I Grew Up With You (Taylor Caniff Fan Fiction)

Mitzilyn Mathers grew up spending hours and hours with a guy named Taylor Caniff. They were best friends. They always hung out. But in the beginning of middle school year, Mitzilyn's family moved to Florida and she had to leave Taylor and all her memories behind. As Mitzi continued her life, she started a girl band with her best friends that she met in Florida. Six years later, Mitzi and her band become apart of the MAGCON Family. But she didn't expect to see her best guy friend that she hasn't seen sense 7th grade on the same tour she's going on.


4. Chapter 4: The Fire In Her Eyes

~ Mitzilyn's P.O.V ~

"Have you happened to be best friends with a girl until she moved away in 7th grade?" I asked nervously.

He smiled big.

"Yeah.....with a girl that had the same name as yours. She even looked exactly like you. I'd hang out with her every single day after school. Then she left me for Florida." His eyes glimmered in the light of the room. I could see a small tear building up in his eye. Then it trickled down his cheek. I smiled huge and went in for a hug. He let go of his girlfriends hand and pulled me into a tight hug. He changed his style a lot. I remembered the days when we'd go to the park and he would be wearing Abercrombie & Fitch sweatshirts and basketball sneakers. He was considered a player back then to all the girls that he dated.

He held me in his strong arms for such a long time. Everyone watched us with a weird look. They huddled around us in a group. I was scared that I was getting Taylor's girlfriend upset but I didn't care. I hadn't seen Taylor in almost six years. We had the strongest friendship back then and no one could break us apart. No matter what. We both knew that we would be best friends forever and we'd always keep a smile on our faces.

Thinking of all the lost memories we had together were making me cry myself. I couldn't keep it in so I just let it out. I felt Taylor crying too. He flinched a few times that told me he was getting emotional. I started to breathe heavy and started to cry. I buried my face in his neck. He was so strong he was beginning to hurt my back but I didn't care.

We broke out of the hug and looked at each other. We were both crying. I wiped my face and looked at everyone around us. They're jaws were open.

"Oh um. I guess I should explain..." I said.

"Uhhhhh yeah." Roxi said.

"Well, Mitzi and I were best friends sense we were babies. From the start we were there for each other through everything and we would hang out every single day for countless hours. But then she and Riley moved to Florida with her dad." Taylor explained through his tears.

"Oooohhhhh." Everyone said in sync.

"Oh, Mitzi. This is Ashley. Remember?" He said as he put his hand on her back.

She stepped forward towards me and smiled. An unsure smile.

"I'm his girlfriend." She tried to brag.

"Cool! I remember you. You look beautiful!" I said nicely. She kinda scared me.

"Thank you! Your beautiful too." She smiled back. I could just see the frigging fire in her eyes.

I could tell this wasn't going to be a great tour.

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