.

"Is she okay?" I mumbled to myself. I kept driving. "Just turn around Cameron, she needs you" Those were the last thoughts I needed to hear. After debating for a while I finally decided to turn around. I got out of the car and walked over to her. Not knowing what to say, I prepared myself for the unexpected.

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