Emily's parents got killed by a crazy, obsessive killer who would do anything just to have her by his side. She wanted to run away from him. They locked him up in an asylum but news went around saying he escaped and he's looking for only one girl. Emily is having the time of her life at her friends Sweet 16 at a hotel but that all goes down the drain when she comes eye to eye with the green, captivating eyes that held nothing but pure insanity.


4. Wing C

Chapter 4

Harry's POV

"Harry Styles. Acts of impulse and very violent. Family murder. Girl obsession. Pictures of girl in cut-outs. The girl is very traumatized Mrs. Rendal," a young woman spoke to the older lady who was in her 40s. Mrs. Rendal looked at me and her brown eyes narrowed.

"Harry Styles, Hi, my name is Doctor Rendal and I will be your psycologist at Maynard's Instiution. We will discuss things about your feelings, thoughts and we'll check you health too. Now, before you introduce yourself fully, I'm just going to start off with myself," she said as the young nurse left the room. "My name is Nicole. I have two children, I'm happily married and I live on the other side of the city where the grass is greener and the sun shines all day long."

She smiled.

I looked at my hands and then I slowly tilted my head to meet with her eyes.

"You already know me. Didn't the nurse just tell you about me?" I sunk into the chair and stared at the paintings on the wall.


Doctor Rendal's POV

Harry stared at the painting on the walls, paying no mind to me. I could tell it was going to very hard to work with him because he looked like the type to not really open up much.

I looked at the tattoos covering both of his arms. 

"So, tell me about your tattoos," I broke the silence. He looked down at his arms and shrugged.

"Just some art. A naked woman. Rose vines and blood. Nothing crazy," he said. My eyes trailed up his arm and I saw a tattoo that had cursive writing.

"What does that say?" 

"The writing?"

"Yes," I said.

"Repeat After Me: I Am Free," he said. 

 "What does it mean?" I asked.

"Society makes us do many things. The government expects us to be perfect people, and at the same time want us to be different. We all do the same thing. Watch TV. Walk on the pavement. Get married. Get a job. Have kids. It's all the same. I don't want to be the same so I choose to not to do that," he said. I nodded my head in interest. He was slowly opening up but he was letting out his ideas which was a start.

"You don't want to have kids, or get married?" I asked.

"Of course," he said. I didn't get it, but whatever he understood wasn't the same for everyone else.

"Okay, well. Do you have any thoughts that have been running through your mind lately?" I asked him. He looked around the room and laughed.

"Scarlett," his hoarse, low voice said. Did he just say Scarlett - my nurse?

"Nurse Scarlett?" I asked. 

"Blue eyes blonde hair?" he asked. I nodded.

"Why has she been running through your head? She didn't do anything inappropriate that had you thinking about her now, did she?"

"No. No. She didn't do anything inappropriate. She's hot," he smirked. My eyebrows pulled together. I was kind of disturbed about Harry thinking our staff was hot. I would definitely have to keep an eye on him, but I couldn't change her schedule either.

"Okay she is indeed gorgeous, but what's the most attractive part about her?" I asked.

"I don't know, she reminds me of Emily," he said. I hadn't noticed his thick British accent until now.

"You have to keep in mind that Nurse Scarlett isn't Emily, okay Harry? They're two different girls. We don't want you becoming into a schizophrenic patient," I said carefully. His jaw set and his eyes became darker. He stared at me with a cold glare and I don't know what I had just triggered inside of him.

"No I'm not. I'm normal. Get me the fuck out of here," he swore and got up.

"Harry, sit down. I really don't want to call the guards right now. Plus, we also don't need warden Donna on our asses," I said and sauntered towards him. He looked at me and moved his brown curls away from his eyes.

"I don't care who comes. I want to leave," he said. I sighed out. I had to think of something to calm him down.

"Tell me about Emily Jackson," I said and leaned into my office table, crossing my arms against my chest. Harry looked at the ground and it became silent. I only heard his heavy breathing and then he finally broke the silence.

"I love her. I love Emily Jackson. Her blond, wavy hair and blue eyes. Her body is incredible because I stalked her at the beach. I always longed to have skin contact with her. We were meant to be together Doctor Rendal. I hate her stupid boyfriend, Toby. He's only with her because she's a popular cheerleader. She never notices me. One time, freshman year, I helped her pick up her books and she walked away without a thank you. Her family knew who I was, and they wanted me to stay away sophomore year. I had to kill them Nicole. I had to," he admitted. I nodded. 

Picking up a file report paper off my desk, I read it.

"So, apparently you stabbed her after getting her alone in her front steps. Why did you do that?" I said shocked.

"I didn't want her to feel scared. So, I replaced fear with pain. I didn't want her to be more traumatized so I stabbed her. She would be unconcious after that so her mind wouldn't go into deep traumatization," he said. I nodded once again.

"Harry, what are you going to do with Scarlett?" I said and looked at him closely.

"Nothing. I won't do anything to her. Scarlett knows me. She notices me. I don't need to get her attention," he said.

"Okay. That's good because I don't want you to touch her at all when she has to do your health checks," I said.

"She's doing my health checks?" he looked up quickly. "When's my next one?" he said exasperated.

"After I'm done talking to you. I'll call her in a few minutes. Just sit down, okay?" I said.


Scarlett's POV

My walkie talkie went off. 'You have a health check in Wing C with a class A patient. Be careful and make sure to call the double J gaurds if we have to sedate them'

"Copy," I said. Noticing I was in Wing A, I walked down the hallways quickly, not wanting to be late for Doctor Rendal. I made a turn down the halls where I heard many patients talking out of their cells. Some were reading. Some were whispering on their beds and some were sleeping. Some - banging their heads on the cells.

I made one last turn and walked down the bright hall where I saw the sign Wing C. I got closer to the door and grabbed the folder of mental health records that was in the box. I opened it up and the name on the top had me stopping in my tracks.

Patient #0984 First: Harry Last: Styles

Disorders: Violent. Family murder. Fantasized obsession with an 18 y/o female.

Schizophrenic: N/A. 

Alcohol Abuse: YES Bipolar disorder: YES Feigned insanity: N/A

I looked at the door knob and my fingers rested on them. Pondering in whether to walk in or not. I was nervous to see him again after what he had did two days ago. What if he did did it again? I gluped down and twisted the knob. I opened the door, and all eyes were on me.

"Thanks for coming Nurse Scarlett," Doctor Rendal said warmly. My eyes were still glued on the report and I didn't want to look up. Just look up and stop being a scaredy-cat, or like Harry would say "stop being a little pussy" in his British accent. I inhaled deeply and looked up. 

I looked past the figure sitting on the office couch and I smiled at Doctor Rendal. She tucked her hair behind her ear and picked up her folders, scanning through them. I walked in all the way and closed the door behind me. Setting the folder on the table, I walked over to a medical set up and picked up the stethoscope.  

I put in the buds in my ears and turned around to face Harry. He was smirking at me and a shiver ran down my spine. I grabbed a chair and set it in front of him. Sitting down I pressed the instrument on his hard chest.

"Take three deep breaths," I said. He breathed in and out - his minty breath fanning across my face. I looked into his green eyes as he took in his second breath.

He drew in his last breath and as he spoke he whispered, "Hey."

I looked away and pulled out the stethoscope buds out and set it on the table. I wrote on the report and grabbed a needle. I put it up to my face and flicked it with my fingers. 

Harry looked at the shot, horrified.

"It won't hurt," I said. I walked over to him and looked at his arm tattoos. I admired them. I pulled his short sleeve up and rubbed his forearm with an alcohol cloth. Seconds later, the needle protruded his skin. He watched and he didn't flinch.

"This is to control your behavior. No sedation," I directed the last part to Doctor Rendal.



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