HE'S ALL MINE (fanfic parody)

Hey guys this is kind of like a parody of a whole bunch of fanfics. If you don't absolutely hate this fanfic, then you're incredibly awkwardly insanely weird and stuff. I DARE YOU TO READ IT LOL



Maryanne's POV

When we got back from Starbucks, I was so tired. So I put our baby to bed. I decided right then and there to call her The Girl Version Of Harry. "What a beautiful name!" Harry sed.

Then we left the baby inside and went to our wedding par-tay!

At the party

"0mg babe I love you so much I'm so happy we got married after all we've been through together." I said as we kissed and made out. Then Harry pulled away and waved to someone.

It was a girl.

"OMG HARRY HOW COULD YOU WAVE TO ANOTHER GIRL! THATS HORRIBLE I CANT BELIEVE YOU!!!" I yelled. "Maryanne, I can explain, it was my mum and I was just waving to h-" "I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT!!" I screamed, "WERE THROUGH!!" Then I ran away crying.

I decided I was too emotionally drained to go back to da par-tay so I spent the night at my friend Sarah's house. I told her what happened. "Omg I'm sooooooooô sorry Harry is a bitch ass fucking selfish hoe." She said after I told her about our divorce. I mean, how could Harry just go and cheat on me and then go say it's his mum?

The next day

Maryanne's POV

I put on my sweats and uggs. I went to Starbucks with Sarah. "Guuuuuurl, you look terra bull. Let's go to da mall." She said as we drank frapps. "I know. I just don't know how to get over this. I mean like, Harry and me just got married and then he just... I don't know. But let's go. " I said, the tears threatening to pour out of my orbs again.

At the mall

"Omg Maryanne I'm so glad u broke up with harreh!" Fans yelled as they threw rotten tomatoes at us.

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