Beauty and the brains

So this is my version of the princess and the popper.theres no princess no magic and no random people who just happen to look exactly alike the minute they meet.oh no this is about two twins Emerald and Alexandrite but they go by Emma and Alex they would look exactly alike if one of them took off they're glasses and put on some makeup but no matter how much they look alike they aren't alike at if you've ever heard of the princess and the popper you might have an idea of how it goes but still read and if you haven't heard of the princess and the popper then again still read:)


1. meeting us

"Give them back."i shouted while chasing my sister

"Nope."she said waving my glasses in the air

"Give them back now."i shouted louder

"Get contacts."she said.

"Right Now Emerald."i shouted

emerald is my twin sister she thinks cause shes fifteen minutes older than me she can boss me around whenever she wants but anyway she hates being called Emerald

She stopped and liked at me

"What did you just say"she said

"Give them back,EMERALD."i said

"How many times have i told you its,EMMA."she shouted

"But you know what i don't mind."she said smiling

"You don't?"i questions very confused

"No not at all,here's your glasses,Alexandrite."she said frowning when she got to my name.


Anger built up inside me."it's ALEX"i shouted while charging at her and tackling her down. We started scratching at each other and slapping and at one point we got to close to the stair case and,down went the see i can take pain and it honestly doesn't hurt but i just wish we weren't at school when it happened long story short we get to clean up Emeralds blood during our lunch break,yay

Anyway my name is Alexandrite Mackenzie Raloff i have Blonde hair always in a ponytail,i choose not to wear makeup,I have glasses,i love school and you see hangouts,parties,boyfriends and all that kind of stuff arent really my thing,but my sister well she's the opposite,her names Emerald Alice Raloff,our mum decided to name us after our birthstones Emerald was born on May,31st at 11:57 and I was born on June 1st at 12:12 but anyway,she has blonde hair always curled,wears tons of makeup,wears contacts,hates school and everything about it,and for her,hangouts,parties,boyfriends are defiantly her thing anyway that's me and Emerald,wait one more thing i only go by Alex and Emerald only goes by Emma so ya THAT is us.

A/N:Sorry i know it's really short but cut me some slack it's just the first chapter

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