Emily's parents got killed by a crazy, obsessive killer who would do anything just to have her by his side. She wanted to run away from him. They locked him up in an asylum but news went around saying he escaped and he's looking for only one girl. Emily is having the time of her life at her friends Sweet 16 at a hotel but that all goes down the drain when she comes eye to eye with the green, captivating eyes that held nothing but pure insanity.


2. Institution


I literally sit in every class bored out of my mind and never pay attention so I'm usually writing for the next chapter. So, I came up with this in Math class, BOOM.

Chapter 2

Emily's POV

I put the pills back in the mirror shelf and closed it. I almost screamed at the site of Toby behind me.

"Babe, you scared me," I whispered out, putting my hand to my chest. He grinned widely and approached towards me wrapping his fingers around my waist lightly.

"I'm sorry," his deep voice muttered in my ear. The sensation sent tingles running down my spine.

'It's okay," I said looking up at his light, blue eyes. They were as clear as the waters in the Bahamas or Dominican Republic. I smiled as my face inched closer to his. We crashed out lips together and our mouths moved in perfect motion. I felt him lightly moaning against my lips as his hands trailed under my shirt.

He was about to pull it off half-way when I looked down and made him stop. I let out a deep breath and tucked a loose piece of hair behind my ear.

"We can't let it stop us from doing anything Emily," he said running his fingers through his dark blonde hair. He was talking about the scar on my stomach that made me feel self - conscious ever since. 

"I know. I'm sorry, I just. I-It's so ugly," I uttered out my eyes watering up. In all honesty, it was. I never wanted to wear a bikini in the summer. I was so scarred after that night with the guy who ruined my life. My psychologist helped me get past it but something in the back of my mind would never forget.

All I knew from detectives was that he was was a crazy 20 year old guy who had pictures of me on his wall and in notebooks. Apparently, he even had the date it all went down circled on his calendar. It's not fair how he pleaded insanity when he clearly premeditated it.

I've never seen his face. All I remembered was the thick, chestnut curls of hair he had and green eyes that were dancing in a world of darkness. His head was so far. He was insane and I knew it because he was sent to an asylum with heavy security. Even though he's going to be in there forever, I still feel scared.

I got pills that would numb my thoughts and feelings. I don't remember anything about yesterday but that special day I do. I don't even know how a handsome, popular guy like Toby loves me even with the dark past I have. 

"Emily! Come down, I finished breakfast," I heard Uncle Russell's voice call out. He interrupted my train of thoughts and I had not noticed that I've been staring at myself in the mirror for a few minutes. My eyes shifted towards Toby and he looked at me worriedly. 

 "Sorry. I was just thinking," I said my voice slightly a whisper. I walked out of the bathroom, pulling my hair into a ponytail. I picked up my bag and Toby followed me out of the room. The smell of bacon and eggs invaded my nostrils and my mouth quickly watered. I ran down the stairs excitedly and gave Aunt Jessica a kiss on the cheek. 

"That smells so good," Toby said stretching behind me and walking towards my Uncle.

"Thanks sonny. Hey, where you here last night?" he said pointing the spatula at Toby and looking between us. Toby glanced at me.

"No sir, why?" he said.

"Good," my uncle said bringing the spatula back down. "I don't want any boyfriend's roaming around at 3 am." My face turned red.

"Uncle," I looked up at him. I gave him the look and he chuckled.

"Russell, have you seen the new magazine I bought yesterday?" my Aunt's sweet voice called out.

"No," he called out and then turned around to look back at us. "Have a seat guys."

I walked towards the marble table and took a seat on the cold chair that felt cool against my thighs since the weather was warm. Toby took a seat besides me and I could feel him staring at me. I slowly looked up.

 "What?" I asked.

"Nothing. You're just so gorgeous," he smiled. I blushed and fiddled with my thumbs on the table.

"Thanks," I whispered. I felt him place a soft kiss on my arm. I smiled.


 Harry's POV

 A sly smirk crept it's way up my lips as my eyes drifted around to the people who were staring at me like I was FBI's most wanted.

I might not have been FBI's most wanted but I sure was somebody Maynard's Institution of the Insane wanted to put me in forever. All they wanted me to do was rot in a repulsive cell while I hear people muttering things to themselves and screaming like the world was ending because they were so paranoid.

But I swear, I wasn't crazy.

I just happened to love Emily. She was supposed to be with me and nobody else. Her family always refrained from me getting to even communicating with her. I felt so hopeless so I decided the only way to reach her was to remove them.

When I held her tight while her scared, helpless body was kicking around and frailing around against my body, I had the biggest smile on my face. I had finally managed to her into my hands. I wanted to calm her down and take her home. We could be together forever and we could even have children of our own.

I didn't want to do it, but I had to. I stabbed her. God, how much it hurt me to see her getting weak under my fingertips. I quickly turned Emily around just to look into her blue eyes that were crying for help as her face twisted in pain. She looked at me like I was crazy.

Fuck, I'm not crazy! 

Her body slipped out of my hands and she lay on the bottom of my feet, holding on to her stomach for dear life as she gasped for air. A tear slipped out of my eye and I smiled. She was beautiful. I bent down and felt her soft, wavy blonde hair. I sniffed it one last time and took one step back.

Looking at my knife and then at her, my tongue glided along the sharp knife and the taste of her sweet blood made me go crazy.

"Put your hands up where I could see them!" A cop yelled out. I looked up and the lights blinded my eyes. I covered my eyes and then dropped the knife, pulling my hands up in the air. I laughed uncontrollably as cops ran towards me and Emily's beautiful body on the ground who was still gasping for air.

I was thrown to the floor and the wind was knocked out of me.

"Don't worry, love, we'll be together." I whispered. Her empty eyes locked with mine but I knew she was unconscious. "Soon."

I passed by a woman wearing an all white uniform who was looking at me like she had seen a ghost.

"Boo," I whispered and she almost jumped. Her face turned red and she quickly looked away. I looked up at the Institution in front of me. I knew this place like the back of my hand. I knew all the exits and how the place upgraded their technology. If there was a storm and the electricity shut off, I could make the perfect escape.

The chains below me rattled as I trudged up the stairs with guards on each side of my arms. My hands were cuffed too.

"This is so stupid," I muttered. 

"No speaking!" The guard on my left warned. I turned my head around and glared at him. He was getting uncomfortable by my stare. I snickered as I also noticed how much taller I was than both of them. A line of woman in white uniforms stood as I walked by. I winked at the girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Oh, how much she reminded me of Emily.

The girl breathed in and then looked away. I laughed.

"Is this my new home?" I said standing in front of the door where a woman with black hair stood with no expression on her face. "Hi Donna."

Donna looked at me like how did you know my name? Donna was the head of the Institution.

"Yes this is your new home. I will show you around today. The guards will watch your every move and there is a tight schedule around this place. Follow me, Harry Styles," said Donna strictly saying my name.

'" I don't need a dumb ass schedule. I already know how everything goes," I said.

"Well then. Good luck," she smiled. It was a fake smile. 

"Fuck you too," I smiled. She rolled her eyes.

No matter what the schedule was, or how many times they would change my cells or where I would be every hour, I would still find a way out.

I wanted to see the love of my life.




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