Only Nine Months

Only nine months. Only nine months being around the biggest asshole on the planet. Only nine months of cankles, sausage fingers, backaches, and nausea. Only nine months until I'm a mother. Only nine months until Louis never meets his child. Only nine months until I never have to talk to Louis Tomlinson again.


6. Chapter 5

Niall's POV-

"Why can't you tell me who my baby's father is?" Autumn demanded.

"We can tell you what his DNA is. Unless we have a sample on record, or you have a sample, I can't help you," the snobbish receptionist said.

"Maybe you have a sample!" Autumn perked up.

"We'll test, but I'm not making any promises. Come with me," the receptionist said to Autumn, "But you'll have to stay here" she said to me.

"No. I want him with me. He's the closest thing to family I have." Autumn said.

"Then why don't we test his DNA to see?"
"Because I'm positive that he's not the father. We met after I found out I was pregnant." Fair enough. Even though I wish I was the father. I would never abandon my child, even if I wasn't ready like Louis seemed to be. Why was he being such an ass about it?

"As you wish," the woman sighed.

There wasn't a match for Louis's DNA in the system. Which meant we'd have to get some. It's a good thing I'm in the same band as Louis. It's definitely convenient, that's for sure. Only question is how the fuck do I steal Louis's DNA?

As we walked out of the hospital, Autumn looked down. She'd been staying at my place for a month, and her a baby bump had started to appear.

"You okay?"
"I was just really hoping we could get proof for Louis," she said. Louis hadn't warmed up to her living with me. The first time he came over, he treated her like a slave, making her get drinks and food and anything he wanted. I talked to him about that, but it didn't help. He wasn't overly demanding, but just plain out rude. Blunt. And very cruel. I can only imagine how she felt.

*Flashback (Autumn's POV)*

"Hey slut, I have got a theory. Niall knocked you up so you could say that the baby is mine."
"No, Louis. We're just friends." Niall said plainly.

"Fucking friends with benefits," Louis smirked while I sat there, trying to block him out.

"No, Louis. We aren't friends with benefits." Niall said in the same voice.

"Oh, I've got an idea, Niall! You can get rid of this whore by getting rid of the baby. Pay for the abortion, and you'll never have to see this slut again. "

"I'm not a slut!" I protested, "You're the only guy I've ever slept with. And let me just tell you something- you might want to get my name un-tattooed from your ass."

Louis went pale, and Niall laughed.

"You got her name tattooed on your ass?" Niall laughed.

"She got mine on hers."

"Really, Autumn?" Niall asked.

"Yeah. Moment of weakness. But at least mine was temporary." I smirked. Louis's already pale face went sheet white, and he gasped.
"Yep, I didn't really get your name tattooed, but you did," I winked, and got up to go to my/Niall's bedroom. We switched every night. I shut the door gently, and collapsed onto the bed. Then I heard Louis's cruel voice.

"You've got a liar and a slut. She's a real catch," he spoke sarcastically. And it hurt like hell.

*End of Flashback*

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