Only Nine Months

Only nine months. Only nine months being around the biggest asshole on the planet. Only nine months of cankles, sausage fingers, backaches, and nausea. Only nine months until I'm a mother. Only nine months until Louis never meets his child. Only nine months until I never have to talk to Louis Tomlinson again.


8. Chapter 6.5

12 hours earlier-

Niall's POV-

"C'mon, Autumn! It'll be fun!" Harry said. Autumn still frowned. Two day ago, she'd announced that her birthday was coming up. Harry and Zayn instantly started to plan a party, but then only told her now.

"And we've already rented out the club! We invited your sister, and a couple friends of ours," Zayn chimed in.


"What's wrong?" Liam asked. All of the boys were here except Louis. Surprise, surprise...

"My sister doesn't fucking know that Louis is the father! How do I explain to her why One Direction is throwing me a birthday party?" Autumn wailed. All of the boys believed her except Louis. Again- Surprise, surprise...
"Easy. You won a contest. It's that simple." I said.

"What contest?" Zayn asked confusedly.

"There is no contest." Harry laughed.

"No. There is no fucking way we're throwing her a party. She's a whore who's using you, Niall. She lost her home because she's a fucking slut, so she lies and then moves in with you." Louis walked in. Wow... I'm actually surprised now. Why would he show up?

"Louis, fuck off," Autumn said. She had stopped trying to convince him without proof, and started to be a total bitch to him. Nobody really minded except Louis. So he left.

"Fine. I'll do it. But only because Louis doesn't want me to," she smirked, flipping her gorgeous red hair over her shoulder. I don't know why I won't just make my move. I just don't want to hurt her. But I do want her. Desperately.

"Perfect!" Zayn exclaimed, "Go get ready now."

"What?" Autumn asked.

"It's tonight." Harry said.

"But I don't have anything clubby here!" she said. Did she really just say clubby? That is why I like this girl.

"We'll go shopping. C'mon," I said, taking her hand. It wasn't a romantic gesture to her; we held hands all the time.

Autumn's POV-

"I love it!" I squealed, spinning around in the 19th dress I tried on. It was a tight spaghetti- strapped number in purple a plunging back. Niall grinned, and then I went back to get changed. When I came out, he took the dress and put the necklace and clutch we had chosen up next to it. He also held a bag from the makeup counter. I felt bad, because it was all so fucking expensive.

"I can pay for some of it," I said, pulling out what was left of my money.

"No. You don't have to," Niall said. So he paid for my stuff and we went home to get ready. I went straight to work- I showered and then fixed my hair, did my makeup, and put on the dress.

"Damn, you look hot," Niall grinned, and put my necklace on me. Then his phone plinked.

"Just in time, too. The boys are here," Niall said. I looked at my reflection one last time. I did look nice, but my baby bump came through. Not that I minded. I took nails hand and we walked out of the apartment. There was a limo waiting for us.

"Wow," I said, "just wow."

It was the same club I met Louis at. How could they be so ignorant? Harry was fucking there! But I didn't complain. When we walked in, I was in for another shock- the place was full of celebrities. Demi Lovato and Katy Perry walked up right away to wish me happy birthday. Then I had a conversation with Macklemore. But the I saw Jess.

"OMG!!! HOW ARE YOU?" she squealed, hugging me.

"Pregnant, tired, and hanging out with a bunch of celebrities," I laughed, and so did she.

"Well, you look great, and someone's interested in you," she shot a look at Austin Mahone, who was staring at me.

"He's not really my type, but he might be staring at you, Jess."
"He's too young for me,"
"Fair enough."
"Well, I just had to check in on you, but I've gotta run. Places to be, no time to get there. Love ya, darling." She kissed my cheeks and then she was gone.

"So was it Niall?" A voice asked. I spun around to see Miley Cyrus.

"Was what Niall?" I asked her in response.

"The one who got you pregnant, duh," she grinned.

"Why would you think that?"

"Well, I know for a fact that Niall wouldn't throw this kind of a party for a fan."

"Do you want to hear the whole story? Because it's really long," I sighed, but Miley did. So I told her everything.

"I can talk to Louis if you want," she said.

"He doesn't believe Niall or Harry or Liam or Zayn, so not to be rude, but I doubt he'd believe you,"

"I can be quite... Persuasive," she grinned and muttered something else.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Speaking of being persuasive, how'd you persuade Niall to be so into you,"

"He is so not into me"

"Um, yes he is. He looked like he wanted to murder Austin for checking you out," Miley said, "and you are obviously so into him."

"He's an amazing guy! Of course I'm into him!"

"So why not just go have some fun?"

"I don't want to hurt him,"

"You won't. Just go,"

"Okay. Thank you," I said.

"Any time. Now go fuck with Niall Horan!" She laughed and walked away. Then I found Niall. He was holding a drink, probably drunk. But it didn't matter if Miley was right. Why was I trusting Miley Cyrus with my love life, I don't know. But I was.

I walked over to Niall, but then a huge cake came out. Jeez. The cake was like, taller than me! Everyone started to sing a song, but it wasn't the classic birthday song. It was different.

Niall's POV-

"Well, I hope your girlfriend likes cake," said a waiter.

"She isn't my girlfriend. Just a friend."

"A good friend," the waiter said.

"Don't you have a job to do?" I snapped.

"Sorry. I just think that it's a bit obvious that you're into her, so why not go for it?"
"Because I don't want to hurt her,"

"Why do you think you'll hurt her?"

"Because my best friend fucking did. Now get back to work," this guy had crossed the line. But what he said made sense. I really do like Autumn. Maybe a bit more than just like. Okay fine, I'm in love with her. I decided to go for it. I spot Autumn walking towards me.

"Hey," she grins at me.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" I ask.

"Sure. Come with me?" she said, walking outside. But when I was about to speak, I decided to show her how I felt. I leaned in and kissed her, gently at first, but it got a bit more... intense. I picked her up and carried her to the back alley, where we made out for a while. I then put her down, and smiled.

"How about we go home?" I asked.

"Hell yes!" she took my hand, and I called the driver of the limo. He could come get the guys later. In the car, I called Harry to give us an excuse.

"Hey, Autumn isn't feeling great, so I'm bringing her home. Don't worry, and just have a great time," I said. Harry talked. I didn't really listen. The driver dropped us off, and we walked to the elevator. But by the time we reached my floor, I was carrying Autumn again, kissing her passionately. Somehow I managed to unlock my door and get into the apartment, and I tossed her down on the bed.

Autumn's POV- 

Niall lied down on top of me and kissed me again and again. His hands found the zipper of my dress, and he stared at me expectantly. I nodded, and he pulled the dress off of me. Last time I did this, it was with Louis. But it isn't like I can get pregnant again. Not when I'm already pregnant. So fuck it. I carefully unbuttoned his shirt and jeans, and took them off. He slid my panties off and then his boxers, and I moaned when I felt him inside of me. This was so much better than with Louis. Wait, why am I thinking of Louis. All I need is Niall.

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