HE'S ALL MINE (fanfic parody)

Hey guys this is kind of like a parody of a whole bunch of fanfics. If you don't absolutely hate this fanfic, then you're incredibly awkwardly insanely weird and stuff. I DARE YOU TO READ IT LOL



Maryanne's POV

OMG. I thought as I looked at Harry styles pictures at Starbucks. I took a sip of my frappé. Mmm. Suddenly, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around, but no one was there. Then a note fell onto my laptop. It said :" hey babe. Meet me on the park at midnight, kk?" I nodded at no one in particular. I quickly went home and showered four times, because that's just how life is. I applied some light makeup and looked at myself in the mirror. Then I put on leggings, an oversize sweater and uggs just to be unique and stand out from everyone else. I headed over to the park. No one was there. "Hey babe, you ready for tonight?" A voice behind me said. "Yup." I said, winking.

When we were done having sex, he said: "so yeh, I'm Harry styles and yeah." He smirked because of course that was all he was ever allowed to do in fanfics. I laughed. "Wanna come on tour with me and da boyz?" He asked. "Yeah, sure babe." I said. I went home and showered again like 52 times, because I hadn't showered in like 2 minutes. I applied some light makeup and put my hair in a messy bun. So that I would stand out, I put on leggings, uggs, and an oversized sweater. I went to Starbucks with Harry. We shared a huge frap. We kissed and made out. "Baby, I haven't seen you in ages," he moaned. Then we left and went to Louis' place. "Hey babe, were here," Harry said. We had sex again I'm the car, because ya know, it's totally normal to have sex like 5 times a day. "Babe I think I'm like preggo," I said. "Really?" Harry said. We walked in. "Hey Maryanne." They chorused because they obvi already knew ma name. "Guys me and Harry have news!' I said. "I'm preggo!" I said. "OMG REALLY? When's it due?" Liam asked. "Tomorrow." I said. Them we all went to bed and Harry and I had sex again.

A/N hey guys I hope you like it even though it's stupid. It's a fanfic parody for those who didn't know. I'm not that bad of a writer! Anyways, go check out my actual fanfic Devastated. Please comment and like! Okay bye


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