Percy Jackson Movie MISTAKES

Have any of you hardcore Percy Jackson fans watched The Lightning Thief movie, and got so PISSED OFF because absolutely NOTHING was correct about the movie? Well you're not alone. This is my rant about the stupid script writers and directors that wrote The Lightning Thief and turned it into a JOKE! **CAUTION--RATED YELLOW FOR STRONG LANGUAGE**


4. Note...

So I haven't updated this movella in over a year--I kind of forgot about it with everything that has been going on in my life--But recently re-watched the movie with my younger brother(Who claims that this movie is way better than the book. . . I know, freaking genious, right? Ugh.) and rewatching it had brought up old, burning hatred and I now am going to continue with pointing out all the atrocities that this movie has disgraced us with.

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