HE'S ALL MINE (fanfic parody)

Hey guys this is kind of like a parody of a whole bunch of fanfics. If you don't absolutely hate this fanfic, then you're incredibly awkwardly insanely weird and stuff. I DARE YOU TO READ IT LOL



Maryanne's POV

"Omg I'm like preggos!" I yelled. "Omg I'm gonna have a baby today!" I screamed as I ran around. "Hey babe," Harry said, "you look great." Suddenly I had to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom. Suddenly, my water broke. "RUSH ME TO THE HOSPITAL MY WATER IS BROKEN WE MEED TO REPAIR IT!!' I screamed.

At the hospital

"Keep pushing babe keep pushing," suddenly, there was a baby in my arms! "Oh em gee it's a guuuuurl!" I screamed. "Yay congrats babe I love you so much let's get married." Harry said. "Sure. I'll go to the church and tell the priest. You go decorate." "Sure I'm on it babe. " he said.

The next day

I put on an oversize sweater, black leggings, and uggs. I put my hair in a messy bun. (www.polyvore.com/typicalwhitegirloutifit/fakelink) We went to the wedding. "I do," I said. "I do," Harry said. Wow we were married now yay! "OMG GO FUCK YOURSELF I HATE YOU BITCH ASS SKANK ASS HOE" fans chanted. Wow I'm so glad they're happy for us!

We went to Nialls place for da celebration. "FOOOOÔD yay" he yelled. Fans were outside with guns. I'm so happy that they support us.


We went to Starbucks.

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