Only Nine Months

Only nine months. Only nine months being around the biggest asshole on the planet. Only nine months of cankles, sausage fingers, backaches, and nausea. Only nine months until I'm a mother. Only nine months until Louis never meets his child. Only nine months until I never have to talk to Louis Tomlinson again.


5. Chapter 4

Autumn's POV- I don't get how someone as sweet as Niall could be friends with an asshole like Louis. Seriously. But Niall is going to convince Louis to help me. I know he will. I stayed at his apartment last night, and he made me breakfast this morning. No guy ever has made me breakfast. Louis didn't. He just kicked me out.

"I'll get it," Niall said when the doorbell rang. It was Louis.

"Hey," he grinned, obviously not seeing me. Then he did, "What the fuck is that lying bitch doing here?" he asked.

"She's here because she had nowhere else to go."

"And that's your problem because...?"

"It's my problem because my friend got her pregnant and then abandoned her, and was a fucking asshole about it when he found out."

"Autumn. I know you aren't pregnant. Just go home. You aren't getting any money!" Louis said coldly.

"I am!" I protested. Niall then pulled out a new pregnancy test he must've gotten to prove to Louis that I'm not lying. So I followed the instructions, and it came out positive. Five weeks exactly. Five weeks ago, I lost my virginity to Louis. I got pregnant. And he didn't believe that the baby was his.

"Okay, you're pregnant. No proof that it's mine!"
"But it is! You're the only guy I've slept with, ever!"
"So you didn't slut it up with Niall last night?"
"No! I wouldn't do that! Because unlike you, Niall has been nothing but kind to me, and I would never want to hurt him!" I gasped, repulsed that Louis thought so lowly of me.

"Right. You're a slut, Autumn, and until you have proof that I'm the father, I don't believe you. And since there'll never be any, we're done here. Niall, get rid of this trash,"

I tried to stay strong, but once he left, I broke down. I collapsed, but Niall caught me, and helped me to the couch, and wrapped his arms around me.

"We'll find proof," he said, "We'll make him believe."


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