Percy Jackson Movie MISTAKES

Have any of you hardcore Percy Jackson fans watched The Lightning Thief movie, and got so PISSED OFF because absolutely NOTHING was correct about the movie? Well you're not alone. This is my rant about the stupid script writers and directors that wrote The Lightning Thief and turned it into a JOKE! **CAUTION--RATED YELLOW FOR STRONG LANGUAGE**


6. Clarisse

Okay, yes Clarisse shows up in the second movie, 




I'm debating whether or not the scriptwriters had actually read the book.


I think not. 


Because if they had




Would have put in the little 'Initiation' scene in which Clarisse had dragged Percy into the bathrooms when he got started at camp. 


I wonder where that scene was.


I wonder where Clarisse was.


I wonder how Rick Riordan had actually gave his rights over to let them create these movies.


Craig Titley,


Chris Columbus


Y'all are on my list.

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