Now I'll Tell You Everything.

What can little Mia Rae Horan do to protect herself from the outside world? Keep her thoughts, inside. Luna has everything wrong with her. Acclaimed Anorexic. Bipolar disorder. And the abuse of her foster parents on top of that. Her parents and brothers you ask? Maura, Bobby, Greg, and Niall Horan. Yes. But "falling down the stairs" doesn't make a good excuse, every time. With the help of her best friend Anna, she keeps everything intact. But that one all comes to place.And she realizes she has fallen in love. "Alright! Calm down.…Now I'll tell you everything."


1. A/N: Please Read

Hey you guys. So this is my new book. I will be writing mostly every day. Depending on how many likes and favorites I get. If this is good, I will post it on Wattpad too. So, I will post the first few chapters in a couple of days! Be ready! Kisses, Cayli :*

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