I Grew Up With You (Taylor Caniff Fan Fiction)

Mitzilyn Mathers grew up spending hours and hours with a guy named Taylor Caniff. They were best friends. They always hung out. But in the beginning of middle school year, Mitzilyn's family moved to Florida and she had to leave Taylor and all her memories behind. As Mitzi continued her life, she started a girl band with her best friends that she met in Florida. Six years later, Mitzi and her band become apart of the MAGCON Family. But she didn't expect to see her best guy friend that she hasn't seen sense 7th grade on the same tour she's going on.


15. Chapter 14: Last Night Fun

~~-----CAUTION: This chapter talks about some sexual and sensitive topics. So if you're sensitive to sexual things, take precaution.-----
~ Mitzilyn's P.O.V ~
My eyes fluttered open as they adjusted to the room. I didn't recognize it. But I got up slowly and looked around. I think....I think I was in Taylor's bedroom. It was messy as always. The dark curtains closed. A pile of his clothes lied on the floor, next to the bed.
I heard the shower running in his bathroom. I got up and looked around his room. I realized I was in a bra and underwear. Haha, oopsie. He had picture of us at Universal in Florida. Back home. We looked so happy. We were looking into each others eye, laughing. Forehead to forehead. The happiest any couple could be. There were tons of other pictures of us on his dressers and walls. I smiled looking at them. I picked one up that caught my eye. I picked it up and looked at it. One of us kissing on the beach. When the sun was on the horizon. It was an amazing memory, not to mention amazing picture.
I heard the shower turned off. Taylor came out with wet hair and shirtless with boxers. He walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. Boy, did I love it when he did that XD.
"Your so beautiful, its not even funny." Taylor whispered in my ear.
"Why thank you. So are you." I giggled.
"Oh, so I'm beautiful?" He laughed.
"Beautiful, handsome. Not really a difference." I laughed.
I turned around to face him. I looked into his deep brown eyes. They lit up so much.
"I love you." I smiled, hugging him.
"I love you more." He hugged me tight.
I faced him and pulled him in for a kiss. It wasn't rough, just a gentle touch.
"How 'bout I go make breakfast, babe?" He asked.
"Yesss please. I'm starving." I laughed.
He went downstairs. I sat back down on the bed and laid down again. I looked on his dressed beside his bed. And I saw a condom box, ripped open. Woah. Holy shit.
Did we?
Last night?
Why don't I remember?
Do I remember?
Oh god. Never mind. After I thought for a little bit, I remembered. It was last night. After we got here from the club with the gang. We drank a lot I think. But it couldn't have been THAT much. Because I remember a lot of what happened. Then it definitely wasn't an accident. It was on purpose. Him and my choice. The more I thought about it, the more I remember about what happened in bed. I better not be.....pregnant.
I rushed downstairs to see Taylor making breakfast. Eggs. Smelt like heaven. He turned around as I quickly entered the kitchen.
"Everything okay, baby?" He asked. His lucius brown hair was messy.
"We had sex." I said.
He smiled. "You remember too, huh? I barely did once I came down here. Then it came back to me."
"Same here. I saw the condom box on the night stand." I said and giggled.
"Do you remember.....uh. What it was like?" He laughed.
"The more I think about it, yes. Everything." I replied.
"Did you like it?" He asked nervously.
I smiled and tried to hold back a laugh. What, did he think I hated it? Of course I liked it, more like enjoyed. Sorry, I feel dirty XD.
"Hell. Yes." I laughed.
He pulled me towards him. He brought me into a long and rough kiss. He just kissed faster and faster. I put my hands on his cheeks. He held my waist. Practically like a hug.
He pulled away when we ran out of breath. Which was like a minute later.
"I love you. More than life itself. I could say even more but it'd take a lifetime. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. I never want to let you go." He said with his forehead on mine.
"You basically explained what I feel about you, babe. Haha." I hugged him tight.
"I love you so much." I said.
We heard the doorbell ring and we instantly looked towards the entrance. And we weren't even dressed. Like seriously? Bad timing.

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