Only Nine Months

Only nine months. Only nine months being around the biggest asshole on the planet. Only nine months of cankles, sausage fingers, backaches, and nausea. Only nine months until I'm a mother. Only nine months until Louis never meets his child. Only nine months until I never have to talk to Louis Tomlinson again.


1. Prologue

Louis's POV-

"What's your name?" I asked the cute redhead that Harry pointed out to me. Obviously just another one night stand. I'm not that into relationships...

"Autumn," the girl replied.
"Cute name," I grinned.

"Well, what's yours?" she asked. Is she fucking serious? I'm Louis Tomlinson. One Direction.

"Don't you know?"

"Obviously not, or I wouldn't be asking," she replied.

"Feisty. I like you, Autumn. How about a little privacy?"
"Still don't know your name," she laughed, and reached for my hand. As much as I loved this club, I couldn't wait to get back to my flat for a bit of fun with Autumn.

"Louis," I replied, "Louis Tomlinson."

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