This is for me to vent my feelings.


2. My Parents

So I forgot to mention my parents. They are your average parents my dad works and my mom works two jobs to support us. My family has struggled with money all of my life because they had my brother when they were teenagers. They fight about it all of the time and that really makes my wonder if they are only together because of the kids or if I made it worse because I'm the second one.

I had a great relationship with my dad when I was younger, but now we just fight over the stupidest things ever. Also, my mom and I fight all the time because she wonders why I don't do anything around the house. I do things, and then she doesn't notice or yells at me because I fucked it up or I didn't do everything. I'm a teenager I have things other than doing the dishes or cleaning the living room on my mind. They also don't realize that I have so much stress from school and friends and my life. I don't even think that they care. All that they care about is my grades. They don't understand how had and stressful it is to get those grades and that I get a most six hours of sleep because of my homework.

They compare me to my brother all of the time. My brother is a very smart person and never failed at anything. They want me to just like that, but I can't and I really hurts me that they just count me and a little him and not me as my own person. I'm sick of being treated as a little him. I want to be me! I can't wait to move out of this house and be me and not have to worry about what they think.

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